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Very interesting reading

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Messenger: Ark I Sent: 4/17/2009 1:25:38 AM

Bongo Iyah,

Antiquus Mysticusque Ordo Rosae Crucis, the writers of that article have roots in wickedness, even though they have tried to cover it up with something else. So the I shouldn't be surprised about people's reaction.

The I could show many speeches from Popes's that speak of good and loving things, but I and I will only look at those speeches and manipulations and illusions. The wicked are capable of talking about good things, but they usually do it for the purposes of manipulation not sincerity.

FarI-Sight, why must the I resort to turning a person's nationality or colour into an insult? Calling Bongo Iyah a "Italian boy", or calling Ras Power "white boy", when you thought that he was white and didn't realize he was black. The I can't say you learned that trod from Haile Selassie I, that kind of thinking originates from babylon, not Selassie I. If you have something to speak against what somebody says, then speak against that, don't mix degrading names like calling a grown man boy along with their nationality or colour to show such disrespect.

Why do you behave this way? Is this the kind of thinking that resides in your head? You are using the wrong vibes.

If you knew Ras Power was black before you made that comment to him the other day, would you have instead called him black boy, or african boy? Probably not, because those are the kind of things that white devils say to African people. So why are you imitating their manner and their ways. I and I should be Blazing Fire on the wicked ways of Babylon, not incorporating it into I and I trod, thinking or speech.

Messenger: RootsTafari Sent: 4/17/2009 3:40:11 AM


i was wondering, how do you know that H.I.M studied the secret doctrines? i don't overs the part where you say that the Essenes started the hospitals coz if im correct, its the egyptians who started 'medicine'.. imhotep(egyptian) being the original father of medicine and not hippocrates(greek). dont you think then that it was the egyptians..?

what you're saying, i guess, when it comes to Selassie I is that since He got what He knows from this brotherhood, we as Rastafari are then.. infact learning the teachings of this brotherhood and NOT the teachings of H.I.M?!? also, during the time that His Majesty was in the brotherhood, did they, AT THAT TIME consider H.I.M to be THEE one true God?!? coz i believe the first people to sight H.I.M up were Rastafari..

why call themselves 'white' brotherhood anyway coz that means they're all about white supremacy, then, and we all know that Rasta bredren and sistren believe in BLACK supremacy.. mmh?

heeeeeeeeeey! i didnt know you were 'wahdahdah', bongo! tsk tsk (",)

ark i,

i didnt know that behind those words lay people with evilous minds! if it is so then that manifesto is good talk. it can 'call' people..


p.s in explanation to this:

Thus, Jesus was born in the Essene Brotherhood, but the Essene Brotherhood did not constitute a religion or a church or a sect. While all of them were of the Aryan race, they did not constitute a race of people that was composed of only one nationality.

find anything interesting from this piece?!? tsk tsk (",)

first, before this part, it said that no one is 'born' into the brotherhood and as such, children had to be 'drafted' so as to join it.. now on the second sentence of this piece it says that although this.. um.. 'white' brotherhood had those of the aryan race, not everyone was of one nationality; white. when you read both sentences, its like the second sentence is trying to justify Jesus's 'membership'. like he's.. not 'white'?!? to all those who believe in 'white jesus'.. tsk tsk (",)

