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Messenger: RootsTafari Sent: 5/5/2009 5:37:32 AM

blessings to Jah chosen. yes i, i tend to think up certain things.. questions i want to put forth to the i's. anyway, ther's no such thing as 'enough' reasonin so praise Jah still.

i was thinkin bout this the other day and i wanted to post this but thought let me meditate on it a bit more on whether i should. as we all know repartriation is a must for the sons of ham who got stolen from their land before all will be right again in Jah name. now, im 'african' and as a sistren who never got stolen physically(some got stolen mentally and im one of them but thank Jah i forwarded to the light..) but i feel that it is my rasponsibility to help bring our brethren and sistren home to the motherland. i feel that for me its not enough to just chant the message, live right et cetra et cetra. this is the era of the gentiles and babylon wont let my family come home just like dat and also those who have been mentally enslaved this side wont outstretch their hands to embrace their blood brethren and sistren-as His Majesty said they are blood brothers with i and i ithiopians-so now what?!? just anyday a stolen family member can decide to come home but then where will they live? as it turns, some rases this side live a simple life and couldnt afford to 'collect' extra mouths to feed so nevermind with those 'non rases' who WONT do what is right for H.I.M own.

now, let me let you all in on something. for a long time i felt that its my destiny to help the masses; be this hospitable person as the sayin goes, 'let the infants be cared for, the aged protected..'. i somehow got this message through some divine..ness.. a long time ago and iv been keepin it to myself. i was conversatin wit this other elder of myn a while back. we were talkin bout somethin far off, cant remember. then he asked me out of the blue what my name meant. he's the same nationality as me so if one were to give out their name in our language, even if you heard it for the first time you'd know what it means. my real name is as simple as they come. he asked me what 'i think' it meant coz he had some revelation of what it meant. i said 'correction' coz dats da literal meaning. in our culture one doesnt get given a name like 'samantha' or somethin like dat. if one gets a name in my language it always has 'some meaning' behind it so i knew all along, yes, dat ther was 'some meaning' but the meaning had to come from who gave yu the name as he/she had his/her reasons.. unfortunately 'he' died before we wer born. a month before. sniff sniff :-)


ok let me just give my name. its in setswana, our language, and its Tshiamiso.

i donno this english thing like going deep deep into it so let me try wit an example. lets say, 'boderation' tsk tsk

the root word of that example is 'bother'. fair enough and simple enough.

now the root word of my name is 'siama' which means 'being ok', 'being right' although one can use it as 'siame' for example,

"o batla go ja?"- do you want to eat?
"nnyaa, ke siame!"- no, im ok

stay with me pls. i tend to digress but i want ya'l to get what i mean.

from 'siama' it becomes 'siamisa' which means 'to make something right/ok'. from siamisa it then becomes tshiamiso which would then mean 'the state of making/being ok or the state of making/being right'.

anyway, the elder then gave me his prophetic version of it coz its 'the state of being right' and said his revelation is dat my name means 'righteousness'.


he then went on about how its not a coincidence for me dat im RastafarI. i was chosen. that ther are other gyals mi age who he knew and they were goin on and on about how they wanted to 'be' rasta but from the first time he knew me he knew dat i wasn sum "chinese battery dat wouldn last-in the livity- but i was 'everready' (ther's this battery this side of the continent dats well known for lasting a long time. tsk tsk). from dat day he started callin me 'honorable'

then he said ther strangest and same time most beautiful thing!

he said he knew dat i am going to be somethin like mother teresa, "even better than her", and dat he knew dats what i wanted to do in my heart of hearts; help a lot of people. i started laughin and he looked at me puzzled but smiling and asked 'what?'. i asked him how he knew and he told me he was watchin me as i approached him when that revelation hit him and he wanted to share it with me.

