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Seek knowledge not confusion

1 - 1011 - 2021
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Messenger: FarI-Sight Sent: 6/4/2009 10:07:43 PM

This time is the time. If you tarry till you better you will never come at all.

Africa Time. Ethiopia Time. Haile Selassie Time. Black People time. Indigenous people time. Righteous People time now. Rastafari time.

Let us return to Africa. Seriously. Not a vain lofty philosophy that is simply spoken of. Let us manifest it into action. Let us return to Africa in our MIND, IN OUR THOUGHTS, OUR FEELINGS, OUR ACTIONS, OUR CLOTHING, OUR FOOD, OUR CULTURE.

Dont drink water from the flood plains where animals and all sorts of people excrete their waste and litter the water. Dont drink polluted water my family. Drink it straight from the source of the river.


Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 6/5/2009 6:46:02 AM

Give thanks for the truth, word sound.

In truth... His & Her Majesty are really Alpha Omega, in the beginning and now. I fulljoyed the heights of His Majesty fulfillment even of prophecies of first; KMT, Cush, Ethiopia. Being the Lord God spoken of; the potter at the wheel; ancient celestial Being... Father of us all.

I hear thee I Fari Sight when you mention the problems many have with the God /Goddess trod. I guess it is one of those things a One cannot even fully apreciate without seeing / experiencing the heights at one's own hands. It is a funny thing. It is something for which many need proof / belief to grasp. But even more amazing is that the proof comes only to those who say first that they knew, and didn't need proving. Then the heights seems to come in leaps and bounds with proof in every motion and encounter. I wonder if this is what we call 'catch 22'.

The posting here is called seek knowledge not confusion. But Ras I Tom... the knowledge you talk to seek is all written knowledge... witness, let's say, of those put before us in time. Witness and testimony is a good way to compile a case with supporting evidence, etc. However I always wonder and feel concern for IandI Ras Tafari when the seeking is put down at this point. I wonder how people ingest the information, how do they process it to their own transformation of Self understanding.

Oftentimes ones seem to go on a circular journey and end up standing in the same spot as when they started. I always find that people always want to arrive BACK at the conclusion that we are nothing but smurfs to the Most High God, the best we can do is to plead and grovel, sinners, unworthy, low and animalike. SO when IandI say God/dess in Flesh... that seems like too much hassle.

Its true. It is a lot of hassle. But y'all don't know what you're missing. It's like trodding Earth on the breeze.


p.s. the 'biblical' curse of Ham was put together by some Jewish scholastic society / group in the 19th century. I'm sure it's google-able.
It always astounds me when people remain quite straight faced when talking about these sets of brothers as being the ascendants of the entire human development - when we know full well that thousands of years before these said people, dynasties & kingdoms in Ithiopia, up and down the Nile, were already having political intrigues, technological advancements... and whatever else magnificent things were going on.

As far as the slaves in Egypt... I don't want to be clumsy about my elaboration here, so excuse... the speculation of the buildings being carried out by slaves is one that comes from a Eurocentric mind. This is an academic proposal that is vastly challenged. What we do know of Moses rise for the people of Israel... firstly it was movement of JAH people, so these things are ordained. And secondly, we know from the Bible that Israel were most definitely suffering from cultural enslavement, castration, and suffocation. There is actually no real suggestion that they were economic / physical slaves in the Kunte Kinte model. It was Arabs and white man that got that great idea off the ground the beginning of second millenium.

Messenger: Ras I-Tom Sent: 6/5/2009 7:56:04 AM

Blessed love bredrin and sistrin, give thanks for the replies!

FarI-Sight and Yaa, the I said that certain parts of the bible are eurocentric. Now I trod solely by His Majesty example FIRST, so I read about KMT, but I filter it through the bible (which is I and I refuge) and I filter it through His Majesty word.

Now when His Majesty said he accepts the bible in it's totality, I do so also. Now I don't know the Amharic for totality, but I guess it means everything. (Maybe Ras Kebre can help with that)

Now I never read that His Majesty tell I and I that the bible is eurocentric, rather he told I and I it is our refuge when all our aspirations are crumbling before I and I. If Kemetic texts are to come first..then why did His Majesty not tell I and I about KMT or Kemetic texts? If they are so important for spiritual growth, why did His Majesty not tell I and I?