Messenger: BONGO IYAH Sent: 4/17/2009 6:30:53 AM

Ark I give Thanks for the Cool Water of Truth the I Speaketh. I read this and it was "very interesting read" nothig more. just wanted a response about the article, I&I TROD RASTAFARI. FIRST and Foremost, I love to read things and found this interesting. Ark I very level headed and insightful. I&I knew the controversy around this organization, yet still found the article positive. It is like I do not go for so called Christianity, but there are some beautiful "christians" still. I burn babylon, but there in babylon have some very good people.
Yet I have been found guilty by assosiation, with people like Far I sight. Whom as Ark I has shown, speak and think no different sometimes like Babylon it'self. To I, I can read freely and extract the truth from whatever and whomever, because H.I.M. protect I. I seek goodness and find goodness. "seek and ye shall find". Do not judge I for that. It is like the old sayin' "do not judge a book from it's cover. I met people who have love and respect and just bevause I later find out they belong to a certain religion I should then feel different. I think not. Far I Sight has shown many times even in RASTAFARI there is ignorance and hatred, people as Ark I said, "things white devils say to frican people". Predjiduce is in all things as Far i sight has shown. As RASTAFARI I showw Love and Compassion, because JAH gives I OVERSTANDING, Further more I&I AM BONGO IYAH, Wadahdah "WAS" a name I carried before SELASSIE I APEARED to I, and Anointed I, and H.I.M. gave I the Name BONGO IYAH, so if the I them have an issue with that take it up with H.I.M. YES I.
If I have been wrong in I information forgive I. As far as the Ancient Great White Brotherhood is concerned, It was and is an Order that perpetuated Truth from the beginning of time. The Magi were members of this Same Brotherhood. RootsTafarI, i said the Essenes started "hosptals" they had caves and grottos, where they cared for the sick, poor and needy. it is thought that this is where Yesus was born. I did read the piece the Ithem sugjested to see, I know not of whom posted it not sure where their info came from, it seemed to be mixed with truth and falacy. If it gives rise to confusion than listen to thy heart. I felt both. So that is Iman reply.
As for Far I sight, well I Love all Living things, Selassie I taught I this and I realize even some who claim to be RAS still have Babylon ways in their head no matter what the I them may profess. So, Selassie I tells I&I to practise tollerance. SO, Forgiveness. Sometimes the Fyah in a Man's head is more than enough Blaze, it is not I place as RASTAFARI to judge him. One Love Far I Sight. I have no problem from any Bredrin or Sistrin Blazing Fyah upon the Rosicrucians or the Article, but do not make I guilty by assosiation. Do not shoot the messenger. I am a RASTAFARI and practice LOVE and Compassion. I LOVE I BRING. H.I.M. are the TEACHINGS written on I Heart, that is all One must know. I thought the article as I stated at first was a "very interesting read", nothing more nothing less. "Give I the Teachings of HIS MAJESTY, we don't want no devil philosophy." SEEN?
I have Risen from the name WAHDAHDAH. "when I was a child i used to think like a child, now it is but a dim reflection." corinthians...
Selassie I
Bongo IYAH

Messenger: RootsTafari Sent: 4/17/2009 8:13:00 AM

bless iyah,

mmh.. i wasn't tryin to offend you in any way. i was just suprised dat you and 'him' are the same person.. well, i mean i didn't know it's your previous name..


