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Blessed love sisters and brothers

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Messenger: Selam Sent: 5/12/2009 12:50:43 PM

I have made many visits to this website and have only observed the various discussions posted. I pray to be well received in this forum and give thanks in advance.
I have recently come out of a serious spiritual battle and for the last couple of years my focus was not on RastafarI, although i kept the livity and the faith my progress has been scarce, and this i know is intolerable.
As we all know this is crunch time and i am not trying to be one of the daughters of Zion that slept instead of tarrying to ensure their lamps were full with oil for when the Bridegroom comes for them... Matthew 26: 30-45, we know what happened to them...
It makes me so inspired when i see how many Rasta people still going strong, not getting soft not losing sight of the true purpose... which brings me to mention ArkI.
Ras ArkI is a true brethren and a true Rasta man, knowing him personally i can confirm the King Man is FIRE...
and with that fire comes truth, so while i was going through the "Black Rasta, True Rasta" thread i was initially offended when i read one of ArkI's messages that said the only true Rasta people he knows, is black... err? Babylon race theory calls me white/caucasian so it makes me know my dear brethren doesnt rate me as a real RASTA wombman. So i searched and searched myself and have come to this -- I sight H.I.M. Haile Selassie the 1st and Empress Menen as God and Goddess in flesh. I know that this is my trod as nothing else in my life for as long as i have lived in this flesh body has resonated more true in my heart.
I was called i heeded the call, somewhere i got sidetracked. Now it is time to strength up...
I give thanks for ArkIs message, as it forced me to check myself and admit i still have a lot of work to do.. and for this I do give thanks
nuf RASpect ArkI

I pray the best for all Rasta and that we all come to an Inity that would bring our God and Goddess to a full joy.


Messenger: Ark I Sent: 5/12/2009 1:41:17 PM

That was not the first time I said something like that on the forum. I knew that some white skinned people I know would get offended by that post if they saw it, and I was fine with that because it is what the Ones who have potential need to hear before their potential fades away, sometimes offense is just the spark a person needs.

I don't know if the I remembers, but some time ago, maybe even a few years, I was speaking to the I about the Iritual Heights and the I asked I about what I saw regarding the I, and I told the I to the I face that I didn't presently sense that level of Iritual Heights coming from the I. In the forum post when I mentioned the few that had potential, the I was one of them, and I think I told the I that at the time when I spoke to the I directly.

As the I just said yourself, the I has more work to do. If the I remains steadfast and increases the I discipline, the I might one day personally Sight the Iritual Heights that I am speaking about that distinguishes RasTafarI people.

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 5/12/2009 2:35:53 PM

Give thanks Ark I, the i set a wonderful example

Blessed Love

Messenger: Selam Sent: 5/12/2009 2:36:19 PM

Actually I do remember that conversation way back when... I guess it struck me differently hearing it this time, as i have been trodding for some time now and feel that the spiritual growth is inevitable and thus evident. When i truly look deep its true, i was trodding as if to Sight the Emperor and the Empress as God and Goddess in flesh, stay vegetarian, stick to a clean livity, then i was good. I am learning that this alone brings serious stagnation which leads to potential fading away. i give thanks for the offence.
I Give thanks for this website, ArkI, it is very clear that you put a lot of love and energy into it and it is a true blessing for anyone to see this manifestation of JAH works.
and for keeping real, burning who must be burnt regardless of anything.
And finally give thanks for all of the ones on this forum, I have been intrigued by the wise words of some written here.
look forward to more fire
bless up

Messenger: Ras I-Tom Sent: 5/12/2009 4:08:44 PM

It is reality though. I actually do not know any white Ras Tafari in real life. I have never met one in person. I only know of ones from this forum. I have seen white persons sporting the royal colors and wearing dreads, but I never met a white person truly trodding in accordance to the example His Majesty set. I am very thankful that I live in the caribbean where there is more Ras Tafari people around, so I can just trod out and meet a bredrin for the first time and hold a meds.

I do not wear the royal colors out at the moment, because the Irit showed I that it is better not to cause offence. I am white and my hair has not formed locks (even though I started my crown from a shaved head, a comb has not been through my hair, however my hair does not get natty, but if it is not to lock then it is not to, the main thing is I keep trodding as a Nazarite, and let it grow naturally and care for it naturally). I trod in normal clothing, with my head covered, sometimes my hair is up, soemtimes it is not.

I have come to Iverstand that a white youth, such as Iself really needs to humble. When I first came to sight His and Her Majesty I got all excited almost and wanted to wear their Itraits all around and sport the royal colors. But through trodding I realised that many African bredrin and sistrin took offence to this, because it appeard from far as though I was just a white youth sporting the itraits without real Iverstanding, and so I never got a chance to talk with them and bring forth my Irit because they would not want to approach I.

But I have come to Iverstand that it is better to let ones sight you in Irit, rather than physical appearance, because I and I trod is a Irit living trod, and so I and I bredrin and sisrin look at I Irit, not whether or not I wear an Itrait of HIM.

Eversince I stopped with the physical appearance and started focus on my Irit I have met many bredrin. It is when I focus on trodding in Irit that I meet bredrin and sistrin to bring forth the Irit with.
It is when I left the physical appearnace that I met bredrin who look at me for who I am on the inside. lol when one is fussing about the outside so much no one will even see you on the inside, and that is where the Irit dwell.

I had to learn that I really had to humble, and stop trying to be rasta by wearing Itraits and the royal colors, but rather let the Irit of Qedamawi Haile Selassie dwell within my temple.

I do give thanks so much for all the bredrin and sistrin on this forum and also whom I know, who trod Ras Tafari way, and who set the example for I and I to follow. Another thing I learnt is that no matter how much one reads, one still needs to find your bredrin and sistrin out there, because we learn so much from one another. I really came to a fuller Iverstanding of Ras Tafari way through Immunicating with His children.

Haile Selassie I Menen I bless all of the I them, my Itiful brothers and sisters in Haile Selassie I.

Do give thanks. Ras Tafari live!

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 5/12/2009 4:43:29 PM

Ras I-Tom, the I said,
Another thing I learnt is that no matter how much one reads, one still needs to find your bredrin and sistrin out there, because we learn so much from one another. I really came to a fuller Iverstanding of Ras Tafari way through Immunicating with His children.

Yes I, that is so true.

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Haile Selassie I