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What good has the feminist movement did for the black community?

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Messenger: General Nyabinghi Sent: 4/22/2009 11:39:22 AM

FEMINISM verses Femininity

In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array;" -1st Timothy 2:9

A picture is truly worth a thousand words. The photos above speak for themselves. Feminism starts in the mind. Many women feel ugly, so they don't even try to be feminine. Other women have been ridiculed for trying to be feminine and are afraid of being labeled as a "square." The motivation to dress and act feminine for a woman should radiate from a heart that loves God and wants to please God. If we only live right because some religion told us to, then we will be miserable. A woman should dress modestly to please God...

"Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created." -Revelation 4:11

We were all created to PLEASE GOD. Most people strive only to please themselves...

"Whose end is destruction, whose God is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame, who mind earthly things." -Philippians 3:19

A feminine woman is a blessing to her husband. No man wants to be married to a Mack Truck. Let me also add here that a woman doesn't necessarily have to be slim to be feminine. Many big-boned women are feminine. Femininity is a state of mind more than anything. A feminine woman doesn't mind a man holding the door open for her, she welcomes it. A feminine woman doesn't even try to lift something bulky or heavy, she asks a strong man to lift it. A feminine woman makes a man feel like a real man because she requires his masculinity, strength, and courage. A feminist on the other hand doesn't need anything from a man, she has the mental disposition of a man already. She is a mental homosexual at a minimum. She thinks like a man. This is why so many women wears men's clothing and business suits...

"The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God." -Deuteronomy 22:5

Messenger: General Nyabinghi Sent: 4/22/2009 11:40:57 AM

Communism & NWO: Wall Street's Utopian Hoax

Bella Dodd was a leader of the Communist Party of America (CPUSA) in the 1930' s and 1940's. Her book, "School of Darkness" (1954) reveals that Communism was a hoax perpetrated by financiers "to control the common man" and to advance world tyranny. Naturally this important book is out-of-print and not in any used bookstores. (I found it through interlibrary loan.)

Bella Dodd was born Maria Asunta Isabella Visono in Italy about 1904. A brilliant and dedicated woman, she graduated from Hunter College and NYU Law School. She became head of the New York State Teachers Union and was a member of the CPUSA's National Council until 1949.

Dodd describes Communism as "a strange secret cult" whose goal is the destruction of Western (i.e. Christian) Civilization. Millions of naïve idealists ("innocents") are tricked by its talk of helping the poor, but it cares only for power. For example, Dodd found there was no social research at party headquarters. "We are a revolutionary party, not a reform party," she was told. (163)


The Communist Party operates by infiltrating and subverting social institutions like the churches, schools, mass media and government. Its aim was "to create new types of human beings who would conform to the blueprint of the world they confidently expected to control." (162)

For example, Dodd reveals that the CPUSA had 1100 members become Catholic priests in the 1930's. It also subverted the American education system by taking over the teacher's unions and learned societies. Only people who accepted the "materialistic, collectivistic international class struggle approach" advanced. (98)

Involving women in the war effort fitted the long-range program:

"The party did all it could to induce women to go into industry. Its fashion designers created special styles for them and its songwriters wrote special songs to spur them... War-period conditions, they planned, were to become a permanent part of the future educational program. The bourgeois family as a social unit was to be made obsolete." (153)

There was to be no family but the party and the state. Dodd helped organize the Congress of American Women, a forerunner of the feminist movement.

"Since it was supposedly a movement for peace, it attracted many women. But it was really only a renewed offensive to control American women... Like youth and minority groups, they are regarded as a reserve force of the revolution because they are more easily moved by emotional appeals." (194-195)


When FDR recognized Russia in 1933, he deliberately turned a blind eye to the CPUSA's massive program of espionage and subversion. Liberals denied that this took place and complained about a "witch hunt." Guess what? The "loony right" was correct. A new book (The Secret World of American Communism, based on newly opened Kremlin archives, confirms that CPUSA was a puppet of Moscow and the Roosevelt and Truman administrations were practically run by Soviet agents, Alger Hiss, Harry Hopkins and Harry Dexter White to name a few.

The war years saw the CPUSA actually renounce the class struggle and join the so-called "Roosevelt camp of progress" which included "progressive capitalists."

"The Communist Party now assumed the responsibility of establishing a rigid discipline over the working class. No employer was more effective or more relentless in checking strikes among the workers, or minimizing complaints...while wages rose a little during those years, they did not compare with the rise in profits and in monopoly control of basic necessities...war production was chiefly in the hands of ten large corporations...the Communists carefully muted such information." (153)

The war years saw amazing coordination between the Communist Party and America's financial elite. The elite financed a sophisticated propaganda agency called the Russian Institute located on Park Ave. across 68th Street from Rockefeller's Council on Foreign Relations. Here "famous names like Vanderbilt, Lamont, Whitney and Morgan mingled with those of Communist leaders. "(153)

At Roosevelt's insistence, Stalin "dissolved" the Comintern in order to make the CPUSA look like an American party. The CPUSA leader Earl Browder achieved national prominence and consulted with senior Roosevelt cabinet ministers.

The joint US-Russian war effort was to be the basis of the new world order. But, inexplicably, the policy changed and Browder instantly became a non-person. Apparently the financial elite had decided the time wasn't right for world government. A cold war would be much more lucrative. Dodd was told that in the future, the party would often find itself opposed not only to the government, but also to U.S. workers.

"I now saw that with the best motives and a desire to serve the working people... I and thousands like me, had been led to a betrayal of these very people.... I had been on the side of those who sought the destruction of my own country." (229)

Like frightened mice, the CPUSA membership scurried to adopt the new party line. Dodd tried to quit but was told: "No one gets out of the party. You die or you are thrown out." (197)

Eventually Dodd was expelled and smeared as "anti-Negro, anti-Puerto Rican, anti-Semitic, anti-labor and a defender of the landlord." (220). Sound familiar? After more than 20 year of tireless sacrifice, she was without family or friends. The party had been her family. Its "hates had become my hates."

