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Messenger: RootsTafari Sent: 5/3/2009 8:48:02 AM

blessings to RastafarI's beloved chosen,

for some time iv been confused bout this and tryin to find out what the 'hidden' meaning behind this is. a few days ago as i was walkin wit my sistren at the taxi rank, there was this lady who gave i this other interesting pamphlet. i think she's jehovah's witness. im anti jehovah's witness but this pamphlet is really good! let me share this 'revelation', i donno if the i's have seen it.

***DAN 7:4 the first is like a lion and had eagle's wings***

the head of gold and the lion(a popular symbol of babylon) represents the Babylon World Empire(608-538 'BC'). the eagle's wings describe the speedy conquests by nebuchadnezzar.

***DAN 7:5 the second was like to a bear and it raised up to itself on one side and had three ribs in its mouth***

in the year 538 'BC', the dual empire of the Medes and Persians was established. the three ribs in the bear's mouth represent the conquered countries of lydia, babylon and egypt. the persians were stronger than the medes and remained in power longer(note: it raised up itself on one side)

***DAN 7:6 another was like a leopard which had on its back four wings of a bird***

the very rapid victories(represented by the four wings) under alexander the great made greece the world power (331 'BC'). after alexander's death the empire was divided into four parts by his four generals:thrace, syria, macedonia and egypt(note: the four heads)

***DAN 7:7 the fourth beast was dreadful and terrible, exceedingly strong. it had huge iron teeth; it was devouring, breaking in pieces.. and it had ten horns***

in the year 168 'BC', the romans established the fourth world empire. because of the severity and intolerance with which they subdued other nations, this empire was known as 'the iron kingdom'(note: the iron legs of the image and the teeth of the beast)

***DAN 7:24 the ten horns are ten kings who shall arise from this kingdom***

because of 'mass migration'(351-476 'AD'), the roman empire was broken up into ten smaller european kindoms(note the ten horns and ten toes). the divided thriving horns and the not cleaving together even as the mixing of iron with clay of the ten toes represents the impossiblity of a lasting united europe

stay blessed

Honorable RootsTafarI Selassie (",)

Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 5/3/2009 9:33:32 AM


This is sight.

Messenger: Ras power Sent: 5/3/2009 4:37:23 PM

this is true, i made some post long time of this ,Ark told i he cound not overs it because of how i wrote it.

the division of rome came about when the barbarians came and fought with rome, and divided it, Anglo Saxons, goths, franks,etc.

out of the ten three was destroyed through the influence of the pope, using the governments to do its will

out of the seven a little one came up.

out of all the 7 came a little horn, out of all the great nations the Vatican an independent nation is 1+ square feet

please check this out

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Haile Selassie I