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Breathing Earth

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Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 3/6/2009 9:01:56 PM

Have the i them seen this site?

I have been checking the site for about 5 min and its telling i that almost 2000 people have died since i started watching......almost 4000 born in the same time

JA losing one person every 30 min.
Angola losing 1 person every one min

its a strange thing to see

Messenger: BONGO IYAH Sent: 3/7/2009 9:05:21 AM

Quite the EYE opener!
the Co2 rate is astounding. How did he I come across this site?
Selassie I Live

Messenger: Ras I-Tom Sent: 3/7/2009 12:37:31 PM

An eye opener foreal.
The Co2 rate is terrble foreal I, the people going against Jah order, we must take care of the earth that Jah has given to us to survive on and the people who inhabit it. Inity!


Messenger: Ark I Sent: 3/9/2009 12:25:46 AM

That is interesting to see.

Messenger: rootz Sent: 3/9/2009 4:55:21 AM

bless deh!

i personally don't believe in statistics coz they just hypothetical figures to me. for example, every six seconds a woman gets raped. this is basing the figures/timeframe/whatever on the people who actually report their rapes. when talks about 'by the time this has happened, 2000 people would have died..' please.. this world is big and one would never know about others who could've kicked the bucket by then. if one bases death and birth rate on statistics then by one year then there'd be no one but babies etc. overs? what i mean is that if it's like one million people die everyday then in a world where there's just over a billion people, it won't take long before everyone's dead! i don't know if i'm making sense so holler if you don't overs but this is my opinion...


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Haile Selassie I