"This is the key to the mental enslavement of mankind. The individual is made into nothing ... he operates as the physical part of [a] higher group intelligence... he has no awareness of the plans the higher group intelligence has for utilizing him." (158)


Bella Dodd was circumspect about the people behind the Communist Party. She once was told to phone two multi-millionaires who live in the Waldorf Towers if she lost contact with Moscow. Elsewhere, she refers to "a secret well organized world power." She is obviously afraid to be candid. She suspects that one CPUSA leader's "suicide" was in fact murder. (172)

But she does drop a possible clue. She says that each of the nine floors of the party-owned headquarters at 35 E. 12th St. was devoted to CPUSA business. The Sixth Floor held "the publication offices of the Yiddish newspaper, the Freiheit, and the "Jewish Commission." (162) Indeed Jews were prominent among Communist dupes.

"What now became clear to me was the collusion of these two forces: the Communists with their timetable for world control, and certain mercenary forces in the free world bent on making profits from blood." (229)

As "one piece of the puzzle that finally became a picture," Dodd tells the story of the ship "Erica Reed" typical of "hundreds of other stories." During the Spanish Civil War, Americans donated money to load the ship with medical supplies and food for Spain. The Communists diverted the ship to Russia instead. (89)

Censorship is crucial to Communists, Dodd says. "I have often seen leaders pull books from shelves in homes and warn members to destroy them."(223)

Communism is essentially a deceitful system of international elite control. It was not suppressed during the McCarthy era. Rather it morphed into the New Left, Counter Culture, Civil Rights, Anti War and Woman's Liberation Movements, and later into a plethora of elite-sponsored NGO's, and media, Democratic and Republican party factions, Liberal, Zionist, Labor, and Gay Rights groups. Like the CPUSA itself, these groups are controlled from the top so their memberships are unaware of being used.

To the objection that some of the above mentioned groups oppose globalization, Dodd refers to examples where the CPUSA ostensibly supported causes they wished to sabotage. (205)

In conclusion, Communism was/is a plot designed to substitute a cabal of the rich for the rule of God. It is a utopian fraud hatched by the rich to thwart the dreams of ordinary people and stunt human progress. The same cabal is behind most wars including the impending attack on Iraq.

A precursor to the new world order, Communism espouses brotherhood, peace and equality in order to deceive us. It has taken over society's eyes, ears, mind and spirit. Much of what passes for truth in the media and schools is part of this monstrous con job. The expression "politically correct" in widespread use in America is an old Communist Party term. Our politicians are mostly traitors.

Feminism is Communist both in origin and spirit. It pretends to champion women but in fact neuters both sexes and destroys the basic social unit, the family. The promotion of homosexuality as a "lifestyle choice" for heterosexuals is also part of this brazen elitist fraud designed to "create new types of human beings who would conform..."

Western Civilization is like a ship floundering in a sea of evil, yet the passengers are too duped and distracted to realize it. Bella Dodd had the courage to sound the alarm 50 years ago. It is never too late to begin to resist tyranny.

There are no lifeboats.

Messenger: General Nyabinghi Sent: 4/22/2009 11:45:05 AM

Rebellious Wives!

What is a "help meet" and where does that term come from? The term comes from the Bible in Genesis 2:18 which reads:

"And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him." -Genesis 2:18

The Hebrew meaning of the phrase "help meet" in the Word of God is simply "one who helps." The Bible teaches that it is the wife's duty to HELP her husband. You may not agree with that, but it is God's plan. Many women have simply sold-out to the ungodly influences of the feminist movement and refuse to accept any such teaching. I overhead a woman once say, "I'm never going to get married, I'm not going to wait on any man hand and foot." Is it any coincidence that she is a career woman in her mid 30's with no husband or children? I think not! She is miserable by the way. Evil influences of such women as Gloria Brown, editor of Cosmopolitan Magazine have ruined women for over three decades. Brown pompously prides herself in having been a prostitute in the 1960's. No woman (especially Christian women) should support such a magazine in any way. It is of the devil. There is no greater role for a woman in this world than being at her husband's side. When Tammy Wynette first sang her most memorable song, "Stand by Your Man," the feminists went nuts! She was accused of trying to protect abuse husbands and tyrants. That was probably one of the best country songs ever produced. Every wife needs to resolve to stand by her man! If you love him you will.

Many foolish women have DESTROYED their husbands! Divorce has sky-rocketed! Jennifer Lopez is a classic example of a rebellious wife (she's already had multiple husbands because she refuses to obey, she is also living in adultery according to the Word of God). Lopez' own grandmother has expressed disgust and shame over her granddaughters lewd and lascivious behavior. The Bible condemns Jennifer Lopez, I do not.

"Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands." -Proverb 14:1

The wise wife builds her family, she has more power over her husband than the Bible. Remember that Adam chose to side with Eve rather than God. What kind of wife are you?

"Likewise, ye wives, be in subjection to your own husbands; that, if any obey not the word, they also may without the word be won by the conversation of the wives;" -1st Peter 3:1

"Conversation" in 1st Peter 3:1 means "manner of life." The life you live is your manner of life. Sarah obeyed Abraham, even called him lord. This is greatly admirable for any woman. Sarah's use of the word "lord" was simply her way of saying, "Hey, your the boss Abraham!" Sarah was loyal.

"Even as Sara obeyed Abraham, calling him lord: whose daughters ye are, as long as ye do well..." -1st Peter 3:6

Jezebel on the other hand destroyed her husband spiritually, she was a Hillary Clinton to Israel.

