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Messenger: Nyam Sent: 12/23/2008 6:11:27 PM

Dear, All

Please accept my humble obeisance.

How can I destroy hypocrisy?

Messenger: Ras Sistren Khamyl Sent: 12/23/2008 7:47:28 PM

Depends, where have you found it?

Messenger: Nyam Sent: 12/23/2008 9:16:50 PM

Dear Sistren,
Please accept my humble obeisance.

I have found the hypocritical characteristics within myself.


Messenger: Ras Sistren Khamyl Sent: 12/23/2008 9:32:41 PM

The best way to destroy any character trait within one's own self is to examine the root causes of that trait within.

Everything that manifests in one's character is a by product of something else. When you find out why, you will then be able to address, HOW?

If you have in fact done this discovery, begin to rid yourself of all energies, actions, and thoughts that fuel hypocrisy and surround yourself with energies, actions, and thoughts of purity.

thoughts become words
words become actions
actions become habits
habits contribute to character

Jah Bless


Messenger: wahdahdah Sent: 12/24/2008 8:53:36 AM

Yes, Greetings in the Name of H.I.M
When things like hypocracy or any contradictory term come into the Temple (body) like lack or want or deception. Remember it is not who I&I truelly are. It is merely the flesh (ego) trying to hold on to it's mortal limited life. It is not the I AM. Ask JAH to forgive and importantly forgive thy self. The Flesh can only behave in this way because it is dying off and can only apear to save it self through things like hypocracy or selfish acts. Again this is not the true self. The I can not explain why it is simply the nature of the Flesh (ego). The mere fact that thee is AWARE of the hypocracy is very important. It shows that the I IS the AWARENESS and not the thought or in this case what thee sees as hypocracy. Stay in that center of AWARENESS show love and compassion and BURN FIRE on the Flesh. Let it just Die off. When this accurs the flesh will see it's place as the servant and not MASTER of the I AM. SEEN? Do not waste time digging for REASON it is just keeping the Flesh (ego) alive. It does anything and tries everything to stay in the PILOT seat. JAH is I&I driver not the Flesh. The more time I&I spend on trying to figure out the nature of X the more time wasted, and not DOING R (right). It is that simple. Give no POWER to it, that is the Flesh (ego) little trick, it will keep the I so busy tring to figure out WHY? WHY? WHY? that is NOT JAH RASTAFARI WILL that is SATAN PLAN. TO KEEP I&I OUT of the GATES of ZION. Heaven is WITHIN and AT HAND. ONLY with a PURE HEART shall I&I enter. WHEN our minds are off of JAH and asking WHY? than I&I are not DOING JAH WORKS. Hypocracy is just part of the NATURE of the FLESH (EGO) Just let it DIE. I&I can never change the naure of Flesh.
When I&I suffer it is good because it is the FLESH "BURNIN" OFF.
Waste no time trying to get to the root of Flesh the end for it is DEATH. Focus and give Thyself o the MOST HIGH, fully. When I&I choose to seperate from JAH it is hypocracy or controversy I&I feel. It is not who I AM merely the thoughts or results of the action our free will chose to do , wich is to seperate from the ONE. JUST let it GO and Turn ALL ATTENTION TO JAH. ONEness can never be REALIZED THROUGH the FLESH only SPIRIT. It is only then does the Flesh DIE and JAH WORKS BE DONE.
LOVE is SEEING the ONENESS of the DUALITY OF NATURE. Many people do not see that, but this is a LAW of LIFE. It is not until we REALIZE LOVE is in every LIVING THING and ACTALLY SEE IT can I&I be ONE with JAH. ALPHA and OMEGA (DUALITY) if the I only see it as LETTER than there will apear to be more than ONE and seperation accurs, I&I then will waste time trying to put them together. WASTED TIME and ENERGY it is the Flesh that has chosen to SEE seperation. JAH IS WAS ANS WILL ALWAYS BE ONE. The seperation is ONLY IN I MIND from I THOUGHTS, nothing more nothing less. When I&I try and Identify I AM with those thoughts seperation occurs within I SELF RASTAFARI does not change, only I identification with I thoughts have made the perception change it..SEEN? Give no heed to these things they are of Ceazar so to speak. Let the FLESH BE FLESH and do not Fight it ,JUST BURN it AWAY. HOW? JUST by BEING AWARE that it is not who the I is will Burn it off. The more attention I&I give to the Flesh (ego) the stronger it will get. NEGGATIVE or POSITIVE ATENTION it does not matter to the Flesh it is attention given, and LESS to JAH FATHER, That I believe is TRUE SIN, if there ever was. We turn away from the ABUNDANCE of JAH and Identify with the FLESH and LOOSE PRECIOUS LIVING in the PRESENT MOMENT. LIVING in OUR IMPRISONED MINDS seeking Answers we think as to WHY? I&I HAVE ALL the ANSWERS it is SIMPLE. LOVE JAH with ALL The HEART, MIND BODY ETC.. there can be no seperation then and I&I have ONEness with JAH.
I&I have spent years and years with the desire to seek the TRUTH of RASTAFARI., not REALIZING I&I was feeding I FLESH(ego) To desire can Only be of the FLESH. If I&I would have REALIZED I FAITH that JAH has always been there and just TRUSTED I&I would have Burned away the Flesh Faster. But the more I "DESIRE" wheather good or bad. The longer I keep the Flesh alive. When I&I AM ONE there is no desire only JAH WORKS. If I&I am Desireing anything PEACE< LOVE JUSTICE EQUAL RIGHTS any thing, it does not have to be an evil desire such as misfortune to some body or harm to some body. As long as there is a WANT or Desire I&I am still WORKING from the stand point of the FLESH (ego). Those are works without FAITH and even though I may see them as "GOOD" JAH does not recognize it because it is a future trip and it is what I will is not JAH will. I&I can only know JAH will by BEING not thinking what I want or how i think it needs to be. That is HYPO-critical to JAH RASTAFARI. I have then bitten the Apple from the Tree of good and evil and Seperated I self from the GARDEN and now feel shame. It is I free will that JAH give I to SEE the ILLUSION which is seperation or FEEL the TRUE ONEness that is within I AM.

Messenger: rastalix Sent: 7/26/2019 9:59:39 PM



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