Messenger: BONGO IYAH Sent: 4/17/2009 10:53:04 AM

RootsTafarI, the I did not offend I, this was not directed to thee. There was nothing the I them said in the post to offend I. It would have been Iman's ego which is part of the flesh that would have caused I to act out in anger or offensiviness. As the Bible say it is better to cut off the hand or foot that causes the problem than to not be able to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. SEEN? FarI sight was sayin' "Mr. Wahdahdah" which was just rude on his part. I realized that the I them was just surprised to know I had changed I name. Like I said back a while it was a Revelation and growth for I to do so. I had a series of Revelations that occured and had carried the name Whadahdah for over 20 years when i was a youth. With that said, Selassie I apeared to I in a very clarified vision and that name was given to I from on High in the Name of JAH RASTAFARI. When I first came into this house I had been filled with much doubt and after much time of prayer and fasting the Answers came very clear. It is a wonderful thing to Experience the Living God JAH RASTAFARI. I&I had studied through books and Teachings of H.I.M. and have had many Revelations through H.I.M. and visions, but this Iyah was much different. It was an Anointing of I&I into I Elder Trod so to speak. It is hard to Articulate, the mind can not concieve what the Heart knows, Seen? SO One Love, SEEN?
No sin can enter in to the Gates. No predjudice, anger, envy, resentment, etc can come in. It does not matter how High One waves the Ites, green and Gold. If thy heart is full of Anger or Hatred One can not come in. Asthe CHRIST say Forgive 70x 7. I&I take no offense that is just ego wanting to be heard and ego can not fit through the eye of the needle. The path to rightuosness is very narrow indeed, the road to distruction is great. I&I here so much fussing and judgement by I&I RASTA yet I&I think because I chant HIS name then it is Ok to act out in judgement and anger. That is not true and actually since I&I know the Truth yet still act out in such ways can create much distruction in I&I life, SEEN?
It is clear to I who is of Levelness in this house. and for that I&I still come through. I give thanks for all Idren and LOVE ALL LIVING THINGS. For I know the Stone One throws at I is the Boulder them role in front of the I them own tomb. SO, Fear not I&I LOVE EVERYTIME and come in humble Love and compassion. YES I&I LOVE to go on when the Spirit Lift I. Iman get wordy but it is who I&I AM. LOL
I love to Love and Laugh I tell the I them this I&I Laugh all the time with I youth them. Children are the wisest of all. Peace and Love
Selassie I Liveth and RULE Always

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 4/17/2009 12:05:42 PM

Raspect to the I Bongo Iyah

ini would never ask the i to stop reading and searching. Read more still, the i will sight more things still, just dont be too quick to accept what they are telling you

Blessed Love

Messenger: BONGO IYAH Sent: 4/17/2009 12:28:02 PM

YES I RAS KebreAB, I&I Love to hear from the I them. True words the I them speak. I man feel like that too, and fear not I&I do not take everything as truth. As I stated it was interesting to read. YES I

Messenger: Ras power Sent: 4/17/2009 11:25:50 PM

this sign with the star two points up is a symbol for the devil, or pan, a ram, two horns, two ears and the chin

when it is right side up it represents a man one point up

the head, two arms and the feet

blessed love

Messenger: FarI-Sight Sent: 4/18/2009 4:26:54 AM

"Ancient "Great" White Brotherhood" ????

What is that???

Caucasians with your so-called 'greatness', look what mess you have put yourself into now, your world is on the brink of collapse...

"Great" white shark, Alexander the "Great", etc. and now this "great" white brotherhood.

Folly. Dash a fire pon it.

SunofMan, respect and honour, idren. Good to see the I again, we must link up soon and share our knowledge on Black Inciency of Glory (KMT, Keftihu,Harrapa etc.). Hmmm.. I see these white boys' obsession with African spirituality even more evident in the fact you say that they are dealing strangley in West Zion.

NO white people invented or preserved ancient teachings. They only preyed on them.

Lie you a tell again,boy!! Stop lying, like the pastor boy and come clean with the truth,

Long time i see you masquerade in an esoteric-new age garble u call reasoning, FIRE PON DAT MAN, Weakheart philosophy, humble yourself in the dust, ackowdledge the folly of your foreparents and learn to respect the Black Man, His sovereignity and His Culture. You a try mix up new-age, whitewashed 'spiritual' garbage with Rastafari/

Messenger: FarI-Sight Sent: 4/19/2009 2:47:20 AM

Wadada, you should know also that Iman will not address any man as Bongo unless he is an elder in livity and in wisdom.

I see a lack of humility in the I saying HIM gave the I the title and such.

The I should kno dat Bongo is a high title reserved for the ones in the utmost ites of the livity through intergity of insperience of the livity of Rastafari.

Such as the GREAT (!) and Mightyful (Thunder!) Bongo Eddy (King Emmanuel 7th) , Bongo Watu, etc.

Who is you to acuse I of speaking as Babylon? Take a closer look at I and at babywrong, one clue is dat you are closer to it than I.

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Haile Selassie I