"But there was none like unto Ahab, which did sell himself to work wickedness in the sight of the LORD, whom Jezebel his wife stirred up." -1st Kings 21:25

Jezebel was a feminist, she wore the pants in the home. Ahab was henpecked for sure. Jezebel was the epitome of what every wife should NOT be. Holy women who trust in God WILL submit to their own husbands, rebels won't. Unfortunately, most women are more Hollywood than holy.

"For after this manner in the old time the holy women also, who trusted in God, adorned themselves, being in subjection unto their own husbands:" -1st Peter 3:5

Notice the Bible says, "their own husbands." A woman is under no obligation whatsoever to submit to ANY MAN except her husband. There is nothing in the Bible which teaches that a woman is to submit to her pastor or any other man besides her husband. Some foolish women have been brainwashed into believing that they were supposed to submit to their pastor more than their own husband, this is sinful. You obey your own husband, no one else! There are plenty of religious men out there who will take advantage of weak-minded women. You and your husband are ONE in God's eyes, don't ever forget that. Let your strength be your love and loyalty to your husband.

"And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him." -Genesis 2:18

You and your husband must protect one another. Obey your husband! By the way, too many wives submit to their mother instead of to their own husband, sinfully so. Mind your own marriage mom, let your children live! A husband and wife are to be a team, but someone's got to be in charge or else your going to have a house divided, a two-headed monster.

"Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord." -Ephesians 5:22

"Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as it is fit in the Lord." -Colossians 3:18

The Bible teaches that a woman's place is IN THE HOME, not the factory or office.

"I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully." -1st Timothy 5:14

So the Bible, God's inspired Word, teaches that it is God's will for women to get married, have children, guide the house and not cause trouble. God is saying that a woman should work in the home. "Guiding the house" means that she is to take care of the business of the home. A family has much to be done. Children need attending to and training. Dishes need to be washed. Clothes need to be cleaned and ironed. Home-cooked meals need to be planned, gathered and prepared. Being a full-time mother is a tremendous amount of work!

"And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him." -Genesis 2:18

It is a shame that many children today are growing up on less than nutritious diets. With all the processed foods, should it be surprising that so many children are malnourished and obese? Not at all! Genesis 6:4 says that man's days would be six score (that's 120 years old)! People living up in the Himalayan Mountains today are reportedly living to be well over 100. So why do we Americans die at a MUCH younger age? (for many reasons: lack of proper vitamins and minerals, poisons in our foods, stress, pollution, lack of bodily exercise, fluoridation of water, harmful medicines, dangerous vaccinations, cigarettes, alcohol, etc). It's amazing to me that people live beyond 50.

It is a mother's duty to learn about these things and to safeguard her home. Every mother should be an expert on nutrition. If I were a mother, I would try to become an expert (as much as possible) in all areas relevant to my family. It doesn't take a lot of money to properly feed your family. Junk food is much more expensive. There is NO GREATER title or job in the world than that of being a wife and mother. Society today is totally backwards. Women who stay at home and guide the house as God wants them to are often labeled as being "slaves, weak or stupid." On the contrary; they are obeying God's Word, the Bible. Any woman can apply for a job and work 9 to 5, but it takes a God-fearing woman to obey 1st Timothy 5:14.

"And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him." -Genesis 2:18

A mother needs to be at home with her children. A wife needs to prepare to meet her husband when he comes home tired from work. The house needs to be clean. If she is the proper kind of wife, her husband will be praised by others who notice her virtue and character (Proverb 31:23). A wife is to submit to her husband (1st Peter 3:1-5).

The true heroes in America are it's loyal hard-working mothers and wives who keep the home-fires burning! Phooey on the feminists who condemn God-fearing mothers that stay at home to guide their homes, care for their children and love their husband. America needs a revival of mothers!!! It is appalling to know that so many parents entrust their children to strangers at some day-care center. Children belong at home. I believe that we as Christians need to step back for a moment and take a good look at what's happening in America. The big picture is ugly. It's bad enough that mother's are being forced into the workplace due to the lack of decent paying jobs for men (or divorce), now career women aren't even having children anymore. I heard today on the news that "the morning after pill" is going to be made freely available as an over-the-counter product. First the rich elites used abortion to reduce the population under the guise of "women's rights," now they're doing everything they can do promote birth control. There is something very wrong with this picture.

You ladies who stay home and care for your family are to be greatly praised, thank you on behalf of America! For you militant femi-nazi rebels who refuse to cater to a man, listen to the Word of God...

"For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry..." -1st Samuel 15:23

I am NOT trying to be unkind, just honest. We need a revival in this nation. Husbands need to start loving their wives as God commands. Wives need to start obeying their husbands. And you husbands, your wife would be much more likely to submit if you would start to be fair and show her more respect and love. The Bible is clear, a wife is commanded to be in subjection to her own husband. I'm tired of these wimpy religious speakers who try to water-down the truth. Rebellion is as witchcraft, there are no excuses!

"And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him." -Genesis 2:18

Either your going to obey your husband or your not. If you don't, God will judge you as one who practices witchcraft. It is a serious matter to God. America is only as strong as it's families. As I type, America's families are in pathetic condition spiritually. The divorce rate has steadily increased since 1900. As America delves deeper into wickedness, this trend will continue. Each and every mother and father must proclaim with Joshua...

"And if it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD." -Joshua 24:15

This is the attitude we must have, "I'm living for God, you do what you have to do!" Are you a rebel? How's your marriage doing? The only way any woman is going to get married and make a relationship last for decades to come is to learn to follow God's plan (whether your a Christian or not). The same is true of men. Fellas, if you love your wife you'll put up with her (and shell put up with you)! I'll say it again, If you love your wife you'll put up with her! Again, If you love your wife you'll put up with her! Once more, If you love your wife you'll put up with her! Love is what keeps a marriage together; not the synthetic kind of love that the world offers and sings about. I'm talking about agape love, true love. The Greek word "agape" describes a love that never fails: a love that cares not for it's own, but others; a love that endures, for better, for worse; a love that causes our heart to surpass our emotions; a love that causes a man to deal with his wife according to knowledge and not emotional bitterness and hate; a love that causes a wife to obey her husband. America is filled with feminist rebels, which has spurred the lesbian movement. Some women hate men so much that they would prefer to marry another woman and adopt children. This is reflective of their hatred for God. By the way, I triple-dog dare you to show me one sodomite who ever started a church and influenced a nation for God!

