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Power of Prayer an' Meditation

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Messenger: Nyah Nicholas Sent: 9/25/2009 9:57:25 AM

Yes InI Gods and Goddesses....Giving thanks....the True King reigns...

Yes InI.....been away from the internet for a while.....tryin to get it astablished at I house.....but its a long process...and expensive...

i wanted to urge Ones and Ones to stay aware about the power of Prayer.

here recently.....things have come and gone....problems here and away with each wind gust. for some time, i nah say nuttin to ini Jah. foolish i know, but its the embedded ego still INI need to get away from. there were things that continually weighed i down, from poor finances to living stresses due to wolves in sheeps clothing.

all these things beleive it or not, pushed I away from the most High, rather than bring InI connections closer as they should. It took I and I queen long time to re-affirm InI roots as spiritual people. Both of We know, good and well, that we are above such dramas.

We continually did good, as nyahbinghi urge InI to do, going about our daily lives with nuttin leadin us but Love.....

I remember how much Jah RasTafarI done for InI throughout this planets history, and boom! it hit I.....

I pray...

I ask Jah to guide InI, I ask Jah will to be done.

I ask HIM if InI blessed enough to have a child. To be able to raise a youth in a positive sense is a dream for I. Brings tears to I just thinkin bout InI seed of Righteous livity living on forIva.

for a while I thought i had too much bad in the world to not be able to have a child....

I pray for HM to keep InI in good spirits no matter the weather....

and all the while....I project I complete and utter thanks for life...for Breath....for wisdom and Overstanding.....


InI now haveing a child, the youth is due in early march.....Jah Bless.....INI could not be more exciting....i believe i hit the apex of alltime excitement....haha :)

on top of that......Jah bless InI with a couple jobs here where InI live for the time being making good loot....enough to where we are able to save a little bit...and also pay all bills necessary....

more on top of that that I queen was apporved for health insurance....that she doesnt have to pay for....what a blessing in such a society.....

now more than ever i feel desmond d.(if thats how ya spell it) when he say...."get up in the mornin, slavin for bread, so that every mouth can be fed....ohhh ohhhh the Israelites!"

Never stray from the possibilities Jah Jah can bring. RasTafarI edureth foriver....

that....InI something I will not soon forget.....

Giving Itnual thanks and Ises to THE light of InI world....JAH RASTAFARI HAILE I SELASSIE I.....


Messenger: Nyah Nicholas Sent: 9/25/2009 10:02:32 AM

these things that have happened are only a fraction of the miracles Jah Iniverse a Perform on a daily basis....

"I know jah never let us down, pull ya right from wrong..."

-king marley

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 9/25/2009 9:33:56 PM

Yes I, Give Thanks to Selassie I.

May Jah Bless your Child and Family in Health and Safety.

The I must make sure that the I doesn't get into that low state again. Always remember the good that Jah has given the I and don't allow bad things to occupy your mind.

Here are some Reasonings that the I should Isider.

Jah is the One for I and I. Why must we cry in these times, always remember the good. The bad things seem to be easier to remember and they can sometimes cloud our vision so that we don't remember or even see the good things.

I and I should praise Jah for every good thing. I and I must not take the good for granted, because if I and I don't appreciLove what Jah has given to I and I, it might be taken away.

Also, when we dwell on the bad things, it consumes us and even takes away enjoyment from the good. If someone comes and strikes you on the face, they have hurt you once. But if you go over it again and again in your mind, then you are hurting yourself multiple times, and exalting the hurt that the person did.

But when I and I recognize and exalt I and I good experiences and praise Jah for these things, I and I will rise I and I Spirit to great heights, and I and I will defeat the bad. Defeat it because the bad won't have such a large effect on I and I. And defeat it because I and I will come closer to Jah, and Jah will guide I and I through these things.
People often don't give credit to all the good things they have in their Life, they spend too much time and energy thinking about the bad things they have or the good things they don't have.