".. and everyone know dat it true cah it come out of the mouth of RastafarI!"- honorable robert nesta marley bob marley :-)

anyway, for the past month i had this sort of revelation (cho! its Jah revelation time!) and i felt dat i should be the catalyst dat brings i and i together; not sayin dats not what we rasta children are doin. but its a step further than dat. i had this feelin in i self dat if the people wont give to rastafari what belongs to rastafari then i should stand up and give it to them! the land belongs to the hammites and they shouldn hav to ask for it from no 'man' whether white or enslaved blackman! it was sort of a conversation in i head, this message, then i instinctly asked 'but wher do you wan me to get this land from?'

"buy it, apply for it.. get this land and give it to the people"

land costs in the thousands but i know i shouldn hav to worry about such because if dats what Jah said to do then land to buy and give it to its owners I WILL. ive meditated on it a coupl of times, tryin to get it sorted in i head how im to go about in doing dat. but im talkin bout land in i 'country' but if its possibl to buy land in other 'countries' in 'africa' then ill do so.

i know this is goin to be a success because dats an instruction dat i believ was given to me and not just some random idea i picked up somewhere. i haven yet shared dis with da rases this side but i thought let me just share it wit ya'll cah Jah said to share the good news, right? :-)

RootsTafarI Selassie

p.s i used to be envious of other people, hearing their 'miracle stories', especially on tv and always asked, "when will i also get these divine interventions and miracles??" dis is I TIME! :-)

Messenger: the rock Sent: 5/5/2009 7:20:12 PM

i was reading your post, it is nice to have someone have faith in you.
lil by lil is how something this big can get done.

i have to think on this.

Messenger: RootsTafari Sent: 5/6/2009 5:59:44 AM


give thanks still

RootsTafarI Selassie

Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 5/6/2009 5:41:32 PM

don't buy no land to give away. if u see land to buy and you want it for yourself, do so. but to buy the land for repatriation is to perform a transaction that acknowledges the right of the seller. The rights of the beneficiaries in your scenario is defunct.

If u r interested in this, you will link the EABICongress of which u did speak. There will be some tangible information and direction of works (however small) towards the mobilisation for OAU representation. No need to reinvent the wheel. Africa in the west (inclusive & by and large driven by IandI Ras Tafari) is agitating for the recognition of the economic, skills & knowledge based, population, and technological solutions that repatriative iniative of Africans (African Caribbean, African America, African Latin American) in the west forward to Africa will provide. They will package land and put a bow on it.

There is plenty of this kind of activity happening in Africa, especially in pockets of West Africa (much of it is beginning to be mainstreamed, actual development schemes for the purpose of preparing a fundmental climate for practical side of things). Where in Africa are you from? You have a beautiful name.

Messenger: the rock Sent: 5/6/2009 7:20:17 PM

good info cuz i did not know anything about this and did not know where to start. I will check this out for myself.

Messenger: the rock Sent: 5/6/2009 9:04:38 PM

i found little info on the EABIC but i stell need to look more.real cool to learn something.

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 5/6/2009 10:46:37 PM

Blessed Love RootsTafarI,

All I can say is listen to the Most High Selassie I as He guides your path in the works the I sets out to do. However your destiny will come, if the I listens to Haile Selassie I, then the I will be trodding the Right Path.

Messenger: RootsTafari Sent: 5/7/2009 5:12:32 AM


give thanks for the advice yaa and ark and for the input blessed rock. i mean wouldn it be nice if we in the motherland did this as a collective?? think of how many brethren and sistren would be able to come home! its excitin jus thinkin about it! :-)

i heard da twelv tribes 'take turns' ie its decided when who is worthy to ipartriate. dat is crazy! think of da time when a beloved ther in JA stil or da carribean wer to be like "mmm, let me go to 'botswana' to live ther" without havin to wonder "would i find somewher to stay? wher exactly should i go in 'botswana'? is it practical?" etc etc. what a ting! :-)

cho! :-)

ill definitely look into the eabic information, my lord give thanks for the suggestion on which way to go about with this.

RootsTafarI Selassie :-)

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