It's time for America's women to repent of their rebellious ways and put some clothes back onto their bodies. It's time for America's fathers to start spending more time with their children. It's time for America's mothers to be honored and career women take a back-seat. It is pathetic how young girls are being brain-washed by the public school system to enter the workforce. No sir! Those young girls need to be taught how to make clothes, cook, bake, dress appropriately, walk, talk, respect authority, etc. Our young boys need to learn chivalry, ethics, hard work, morals, decency, respect for the opposite sex, manhood, etc, etc, etc. But you say, "Their supposed to learn that at home." Ok, then why do they BY LAW have to go to school to learn their ABC's and their 123's? Why do they HAVE to legally go learn that they evolved from a monkey type creature? Those poor kids are coming home overburdened with ridiculous amounts of homework, and many are still failing school. What's going on in America? I'll tell you, the government is trying to dumb down the kids in preparation for the New World Order. Dumb kids aren't a threat to the establishment. Educate you kids folks! Don't rely upon the godless school system. It's our responsibility to train our children for motherhood and fatherhood. You'd think in a nation where the divorce rate is over 50% that the government would panic and do something. We'll, it's not going to happen because the government doesn't care about us, their just puppets to the higher globalist elite (CFR). The government has become an unstoppable monster, out of control, hi-jacked by some very evil, greedy and selfish rich people. You will NOT see a U.S. President in office who is not a member of the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations). Prove me wrong! The CFR could care less about American patriotism, the Bible, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights or the American worker. As the CFR gains more control, the elements I just mentioned will be diminished until destroyed. Stand up! Fight! Tell everyone you know what is going on! Go Here to learn more. Ever heard Smokey-the-bear say, "Only you can prevent forest fires?" Well, now Smokey's telling you that "ONLY YOU can prevent your child from going to the devil!" "ONLY YOU can prevent your marriage from falling apart!" Read The Marriage Mess by Jack Chick. "ONLY YOU can prevent sin entering into your own home." YOU mom and dad must teach your child how to cope with marriage problems, bills, worries, and everything that deals with life. We are so foolish in America.

I've said all that simply to say that everything rises and falls on motherhood. If your going to have a successful marriage, then you are going to have to work at it. Your husband needs your help. The devil wants to destroy your husband (through you if you foolishly let him). Even 1st Peter 3:1 teaches that a woman can have more power over her husband than the Word of God can. You have a lot of influence and power as a woman and mother. What are your children going to become someday? Are you HELPING your husband, or causing him nothing but grief and arguing with him all the time? Your children will someday be what your making them now. Your marriage will be what you are making it now. It takes time and deliberate EFFORT to build a successful marriage that will weather the storms of life when they come (most marriages aren't making it). Could it be because we are a nation which "trusts in goods" more than we "trust in God?" I think so.

"And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him." -Genesis 2:18

I believe in big families (Genesis 1:28). Do you really think that God's planet can become overpopulated? The global elite seem to think so (Luke 12:30), but we are NOT to worry about such things (Luke 12:29). Children are a gift from God! America's mothers need to have many children and raise them up for the Lord Jesus Christ. This all begins with a godly home! No home will ever be a home if mom and dad refuse to accept their proper roles in the Marriage. A husband must be understanding, not a tyrant, committed to God, an honest man, fair to his wife and kids, etc. A woman must be submissive to her husband and obedient, but the husband must allow her to express her opinions and he must be fair about the decisions he makes. Many women refuse to obey their husbands (and sinfully so) because their husbands aren't fair or nice (Ephesians 4:30). A marriage must be a "team effort." It must NOT be a 50/50 deal, but rather 100%. When you stated your marriage vows, you said "for better or for WORSE." If you only obey your husband in "for better," then you are a bad wife. If you husbands only love your wife in "for better," then you are a bad husband. A husband is to love regardless, a wife is to submit regardless! Surely, for a man to expect his wife to obey him if he's a tyrant is unfair. Many men are monsters at home (this includes Christian men as well). Every man gets angry, but he must know what LINES he cannot cross when angry. The same is true of women. Many men are angered because of a lazy wife who won't clean the house (or messes it up herself). I could write a giant book of hypothetical situations, the bottom line is that we need a revival in America of how why treat each other at home (Ephesians 4:30,31). The devil can only defeat us if we allow him to! Many marriages don't last because they were extremely unstable to begin with. Do NOT marry an unbeliever (2nd Corinthians 6:14), you will have father-in-law troubles with the devil. Make a mutual commitment with your spouse to guard your marriage against Satanic attacks of the devil and his minions. When you refuse to be a HELP MEET to your husband and submit to his authority, you are allowing the devil to gain entrance into your marriage. Hopefully, you are not married to a husband who is an abusive tyrant (Malachi 2:14). Is it worth all the fighting and arguing (Ephesians 4:30-31)? Wives need to obey their husbands. The same can be said about the husbands being fair, honest, respectful and loving their wives. Is your marriage a house divided? A two-headed monster? And you husbands, be sure to read Mutual Submission (you ladies will be surprised at what the Bible teaches). We all need to get right with God in America!!!

Messenger: General Nyabinghi Sent: 4/22/2009 11:48:10 AM

Turned Aside After Satan!

"For some are already turned aside after Satan." -1st Timothy 5:15

What an interesting Scripture ... TURNED ASIDE AFTER SATAN!