Putting more of I and I thoughts and concentration on the good things doesn't mean I and I should ignore the bad. I and I should be aware of the bad things so that we fix it if it can be fixed, and if it can't be changed than it should be accepted, and then thought about to see if anything can be done to adapt to the situation to make it better.

It is alright to feel bad about something for a time and you shouldn't necessarily block those feelings, but sometimes certain things are not worth enough to allow yourself to be affected by it, and when it is serious enough, then spend some time to feel down about it, but know when that time should be finished and take steps to remove yourself from it.

Remembering and exalting the good will bring your mindset to a point where you are able to feel sad about something for a time and then break free and trod forward. The bad feeling might arise again from time to time, but never taking you over and never lingering too long.

Some people might think that nothing is good in their Life. That is usually because they have put their attention on the bad and don't see the good. Most people in the world can look around and find somebody that is worse off then them, so if somebody is worse off, then their must be something good in their Life that they can rise up in their mind.

I don't think people should look at others who are worse off to feel better about their situation, they should instead pay closer attention to their own life and recognize the good things when they come, so that they can extend the good times during the moment, and extend the remembrance and thinking about the good times afterwards. But some people have gone so far away from noticing the good, that the only way they can see it is to look at somebody around them or in the world who is worse off, so they can pick out the good things in their life that they didn't pay attention to before.

Remember Jah Love
The cycle of foolishness as described in Psalms 78 is a cycle that I and I must end. It is also described in much more detail in Genesis 16 - 34. Or it can also be seen throughout the whole bible, and throughout all of man's history and now in these times.

When Israel was in trouble, Jah helped them. They exalted and praised Jah for this. But soon after, they turned aside from Jah ways and complained to Jah about little things that they were in want of. They didn't consider the great things that Jah did for them. So Jah provided them with what they asked, and they exalted Jah and praise him for his wonderful works. But soon after again, they turned aside from Jah and didn't acknowledge what Jah did for them.

This cycle goes on and on and it is pure foolishness. I and I must acknowledge the things Jah has done, and acknowledge the things that Jah is doing now. And always remember how great and loving and wonderful Jah is, no matter how hard things become. When I and I do this, then I and I will see the blessings that Jah gives to his people.

So Let I and I be Jah people,
Cycle of Foolishness
When I and I have faith in Jah, nothing is impossible. Whatever needs I and I have will be fulfulled. Any part of ourselves that we want to change will be changed through faith.

Christ taught I and I the power of faith. He showed I and I that certain things may be impossible for man, but nothing is impossible to Jah. So if our trust and faith is in Jah, then there are no limits to righteousness.

One problem what causes people to not increase their faith, is their expectation. People want to see a sign or proof, before they have faith, this is a great limit to faith. First, I and I must develop and increase our faith, with no evidence. Because faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen.

When I and I faith is developed, then the results and proof of our faith will come. And people who do this will see great results from their faith.

Too many people put limits on theirselves, saying that they can't do this or that, or they talk of things being impossible. I don't regard impossible, because I know if I regard it, then impossible will be a reality. But if my faith is that nothing is impossible, then that will be true and the reality.

When I need something, I ask Jah for it. And sometimes I don't even ask, I just trust in Jah, because I know that Jah knows all my thoughts. Burning spear says in one song

I need a little help, but it can be embarassment
I said I need a little help, but it can be embarassment
Call on Jah, Call on Jah
Jah never say no, Jah never say no

I Itinually increase I faith in Jah, because I know that Jah is the source and solution of all things. I have since seen so much evidence of I faith, that I would be a fool to deny it. And if something that I believe doesn't come, then I see it as a lack of faith. And so I work to increase I faith higher.

Messenger: Nyah Nicholas Sent: 9/27/2009 10:40:43 PM

I deeply apprecialove the time One took for this response....much of it was necessary for I to see....Ises...

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Haile Selassie I