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Wisdom Teeth

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Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 6/14/2015 7:12:17 AM

i am very glad that i have really good teeth. but nevertheless, i had made some strange experiences when it comes to dentists. especially nowadays.

even though i know that even some tooth pastes arent ital or vegan and you can think about the flourid thing what you want, but MAYBE not each and everything about things dentists do are that wrong. maybe my regular visits as a child has protected me from problems in my adult life. i just dont know.

all i know is that i only go to a dentists once a year for a check up and because i have to visit a dentist once a year because its important when it comes to my insurance.

but especially since im over 25 (which is not that long ago) i really feel like a cow they want to milk.

for example i have a very, very small notch on the inside of one of my incisors. and this is just a natural thing because the tooth on the lower part of my mouth grazes it just a little when i shut my mouth too fast. but my teeth are still fine. so its a water vs. stone effect and im still able to bite in an apple etc. i dont feel it at all.

then i theyve told me that one of my wisdom teeth would be a little bit "skewed". its normal. i dont feel it all. nothing happens. but of course they wanted to correct it.

so last year i went to the dentist but ive noticed that he was on vacation. so i went to another one. and this dentist wanted to invite me to two or three other sessions and he wanted me to pay a couple of hundred bucks just to take care of this "problems" without even asking me. then he told me all about his bleaching sessions etc. you could see the dollar signs in his eyes. then his apprentice has approached us and told her boss that im not a regular patient. you know what has happend next? this dentist just left the room. he said nothing. i came out and found nobody at all. i could almost hear a piece of hay waving around.

sooner or later they just want to make more and more money in many cases.

you also have to check that some dentists just put flourid in your mouth when they exchange your tooth.

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