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Obama speech to schools

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Messenger: Ark I Sent: 9/9/2009 9:44:46 AM

Has the I them heard of all the controversy over Obama making a televised speech to school children? In schools in some states like Texas, they completely refused the speech, while in other places some parents won't allow their children to attend.

I don't trust Obama any more than any of the former presidents of babylon, but it is ridiculous that he is getting this kind of reaction from americans. It really shows the depth of racism in that country. Other presidents have done the exact same thing, and all they recieved for it was respect.

Messenger: osar Sent: 9/9/2009 2:16:49 PM

nothing at all can be right coming from babywrong and them evil intentions and this is just another one.

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 9/9/2009 2:37:50 PM

Yes I, that is true. If that knowledge was the reason why these people didn't want Obama to speak to their children, then it would make sense, but I don't think that is the reason at all. If it was a white president who made the speech, then there probably would hardly be any controversy surrounding it, but because of the racism in america, it has become a big controversy.

Some of the parents are probably very conscious of their racist reasons for not wanting their children to attend, but I think there are others who don't even realize that their racism is the reason. I think many have convinced themselves that it is for "political" reasons.

I think that the people who don't realize their own racism, just listened to some commentators explaining their political reasons for being against Obama's speech, and because of their racism, they jumped onto those "political" reasons and ingrained that into their head as their response if somebody asked why they are against it.

And I bet alot of those commentators were very aware of what they were doing and knew that they would be tapping people's conscious and subconscious racism and by doing that would easily convince them to be against the speech.

Messenger: Sol Sent: 9/10/2009 12:57:39 PM

The I believe that all of this was going to come about in time. The I knew that the rascism would show itself, and that the people of babylon that thought they could fool themselves and others that they held no rascist views, would be wrong. What the I is speaking of is "america". this country allows different races to prosper according to its own needs. If the race does what it is told, it is allowed certain freedoms. The I believes that babylon thought it good to have Obama in te office. This type of rascism will always prevail in this society untill the society changes as a whole. The I does not see that in the near future. As InI see things, we as rastafari are a minority in mainstream society, and the I feels as though the I am playing some waiting game for things to change. The InI stands strong on the InI belief, and will always be wioth Jah.

The I am thankful for Obama's presence in all of this. The I believe it is a good start to the sweeping away of rascism. But the I believes it is only a start, and it needs to continue on a personal level for all rastafari. In this society, it is important for the InI to be strong in its presence,dignity, and the way the InI presents itself to others of little knowledge.

In this Time of days, the I believe that the rastafari cannot be sheep surronded by wolves and expect any change. If the I can promote wisdom to others in the I lifestyle, then so be it. If the I can promote the concept of 'One Love" the the I should do so whenever opportunity presents itself to the I.

I recently bought a movie on a hpe that it would address this issue. The I recommends this movie to sistren and brothren. It is titles Babylon Broklyn. See for the self.


Messenger: Ark I Sent: 9/10/2009 4:33:42 PM

I think Obama is only a good start towards babylon propaganda and world domination. He is the man to make the world trust America.

Messenger: osar Sent: 9/10/2009 8:17:32 PM

yes man just a puppet of wickedness in high levels. that is all that intelectual man is. for YHWH said love one onto another BUT them belive arm one against another.

Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 9/11/2009 7:58:30 PM

I haven't even heard exactly what Obama said. What was it that he said?

Its crazy people are acting this way. Babylon will destroy itself, its too messed up.

Messenger: Ten Sent: 9/12/2009 8:00:58 PM

Blessed Love
I saw the speech and it was nothing but an inspirational message to the nation's children. Those parents & schools who oppossed it have an unreal and irrational fear of the Obama administration. Its the highest form of stupidity to think he'd be trying to indoctrinate children. They should rather concentrate their efforts on getting Obama to withdraw the troops and stop the drones killing Afghani children. If those parents care so much abt children they should pressure President Obama to allow Afghani children a chance to live and the right to go to school and release children from Bagram.
Freedom Always
Jah Is

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 9/13/2009 8:36:32 PM

Yes I, why would Obama need to indoctrinate children that are already indoctrinated.

Messenger: RootsTafari Sent: 9/16/2009 7:19:37 AM

REV 13

11: And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.
12: And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.
13: And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men,
14: And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword.


bless. from day one i never trusted obama and was wonderin wy ppl, esp black ppl, were jumpin round as if a black man being president of da YOU ASS meant somethin. i think i also talked bout him on this site; i personally don beliv in race mixin coz black man fi link wit black wombman fi irate a black youth. black supremacy. same way wit da whitey's.. no way els!

when you hav those of a mixed race its actually not a good ting as when it comes to major tings like societal matters, one doesn know which side of da fence dis being is goin to fall into. ppl like oprah campaignin for obama, foolishly tinkin he's da change needed by da black ppl wen his manifesto is nothin but different sayings of what 'whats his face opponent' said he was goin to carry out! foolishness! im a black queen deh ina Mama Land but i don beliv jus coz a blackwhite tinks he rules babylon it means im headin for great tings. all good tings come from Jah, not from some person hu aint sure which race he should please. he seems to be distancing himself from da black americans even tho they runnin behind him as if he's gon bring manna from da sky.. da same race dat's been ass licked is spittin him out.. funny.. ina babywrong black man can NEVER be sure of tings except dat babywrong walls are all tumbling down..

for ppl hu'v been fooled into thinkin Jah is white, it was everytin irie and coz of da slavery, black man was fooled into tinkin He was one of ONLY 3 options:
-colored(black & white)

now when black man stands up and says, 'f@*$ babywrong lies! da one who sits up on da throne of david is black', they turn round and say dat we'r sick in da head. brainwashed black people think Jah is white or somethin and so do whites. when we say 'he is black' then Jah would be useless only to da proud whites ie dey'v no use fi a black God; dem who can't humble demslf to da fact dat dis is black supremacy. so da same ting gwan deh deh ina babywrong! now dat a black 'african' is ruling dem up dem a rebel.

difference between Jah and obama is wyl conniving minds put mr o into power, Jah is and forIver wil be da King of kings. humble.

Selahssie I

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Haile Selassie I