Now about parts of the Bible being eurocentric..well I cannot agree with that. The Incient Hebrew manuscripts date to before Europe was. Hebrew was before there was english language, loooong before slavery there was hebrew scriptures. Now ones may say that the masoretes edited the scriptures with their vowels that they put in to create the masoretic text, but I don't know how much they can edit it, and either way the consonants remain the same as they were in Incient times, and so if one thinks the wrong vowel has been added then one is free to see it with another vowel. And what about the dead sea scrolls found in Qumran, they were not edited by white jewish scholars.

Now there are a lot of old spiritual teachings, and religious writings, but does the older mean the more correct?

When I read His Majesty speeches and autobiography, I do not see stydying KMT as necessary, what His Majesty taught is necessary is Christ, and the Bible. And so that is what I deal with. I deal with the bible for my spiritual growth.

The bible may have been used for wickedness, and to keep people in a colonial mindstate, but that does not mean the bible is wicked and is a tool for a colonail downpression. The bible was misused. The europeans taught that God is white, does the bible say this? No it says His feet are like fine brass burnt in a furnace.

Yes, not all of the english translation may be correct. But then learn the ancient Hebrew and read it for yourself in the original language. (if one so chooses)

Also didn't His Majesty give an amharic bible trnaslation? What about that one?

The European english translation of the bible is not all there is.

Blessed love!
Igziabhier Yimesgen!

Messenger: Ras I-Tom Sent: 6/5/2009 8:41:37 AM

Just to correct myself. It isn't 'totality' that I would have to find the Amharic for, but rather the word 'whole'.

H.I.M.: I have the highest respect for the Bible as a whole. We also recognise the rightful name the Bible bears. We find that in all the periods of the Old Testament, in the time of Patriarchs, Kings, and Prophets, great miracles were done. On the other hand, the time in which Our Lord Him-self gave the command to go to all the world and to preach is also of high value. Then, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John,- the four gospels in which the sayings of our Lord are recorded- are pillars for all men on the earth. Therefore the Bible should not be cut into portions.


Messenger: Ten Sent: 6/6/2009 8:46:40 AM

I feeling is that I overs the Ible as a spiritual text, but the Modern King James Bible is a Eurocentric invention - those that put it together had their own selfish agendas and left out parts of IStory in its construction. The Dead Sea Scrolls, The Apocrypha are missing chunks and when I read the Ible, I read for I FullStory not a diluted, partial translation.

The European interpretation of this Bible has had catastrophic effects on how the world looks at Black people; that's why the people nah know Selassie I as King Almighty. For those African people that reject it (I'm speaking very generally of African people across the Motherland not only KMT philosophy); they look at their own ancestral line and look at the religious system that they had, the connection to the earth and Creator of the Earth that these practices had. I'm not approving of some of the oppressive practices of these traditional beliefs but what I am saying is that The Bible was the tool of cultural destruction so it can never be easy for people to read the Book as a source; our minds have been heavily brainwashed.
If you also look at the Bible as the only source, then I you miss alot of things; what did our incients who lived in this time that Ible was written, read as spiritual guidance? How is it that the Falasha Jews, the Lemba Jews of Southern Africa, the Igbo Jews etc follow the practices of the The Torah yet they never had it in their hands to read? We come from an oral culture where things are passed down through memory and practice, where humanity is a lived concept enshrined in the culture rather than something taught.

Regarding the curse of Ham; the 14th Century paintings of people like Hans Burgkmair, Filippo Piagetta and travel narratives of people like Durer and Bartolomaus Springer are what constructed the image of Black people as savages. The pictures were illustrations in these books and when placed against the Bible, it made it seem as though these 'savage' were the cursed ones. Anne Catherine Emmerich, a German Catholic nun/saint who was claimed to have visions and the stigmata wounds wrote this:
" I saw the curse pronounced by Noah upon Ham moving toward the latter like a black cloud and obscuring him. His skin lost its whiteness, he grew darker. His sin was the sin of sacrilege, the sin of one who would forcibly enter the Ark of the Covenant. I saw a most corrupt race descend from Ham and sink deeper and deeper in darkness. I see that the black, idolatrous, stupid nations are the descendants of Ham. Their color is due, not to the rays of the sun, but to the dark source whence those degraded races sprang"
It's not clear-cut to say those who reject the Bible are pagans, but also overs the long and complicated IStory of IPeople, we have come from far and seen many things in this life and been subjected to many things, but still we stand firm.

