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General Nyabinghi - Question

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Messenger: Ark I Sent: 4/28/2009 3:31:18 PM

I just noticed something pretty funny. For some weird coincidence, the "other" general that was on the website has just removed his picture of Queen Ifrica from his profile, and also removed his profile Q&A, for example it used to say "When I'm Not on Topix: training soldiers".

I wonder what prompted this "other" general to remove those things.


And Look at one of the comments made by the "general" on that website

in a topic asking about national, racial, ethnic make-up?
Original Wombman/Afrikan

"Womb" man??? What kind of womb does this heathen have?

That is a very decieving stat. If we were to look at the flip side, we can also say that 70% of men are single. The cold hard truth, is that this generation are not breaking their necks to get tied into a city hall legal contract, that will ruin your life if you try to break it.

Now ofcourse the Oprah show takes this stat, and do acrobatics with it, so that the meaning behind this stat can be turned into some BULLSH*T twisted crap that her white producers would love for her to feed into. Keep in mind that the majority of her viewers are white women.

I know that alot of conscious black folks are not getting the traditional marriage anymore. Even my people (Rastas) do not believe in the Babylon tradition of tying the not. Yet if we have a lion (Boyfriend/mate), we do not consider ourselves as single.

The bottom line....what is the definition of "single"? If a lion is in the home, and taking care of his business, then why do we need that Babylon piece of paper saying that we are married?

One Love

What is this we he is talking about. Does he think that he will find and RasTafarI Lion that would be interested in him. Fire Burn that illusion.

There does not exist a batty boy who is RasTafarI, that is impossible. Any person who says they are is a liar, they are telling the truth about being a batty boy, but there is no way they are RasTafarI, like I said, impossible.

Messenger: Ras I-Tom Sent: 4/28/2009 3:38:42 PM

When judgment day come all will answer to Haile Selassie I, none can challenge HIM, nor can any lie to HIM. Every knee shall bow, and every tongue shall confess. It is HIM all will have to answer to.
How one thinks that Jah will feel towards something they do does not mean that it is so. We can lean on our own understanding, but Jah is unparallelled perfection. Selassie I is the living word, none can question HIM or attempt to find any loopholes in the law He set.

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