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Messenger: ROOK FARI 7 Sent: 3/4/2009 11:57:33 PM

Big up Bounty Killer
Yardflex affi meck Bounty Killer know that we big up that big speech he made at Follow Di Arrow. Di DJ sey dat him used to sey "people dead" but him nuh want nuh more people fi dead. Him meck it plane sey him done wid di old foolishness cause a di devil voice dat him did a listen now. Now that he is dealing with positivity yardflex just have to recognise this bold step and wish him all the best in the future. We just wish a few more entertainers would take a page out of his book and start promoting good vibes. Maybe that will be the answer to quelling the senseless killings-- YARD FLEX

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 3/5/2009 2:01:34 PM

I dont know what that song is called, but its the best Bounty song i heard in years....the i know the one`?

Him say..

Uno no see the country a mash up
the morals gone
uno stop point finga, a the whola we fe blame, but
through society no want take responsibility
them just a call artist name
the youths them nah go no more sunday school
a violence a rule them ......

something like that....ahh i dont know how i forgot the name of that song...might be the clean sweep riddim
Sizzla my youth,, but Bounty mash up everyone on that riddim

love when him say
when mi hear certain things pon the news,mi a tell uno Jamaica we shame
Wey a go happen when we kill off we nephews and we neice them

lol, as i think of it, i remember more and more line

I have to check out his speech then

Messenger: Ras I-Tom Sent: 3/5/2009 6:13:15 PM

I and I am glad to hear this. When I used to hear his tune, all I and I would hear is bare war tune.

It makes I and I glad to see him realizing the negativity of the war tune and gun play.
I and I know people back home who are caught up in this war tune thing, singing along to the songs without even realizing the negativity they are singing, talking bout bad man this and bad man that.

I and I would like to see more of these artists do the same, like movado and vibez.

The problem is the youth hear the tune, and get caught up in it, and end up wanting to be a gangster for life, or whatever.

I and I don't speak against those that are put into a certain position because of the system, in which they have no other choice to earn a living for their family in illegal ways and who have to strap themselves to protect themselves. That is the system fault. Give the people an opportunity so they can get a job and work to provide for their family rather than throw them in jail and give them a criminal record.....what good that does...

However I and I sight the ones who see this gangster thing as a trend and who want to strap themselves so they can be a bad man, as pure foolishness.

I and I remember in my days when I used to go to the reggae lounge. Movado would play and everyone would sing along... ' I put mi gun ina de fool mouth, and mek he suck it' and such, all the while holding their hands in the shape of a gun up to the sky.
Now that I look back on these days I and I realize how dangerous these war tunes are for the youths foreal, they really get caught up in them.

I hope some of the people that I know back home will hear about this and maybe take a step back and think about the music they listening to foreal.

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