Praises to the King, Selasse I
Senbet Shalom.

Messenger: Ras I-Tom Sent: 6/6/2009 9:40:36 PM

Give thanks for your reply Empress Ten! Blessed love!
The I is right though, the King James Version is eurocentric, there is no denying that. Just look at mr.king james!

That is why I think it is always best to learn Hebrew and study the scriptures in the original language if one really wants to go in depth in the studies of the scriptures. Even if one does not learn Hebrew, if one finds a part of the bible where one wants to be sure about the translation, just look up the Hebrew word and find the meaning. And the I will see the true meanings of the Hebrew.

For example. Some ones say that the heavens and earth was created in 6 literal 24hr days..but the Hebrew word used for day does not mean 24 could mean 1000 years.
A day to Jah is not a day to us. Adam died just before he was 1000 years old, but yet Jah said to Adam when he transgressed the command, that surely you will die this day.

As for that nuns so called vision. Well we know where that vision came from! Pure luciferian white supremacist agendas!

Messenger: Ten Sent: 6/7/2009 6:50:42 AM


Its good to read the Bible in its fullness, if you can access it, but I still stand with the view that the fullness of the Word is in The Living. Those who edited the truth were defeated because I n I can still make the map from Adam to Selassie I, I n I know our story is in there no matter how much they re-shuffle books and dilute translation so they can't touch I.
And as for the Hebrew word for day, I'm unsure but this is the way I see it. When God created the world, days didn't exist but He created them. He did this by creating the sun, moon, stars, and all these things combined create a 24 hour day. So before God made these elements that measure time; there was no concept of time; Jah is timeless and the earth was made to move to a rhythm which is time made by the Most High.
Another thing is that this is God speaking through Moses who was writing the book of Genesis and Jah uses the word 'day' to name a space of time. But who is to say how long that time is, before our earthly/human measures of time were created?
Scientists can argue that a 'day' could be thousands of years for this earth to form and that also shown by the process it took for the world to evolve like the plate tectonic theory for example. However on the other hand, who's to say the beginning of that process of world evolution was not done over six days with Jah resting on one? What we think is possible in human time is not the same for the Most High, He made it such that the Continents of the world were one as Pangaea and then it would take millions of years before each split from the other. And it includes all the other processes like earthquakes, volcanoes, fold mountains, rift valleys etc. Know that this is how nature was designed to function, but the actual construction of that is Jah work and Jah is timeless.

RasTaFarI Be Praised,
Selassie I

Messenger: Ras I-Tom Sent: 6/7/2009 8:14:23 AM

Blessed love Empress Ten!

Jah is timeless in truth! That is the point I was making really. Our understanding of a day does not apply to Jah, and we can see this in the herbrew word used also. I mean nearly a thousand human years passed when Adam died, yet to Jah it was not even one day.
Jah sees past, present, and future, Jah has no concept of time, He just IS.

Messenger: Ten Sent: 6/8/2009 9:19:33 AM

Brethren it's not that "Jah has no concept of time" but that Jah is the Maker of Time, He far overs the "concept of time" more than any human mind can comprehend. He is the Guide of Time in the seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, seasons, years and even time as destiny; it is all HIM. I n I as people give our interpretation of time but we nah make it; our "concept of time" is a human one, but the Lord and Master of All is the Most High, JAH RasTafarI.

Messenger: Ras I-Tom Sent: 6/8/2009 2:58:24 PM

I do not think that we can fit the Almighty into our concept of time. I could have worded what I said better rather than just sayin He has no concept of time. I was more trying to say that Jah in timeless, so how can we put Jah into a concept of time?
Jah always IS. He had no beginning and no end. A beginning and an end implies a concept of time. He gavs us the seasons, and the sun and the moon and stars so that we could have a concept of time, so the I is right he is the maker of time.


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