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Messenger: rootz Sent: 3/9/2009 5:32:16 AM

blessed love mi idren and mi sistren!

i have reasoned a bit and have come to an opinion. i was reading genesis and there're verses where it talks of the sons of ham(black people) coming from libya, cush(sudan and ithiopia), canaan etc etc and it talks of other sons coming from this place and that.. i overs that adam and eve where the first to be irated and they were placed in eden; in the east(ithiopia) as genesis 2:8-15 gives the location of eden. i sight that they got special mention for being irated the first but it doesn't mean they were the only ones on earth at that time for if it is to be so then for a certain time there was incest taking place as the population increased and if we're all truly children of adam and eve then incest is still taking place as we're all brothers and sisters! i wan't to be controversial and say, i think black people are the children of adam and eve as black people originate from zion-as geographically mentioned above;libya, cush etc- and others originate from other places ie white people being from europe etc etc. the people who Jah punished for disobeying Him as prophesied in the bible were the black people as Jah had said people from foreign nations would come to enslave us and take us to their nations where they spoke in different tongues and had a different culture.. the slavery was long prophesied about and it was because of Jah that black people were enslaved (punished). Jah used the white man who came from these 'foreign nations' to enslave us so it's not for us to blame the white man for the slavery that took place years ago, nor is it for us to blame Jah for He was punishing us.. it is for us as black people and sons of ham to blame ourselves for we chose to disobey Jah causing Him to punish us. reason?!


Messenger: Ras I-Tom Sent: 3/9/2009 2:12:54 PM

Blessed love!

Ham, Shem and Japhet all have one father. The rest of the earth was wiped out by the flood. Therefore all of I and I are sons and daughters of Noah, therefore I and I are all sons and daughters of Adam and Eve.

Ham, Shem and Japhet descendants travel to different regions. The human body adapts to different climates. The people who live in colder countries have pale skin due to lack of sunlight, and lighter eyes also. The people who live in warm countries have darker skin and darker eyes, etc. All race originate from one race and one region; African and Africa.

Blessings to all the kings and queens under the King and the Queen; Selassie I Menen I JAH!

Ras I-Tom

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Haile Selassie I