What group of people might this Scripture be referring to ... the abortionists? Surely there's not a more hideous group of people than those who kill little babies? We know that the abortionists are turned aside after Satan, but is this the group spoken of in 1st Timothy 5:15? Nope!

What group then? Could it be the Catholic Church, that bows to statues in idolatry (Exodus 20:4,5), and falsely teaches that sinful priests have the power to forgive people's sins? (1st Timothy 2:5). The Catholic Church (Roman and Russian Orthodox) teach the traditions of men (Mark 7:6-19), going about to establish their own righteousness (Romans 10:3,4), and require good works for salvation (Ephesians 2:8,9). Billions of people will one day burn in the flames of Hell because of the lies of Catholicism (Matthew 5:20). The Catholic Church is straight out of the pits of Hell. Surely this is the group turned aside after Satan in 1st Timothy 5:15? Right? Nope!

Who could it be then? For anyone to turn aside to follow Satan is a horrible sin. Who is it that turned aside after Satan? Is it the homosexual community, with their pederast NAMBLA organization that goes after little boys? ... Or how about GLSEN in our public schools trying to homosexualize our kids in America, teaching kids how to have "fist sex"? We definitely know this evil group is turned aside after Satan, but is this the group mentioned in 1st Timothy 5:15? It must be! Nope!

Who can it be then? Is it the gambling industry, that milks away $500,000,000,000 from the U.S. economy every year? Is it the booze industry, that causes the deaths of millions of people every year around the world? Is it? Nope!

It must be all the false religions in the world that are turned aside after Satan, right? Well, they're definitely turned aside after Satan, but that's not the group referred to in 1st Timothy 5:15. Nope!

What group then is the Bible referring to, that has "turned aside after Satan?

Is it the Bible corrupters, who pervert the Word of God? Surely there's not a more malicious and godless group on earth than those who deliberately tamper with the very Words of God? They even have a new Bible now for homosexuals, called the New Oxford Annotated Bible. They are definitely turned aside after Satan. Is this the group mentioned in 1st Timothy 5:15? Nope!

Is it the corrupt government politicians, who have sold our nation into financial slavery? How about the greedy money-lenders of the central bank, who are committed to the destruction of America? Surely these people are of the Devil, and they are, but they're not the group referred to in 1st Timothy 5:15.

It must be the child-pornographers, who sexually abuse children and sell that filth all over on the internet. The biggest money maker on the internet is pornography. Is it the godless pornographers and child abusers? I would sure say so, but it's not. These perverts are definitely turned aside after Satan, but they're not the group referred to in 1st Timothy 5:15.

Who then can it be that has turned aside after Satan in 1st Timothy 5:15???

To find out what group has TURNED ASIDE after Satan,

...and you're going to be very surprised,

...we simply need to read 1st Timothy 5:14...

"I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully."

What? That's it? You've got to be kidding, right? Do you mean to tell me that the evil group who has turned aside after Satan are feminists? You got it!

Feminism is the rot of America! It was the mighty preacher, Dr. R.G. Lee, in his classical sermon PAYDAY SOMEDAY, who stated...

"The spiritual life of a nation, city, town, school, church, or home never rises any higher than the spiritual life of women." -Dr. R.G. Lee (Payday Someday)

The Apostle Paul makes it clear who the guilty group is, i.e., those who have TURNED ASIDE AFTER SATAN! It is women who FAIL to fulfil God's ROLE for their life as mothers and wives. Get mad at me if you want to, I'm just preaching the Word. I expect all you career women to laugh and get angry at me, because you've turned aside after Satan. You value money more than you do family. You care more about the riches of this world than you do about pleasing the Lord.

America is filled today with feminist women--who are defiant against their husbands, demanding, self-righteous, and willing to file for divorce. Oh the shame and misery which the sin of feminism has brought upon America's families! Everywhere we go nowadays, we are bombarded with domestic abuse propaganda, but never a word is said about rebellious wives or careless mothers. Instead of women being homemakers, dressing modestly (1st Timothy 2:9), obeying their husbands (Ephesians 5:24), and behaving themselves as the Bible commands; they have allowed feminist ideologies to brainwash them into becoming independent, immodest, and irresponsible. Get mad at me if you want, women file for divorce at TWICE the rate of men.

Since I began this website in 2002, I've learned that certain subjects are sore topics with people; namely, Christian Rock, Wicca witchcraft, homosexuality, feminism, and divorce. Of course, I get all kinds of hate mail, but these topics really hit home with the wicked. I've received several letters lately from people who are trying to justify the sin of divorce. Some people just can't stand the truth. Jesus spoke the truth and the Jews tried to kill him (John 8:40). The Apostle Paul spoke the truth and made many enemies (Galatians 4:16). I am telling you the truth. The group which turned aside after Satan in 1st Timothy 5:15 are women who wanted to be INDEPENDENT of their husbands. Feminism can be summed up in one word ... REBELLION! Feminists today have chosen rather to call themselves INDEPENDENT, just as sodomites prefer to be called gay. No, you are wicked and rebellious, turned aside after Satan!


In the Garden Of Eden, Eve made the SAME grave mistake of wanting to be INDEPENDENT (Genesis 3:5,6; 1st Timothy 2:4). Eve wanted to be INDEPENDENT of God's Word and Authority. As a result of Eve's feminism, she sinned, and caused Adam to sin, corrupting Adam and her children, and the entire human race was plunged into sin. Today, 6000 years later, feminist women are still committing the same homewrecking sin of rebellion, by declaring their INDEPENDENCE from their husbands. Feminism is the sin that brought the plague of the sin-nature upon the human race. Therefore, it does not surprise me that God would refer to such women as having TURNED ASIDE AFTER SATAN. Eve turned aside after Satan, by TAKING BAD ADVICE. What you wives need to do when some dirt mouth hussy shows you a Scripture to permit divorce is tell her to SHUT UP, and then leave before you pluck your house down with your hands. Proverb 14:1 states, "Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands." What does this verse mean? Here is an explanation concerning this Scripture by the mighty preacher, J. Vernon McGee...

