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Question about the cross, Jes-us, and the bible.

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Messenger: Ras I-Tom Sent: 4/20/2009 5:29:57 PM

Haile I Selassie I Ras Tafari!

I submit to the will of His Imperial Majesty and I live according to the way and example which he set. I educate myself as His Majesty and Marcus Garvey taught I and I to do. I read His Majesty's words, and read of His works, and read of His history, and read of Ethiopias history.

What I read I uphold and apply to my day to day life. His Majesty taught I and I that the bible is man's refuge and that He glories in it. He also kissed the cross and exhalted the name of The Lord Jes-us Christ. Yet I could get chanted down by RasTa men for wearing a cross and for reading the bible or for chanting the words of Jes-us Christ?

Now I can overstand(I do not feel) through education why some African bredrin would chant I down because of the worst crime against Imanity and the way that the cross was misused for murder, rape, and invasion. But is not that exactly what it was..MISused?

Now I seek education humbly, and from what I read His Majesty, Emmanuel, and Marcus all tell I and I of Jes-us. I know His Majesty and Emmanuel glory the bible, just as I know Bobo Shanty glory in it.
I see photos of His Majesty kissing the cross and the bible, and Her Imperial Majesty wearing the cross.

I come here to ask humbly, is not bunnin the bible, Jes-us, or the cross, going against the teachings of Haile Selassie I?

Those who feel it know, so I know it is different for I, as I do not feel it, as I am white. I overstand that for an African the cross and the bible can look like a symbol of murder and invasion, because the Europeans misused it and took what they wanted from them to enforce their weak hearted concepts like white supremacy. And just so I now see ones chanting down Jes-us as a myth. However is the words of the living God Haile Selassie I not above what the cross, the bible, or Jes-us may appear to be in the eyes of those who surffered under the false representation and misuse of these things?

I sight that it all goes back to the same Babylon, taking what belongs to the righteous and twisting and distorting it and using it for their own wickedness...and just so now one of the effects is that some now sight these thigns as wicked, instead of sighting the way they were used as what is wicked.

I hope the I them will reason with me on this, and that the I them will find the reasoning acceptable in the I sight, and above all I hope this reasoning remain acceptable in the sight of Negus I Selassie I Almighty God Jah Ras Tafari.

Haile blessings!
Selassie I live!

Messenger: Ras I-Tom Sent: 4/20/2009 9:33:52 PM

I came across a reasoning on world of Jah just now, and I thought that something the empress said related to what I am reasoning about.

Sis Kaya IsesaJah said:
"A Knife can be cut vegetables, or cut a mans neck. Same way, same analogy...COLON-izers and missionaries did USE Jah, The Bible and Yahshua for their control, their way to upheave and eventually downstroy unfathomible numbers of people and nations. Please consider this."
"It is through His Majesty's words that InI Rastafari know what the acutal message Yahshua message is. To discard Christ would be exactly as looking at a knife, and say 'since it has been used for used as an instrument of hate, intimidation, violence, I will not use a knife again. I will reject the good of the knife, and I will refuse to look at all that is associated with 'the knife'. I will not only reject the knife, I will reject the metal used to make the knife and never use even this metal again. And remember it is " the stone that the builder refuse, which becomes the head cornerstone"."

Blessed love

Messenger: Ras I-Tom Sent: 4/20/2009 9:46:23 PM

I also found this word sound from a Nyabinghi bredrin Ras Ishach that was included in the empress's reasoning.

Ras Ishach: Many in the Rastafari movement have been confused about Isus Christos and the Bible. They have not only rejected the Bible and Isus Christ, I and I Saviour from such time, but also separated Christ from Emperor Haile Selassie I because European slave masters used the Bible in nefarious ways to colonize and enslave the world. Specifically, Europeans changed the image of Christ to resemble a European to perpetuate white supremacy globally and the Bible was used to pacify us while they stole our land and brutalized us into slave labor.

Looking in homes and churches around the world, we can still find the blond hair blue eyes white jesus fixed on the walls. This global disception would have not been unmasked without the coming of Emperor Haile Selassie I and to a lesser degree, the Honorable Marcus Garvey . It was Garvey who first told us to worship the Almighty through the spectacles of Ehtiopia and to look for I and I Redeemer as a King from the East, thus preparing I and I minds for transformation.

Both Marcus Garvey and Emperor Haile Selassie I were devoted Christians, fully accepting the message of the Bible and the Saviour of human kind it spoke of. Haile Selassie I said, Christ lived an exemplary life which men everywhere should do their best to emulate. Furthermore, he uttered that the Bible contained the solutions to man's problems on earth and we cannot hope for salvation should we reject it. For my part, said His Majesty, "I glory in the Bible."

Even if one had not known this, rejecting the Bible and Christ, would mean rejecting the Divinity of His Majesty, who traces his liineage back to King Solomon and Queen of Sheba of the Bible. One would be rejecting the very book that proves Selassie I's Divinity as King of Kings, Lord of Lords, and Conquering Lion of Judah. One also rejects the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and nearly 2000 years of Ethiopia's Christian heritage which was not imposed by Europe. Not only that, but rejecting the Bible and Christ means rejecting the fact that the Ark of the Covenant is located in unconquered Ethiopia, not under the Temple Mount, a claim that no other nation on earth can refute.

The simple fact is that there is no separation between the Bible, Christ and His Majesty for Rasta. The Bible and the Christ are manifested in HIM. He is the only statesman in creation who promulgates the message of Christ and the Bible throughout creation. He has never failed to visit a church in any country he has set foot in. He alone has brought the church together for the first time since 451 A.D. when the churches split over the nature of Christ at the Council of Chalcedon. This is why He was given the title "Defender of the Faith," this is why so many called HIM the return Christ and why I and I refer to HIM as Christ in His Kingly Character.

The Bible is the constitution of the Rasta people and Haile Selassie I is the Founding Father. Both are the foundation laws and guide in this time to both live up with and trample down Babylon's illusions. If I and I do not hold steadfastly to it then what will we use to judge the heathen or how can we ever? Lean not on your own understanding neither establish your own righteousness. Live by the scriptures so that we may be judges in righteousness. This is I and I power on earth if we will just use it.

Ras Ishach

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