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Mount Zion

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Messenger: Ras power Sent: 3/31/2009 6:15:54 PM

don't want to confuse anyone, Selassie i is in control of all, because at the end his will is the outcome, but we know there are to spirits working, to destroy souls and that spirit work through the pope of Rome.

not in control to say but is allowed to deceive the people, because although jah don't cause evil he allows it to happen when we go our own way.

blessed love

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 3/31/2009 6:45:03 PM

When you said what you said, ini all overstood what you meant, ini were not confused at all
That is why no one said to you
hey, what kind of Rasta says the pope is the head, no, King Selassie Is Head
You overs? ini overstood what you meant

So why is it when the Empress said the same thing, you could not overstand? what confused you?
what made you say...oh, i cant understand how one call themselves Rasta etc etc

why? i am just racking my brain trying to understand....what is it? cant you overs something unless it comes out of your own mouth?

and then you turn around and say ini make an issue out of nothing?
are you for real, i ?

Ras, you really have to check yourself, it is for your own sake i speak, some things that you are doing are just plain wrong......and i still cannot decide if you do them on purpose, or you really cannot see what im talking about

I hope for once you can see what i mean

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Haile Selassie I