"Every wise woman buildeth her house." This is not talking about the physical building of a home. I think Sarah is an example of a wife who built her house. She was the wife of a patriarch, and she built up the house of Israel. I think we can say that Jochebed, the mother of Moses, built her house. Although she was a slave in a foreign land, to save her son she hid him, watched over him, and finally became his nurse in the service of Pharaoh’s daughter. She is the one who taught him about the Lord and the promise of the Lord to Israel. She was a wonderful mother, and she built her house.

"But the foolish plucketh it down with her hands." Several women in the Scriptures did that. Because of their wickedness, the house they built was destroyed. Let me point out one passage in particular. "Forty and two years old was Ahaziah when he began to reign, and he reigned one year in Jerusalem. His mother’s name also was Athaliah the daughter of Omri. He also walked in the ways of the house of Ahab: for his mother was his counsellor to do wickedly" (2 Chron. 22:2–3). The counsel of his mother really brought the house of Ahab low. This is indeed a true proverb. You can take these into the laboratory of life and see them work out even today. I know of several examples of women whose personal sins have destroyed their homes.

America is Babylon the great.....BABYLONDON


Messenger: Ark I Sent: 4/22/2009 12:06:55 PM

General, the I said:
Carry on if you like, but I gave my word to ARK I that I have ended this battle between you and I. I am a song writter for roots artist, so a words battle is not a probelm for I. But the end is the end, that I as a man have given I word.

Yaa didn't say anything to you since that comment, and you still go on and refer to her in this topic, trying to provoke more battle. And even if you didn't specifically mention her in this topic, it is plain to see that the purpose of it is to provoke more battle.

You told her that you gave I your word, I can see what your word means.

Now on the subject of feminism. I am RasTafarI, I don't deal with any ism.

General, the I said,
I say if the feminist movement is not ready to take on Rastafari tenants, then InI should not take on any impressions of their movement.

Making a woman more than a servant to a man is not something that came from the feminist movement. There have been societies in history that have given woman an important and influential role, it is not a new thing. And those societies were not wreaked with havoc or other wickedness because of the important role of the woman, they were strong societies.

Don't be so ignorant and foolish to blame all of todays woes on the feminist movement, there are many other factors involved that play a much stronger role.

When I talk of respect for woman, I am not talking about the feminism movement. So instead of putting the focus in I response on the feminism movement, I will speak about the real issue and the real argument that you bring, which is a woman should do as a man says, and not blaze men out when she sees them deal with wickedness. I have said before that other than the Most High Haile Selassie I, the best judge of a person is theirself, because I and I know all of our thoughts. The next best judge is a person's wife or husband, because that is the person that knows the man or woman better than anybody else. So just as it is foolish to not judge your actions and correct yourself, it is also foolish for a man and woman to have a relationship where one feels that they should not speak against something they see from the other that is not Right. Man and Woman are supposed to come together as One, that is how they will be strong.

I was asked in another post, how was I supposed to know what in the Bible is from man and what is from God. That is an easy thing, by looking at the example and teachings of Yeshua Christ and Haile Selassie I. And using the Heights that they show to filter men's desires away from the Teachings of God.

Like I said before, if a Man is Living in the ways of RasTafarI, they will never feel the need to tell any Woman to submit themselves to them. They will Live as RasTafarI and reason with the Woman, and together they will see the Right Path to trod.

If a man is Living the Ways of RasTafarI, their woman will have great respect for them, and there will hardly be arguments. When woman were afraid to speak their mind (I say were, but it still happens) for the past many centuries. Man and Woman have gone farther and farther away from the Most High and Lived in more and more filthiness, their filthiness growing faster and faster as the centuries passed. That whole path lead to where humans are today. We were well on our way to the wicked state we are in long before what is today called the feminist movement.

I am not saying that we got to this wicked state because women were afraid to speak, there are many factors, but that is part of the reason. Do you want to know what a real family Inity is, it is a family that makes use of all its resources to the fullest potential. The resources being the Irits, Mind and Body. Any subjugation of the Man or the Woman will make the Inity weak, because they will be downpressing part of their Strength and Potential.

The biggest problem with the "woman submission" movement that many men like to bring, is that many of them are so low and filthy, that they don't have the ability to be a leader of their family, they can only be a ruler. So they downpress the woman, whether physically or mentally and tell them to submit themselves because that is what they think leadership is.

Here the words of God, Haile Selassie I.

Leadership does not mean domination. The world is always well supplied with people who wish to rule and dominate others.

The true leader is a different sort; he seeks effective activity which has a truly beneficient purpose. He inspires others to follow in his wake, and holding aloft the torch of wisdom, leads the way for society to realize its genuinely great aspirations.

The art of leadership is in the ability to make people want to work for you, while they are really under no obligation to do so. Leaders are people, who raise the standards by which they judge themselves and by which they are willing to be judged. The goal chosen, the objective selected, the requirements imposed, are not mainly for their followers alone.

They develop with consumate energy and devotion, their own skill and knowledge in order to reach the standard they themselves have set.

This whole-hearted acceptance of the demands imposed by even higher standards is the basis of all human progress. A love of higher quality, we must remember, is essential in a leader.

The true leader is one who realizes by faith that he is an instrument in the hands of God, and dedicates himself to be a guide and inspirer of the nobler sentiments and aspirations of the people.

He who would be a leader must pay the price in self-discipline and moral restraints. This details the correction and improvement of his personal character, the checking of passions and desires and an exemplary control of one's bodily needs and desires.

To be first in place, one must be first in merit as well.

He who has not learned to render prompt and willing service to others will find it difficult to win and keep the goodwill and cooperation of his subordinates.

A leader will kindle interest, teach, aid, correct and inspire. Those whom he leads will cooperate with him in maintaining discipline for the good of the group. He will instruct his followers in the goals towards which to strive, and create in them a sense of mutual effort for attaining the goal.

The whole Reasoning of Selassie I is so High and Iniversal. I sight both the Man and Woman of the family as the Leader, because they are One, but even in the case where a man thinks he should be a Leader, then they should Learn what a Leader is. If they would Live as a True Leader, then there relationship with their Woman would be no different then mind, even though I see both Man and Woman as One Leader.

Being a Leader, is not about dominating a Woman. It is about Living the Way of RasTafarI so that the Woman would be inspired by your Righteousness and Learn to Live the same. They would not Trod with you because they feel obligated to, they will Trod with you because they sight that the Path you are on is a worthwhile and fruitful Path. The Woman would never feel like they were less, or had to follow blindly, but they would feel a sense of mutual effort and respect.

And look againt to what Yeshua said,
Matthew 20
[25] But Jesus called them unto him, and said, Ye know that the princes of the Gentiles exercise dominion over them, and they that are great exercise authority upon them.
[26] But it shall not be so among you: but whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister;
[27] And whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant:
[28] Even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many.

So even amongst people who are not so close and One in the way a Man and Woman come together as One, Yeshua teaches them that they should not be like the Gentiles and exercise dominion or authority upon them. He teaches that the chiefest person should be a minister and servant to the others. So amongst a Man and Woman who are One, they should trod with even greater Inity, and mutually serve and minister unto eachother. Ye are Gods, and all of ye are Children of the Most High, but ye shall die like men and fall like one of the princes. If we behave as the princes of the Gentiles do, we will fall and die like them.

Did you ever see Christ tell a woman that she must submit to him or another man? He didn't need to tell a Woman that, because He knew that Living by the example of the Creator is what both Man and Woman need to Learn. And when that is accomplished. All things will be Blessed.

Some men think that when Women have their say, it has caused arguments amongst Man and Woman. But that is not the cause of the arguments. It might be true that there tend to be more arguments in a relationship where a Woman has her say, but it is not the woman's say that caused the arguments. It is the filthiness that people have in their mind and heart that is the cause of the arguments. When a woman doesn't have her say, the filthiness is still there, and the abuse is still there, the only difference is, is that the Man is a little happier because he gets whatever he wants. And the Woman is much less happy because she is treated like a dog that should follow orders.

It would be better is people would instead concentrate on cleaning their filthiness, because a filthy person isn't capable of being a Leader. Selassie I show I and I that. And when they clean theirself, even though they will be capable of being a Leader, they will not even feel the need to be a Leader over a Woman, because that vanity of thought is part of the filthiness. They will Live in Right, and their Woman will Live in Right, and they will Trod as One.

I and I Empress are not perfect, I and I argue from time to time, but we don't argue too much or too frequently. And I and I have never yelled and screamed at eachother, not even once. The most that could be heard in our voice when there is disagreement is the sound of annoyance. And the reason I and I don't argue much is not because one of us is letting the other have all the say in the decisions for I and I Family.

If we disagree on something. I and I reason together and sometimes I and I will come to the Heights that I view is the Right or best Path. Other times I and I will come to the Heights that her view is the Right or best Path. Other times I and I will come to a Heights that the joining or compromise of the two views is the Right or best Path. Other times I and I will come to a Heights that a different Path altogether is better than the Path both of I and I originally put forward.

And sometimes, but not often, I and I just agree to disagree, as the saying goes. But when a decision on a certain Path needs to be made and I and I agree to disagree, then the person who feels less passionate about their view will make a compromise.

People are always looking to this or that as the cause of problems, whether between a Man or Woman, or between the People of the World. When they should be instead looking to the Cause that will solve all problems. The Cause that Haile Selassie I Yeshua Christ Teaches I and I and the example they Live.

Messenger: General Nyabinghi Sent: 4/22/2009 12:42:07 PM


Are you trying to slander me?

Do you want me to pull your words where you stated that "her nor I should make any comments directly or indirectly about each other"?

Did she not go further on with Sheba to further blast me and insult me?

Personally I am starting to see what your word of impartiality means. You claimed you wouldn't take sides.

But if you were to take sides, I would think you would be on my side. InI are both Nyabinghi, and I was attacked first.

Yet you claim impartiality, and this is the fruits of your being impartial?

I would hate to see if you had it in for me.

C'mon ONE LOVE Bredren

Heigher heights

Jah Bless

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 4/22/2009 1:14:55 PM

After you just spoke about giving your word, and not holding it, and instead choosing to call Yaa to come for more battle, I felt that you got what you deserved. And on top of it, the kind of views about woman that you are trying to put forward are views that I don't agree with, so that was why the majority of I post was about I opinion on the matter.

The only thing I mentioned about the I and Yaa is in the beginning of I reasoning when I spoke about you "giving your word".

The rest of I reasoning has nothing to do with this thing between the I and Yaa Asantewa, it has to do with the kind of things you are saying, and I opinion on the matter. I opinion on the matter would be the same whether or not Yaa was on the forum. I saw it that way a long time before she came.

You said
Personally I am starting to see what your word of impartiality means. You claimed you wouldn't take sides.

But if you were to take sides, I would think you would be on my side. InI are both Nyabinghi, and I was attacked first.

Yet you claim impartiality, and this is the fruits of your being impartial?

Like I said above, I felt that the response that you got from Yaa was what you deserved. Don't call somebody for battle and then cry when they strike back at you. If Yaa told I, like you did, that she gave I her word and would end it. Then if she went on after that point without provocation and called on you to come to battle, then I would have felt that she would have deserved the backlash she would recieve from that.

I don't speak against every time that somebody gets a something said against them. One reason is, is that I would be spending too much time on fruitless endeavours, and in this instance right now, When a lashing is deserved, then I let the lashing be.

Do you want to know what I word of impartiality means. It means if I agree with somebody, then I will speak in agreement, if I disagree with somebody, I will speak in disagreement. I don't care if you are Nyahbinghi, Bobo, or anything else. The greatest strength for RasTafarI people will be when the Nyahbinghi and Bobo join as One. So I trod is to treat both as One.

You started it up again, so I leave you to bear the consequences of what you started. But as I said, the great majority of that post only had to do with what you were saying, not about this thing between the I and Yaa.

Another thing, I do take sides, but I don't take sides based on an individual or group, I take sides based on what is said, and take my stand based on what I sight about what is said.

Messenger: General Nyabinghi Sent: 4/22/2009 1:20:33 PM

"Empress, you betta get on your belly... and crawl for this one... otherwise you might get a fat lip unless there is someone to jump in for you".

***More slander that I beat women. Typical feminist. No facts and all lies.

"If Merira Kwesi was this dude's wife, he would have already sewn her lips and eyelids together... then glued her hands to his washing basin... and beat her black and blue when she told him about his ugly self.... "

****And this is really funny! I say that, becuase I know Kwesi and his wife. I took his trip to Kemet, and he is the one who put me on to the U.N.I.A. in Philadelphia. He put me in contact with Mr. Ramases. And as far as my being ugly is really funny! I work as a songwritter and a MALE MODEL. Women tell me that I am fine all the time. Infact I have a female manager who sterted my modeling career in the first place. But tell you what, how about ARK I make a feature so we can upload our pictures to this forum when we post. And we will let the women on this forum judge if I am fine or not LMBAO.

"Great job here, you are starting to sound less like a feminst by the minute. Now you are calling my Nyabinghi sisters, "farm animals". You are just a wealth of insults are'nt you ole wise one. Tell ya what, how about you tell me the difference between what you have just said, and anything comming from the mouth of Elln, or any other feminist.....aaaahhhhh not much.

"You are not West African anyway".

***Here we go trying to push your little white fantasy off one me. My ancestors are from Liberia, and we were stolen from Africa, and taken as slaves to Jamaica. That would make me 100% West Africa, and 100% JAHmaican........GEEEEEEEZ!

"If you were Israel... or had any good guidance, you would have found a way to blaze it out by now. Put your finger pon it and see that it is pure X man ways you are promoting... and then even putting His Imperial Majesty behind your crazy bitterness. You haven't even the decency to leave HIM out of it, and just continue with your own stupid yammering".

***My stupid yammering?!?!?!? I use the bible you simpleton. That is JAH talking. And I do not have good guidance? I was taught on ZIon Hill By Preist Dermott Fagen. And what post did I ever say anything offensive about Haile I? Please post it so we can all see your lies.

Once again an angry girl with nothing to say but be mad at truth when she reads it.

Look lil sister, you do not even know me. You are nothing more to me than a hardrive, keyboard, and a monitor.....GET REAL lol.

Messenger: General Nyabinghi Sent: 4/22/2009 3:05:57 PM

This is what I was responding to in my other post, but I left out the quote.

"fool. and by the way, I would LOVE to see the black women he brings on here who are supporting his brand of foolishness... especially the part where when RasTa Empress know themselves, they are compared to Whoopi Goldberg, Ellen Degeneres... and the 'feminist' movement (which is non existent if u didn't kno). But perhaps its some of his own harem who he has already ground into domestic farm-animal-like submission"

Great job here, you are starting to sound less like a feminst by the minute. Now you are calling my Nyabinghi sisters, "farm animals". You are just a wealth of insults are'nt you ole wise one. Tell ya what, how about you tell me the difference between what you have just said, and anything comming from the mouth of Ellen, or any other feminist.....aaaahhhhh not much.

Messenger: General Nyabinghi Sent: 4/22/2009 3:24:53 PM


"Like I said above, I felt that the response that you got from Yaa was what you deserved. Don't call somebody for battle and then cry when they strike back at you. If Yaa told I, like you did, that she gave I her word and would end it. Then if she went on after that point without provocation and called on you to come to battle, then I would have felt that she would have deserved the backlash she would recieve from that".

*****I assume that you are claiming that this thread alone was a call for war? Because if you are claiming that, you could not be further from the truth. If you are claiming that I started with her after my promise to you, then you are wrong. She posted to Sheba insulting me, and I retaliated. Don't try and make me out to be mousilinni here. I am not the agressor!

Second of all perhaps you do not know the difference between hating women, and hating the feminist movement. One does not have to be a woman in order to be a feminist. Infact the feminist movement put President Obama with a superman shirt on the cover of their magazine...(I forget the name of the magazine right now), but they called him a feminist. Usualy when one hides behind the tag of "hating women", it usualy mean that they can not intelligently explain their position with a sound point of view. Therefore that is the only course of action left for them to take.

And furthermore, I do not hate women. In my free time I lecture to wombmen once a week, and do community work checking in on the elderly sistren who their kingsmen have passed forward. In my efforts and passing out flyers, I have brought 263 women to the Rastafrian livity, and over 400 males to the livity. My knoweldge come straight from Zion Hill in JAHmaica. Everything I speak comes from the bible. I have debated Christians, Black Hebrew Israeltes, and Muslims. My debates alone have won over 113 women on college campuses. I was thanked by women, because some of them said, they did not even know HIM, and was happy I told them.

But you say that you are Nyabinghi. If so, I am comming to Toronto, when there is a function. I will send you a picture first so you know who I am, as well will I bring the priest of Nyabinghi, and we will see if you are teaching the Nyabinghi Order as prescribed by InI elders. No debating, we will just sit and listen.

Ask Zion Hill about me, you should be linked to all the Nyabinghi Mansions. My name was legaly changed to Nyabinghi. So that is my real name.

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