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Lahari Krishna Consciousness

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Messenger: wahdahdah Sent: 12/19/2008 1:46:52 PM

YES, Iman went to the sight that was advertised so I could get a Jist on what exactly is going on here. I have a few question to the I that post this. This "man" say to pray and meditate to him. I&I worship no man or Idol. (Selassie I is CHRIST in HIS KINGLY CHARICTER in these times.) It also convey to I that this is suposedly the man JESUS CHRIST. Now I&I may have just fallen from the Turnip truck, but did not the "man" Jesus Christ come forward 2000 yrs ago. When the Man called Jesus walked the earth he said he would come back a KING. KING of KINGS LORD of LORDS CONQUERING LION of JUDAH. There is Only one KING I&I know for a fact that has been Elect of JAH HIMself with that title. Further more I read the details and check out the sight and feel no conection to this man nor really get the conection he has with the Blood Line of King DAVID or Further Back from ISREALITES. Now I&I may feel this man is of Goodness but to I, Goodness is part of JAH not ALL of what JAH is. If this Man brings the Original Post person to a Realization of JAH than Respect to the I. It just does not sit RIGHT with Iman when another man say pray to me. Not even the man called Jesus or even SELASSIE I ever said they were God much less the author of the Book of Life.Christ told I&I to sit Up (RISE to IGHTS) in the Watch tower and Watch, there will be many who claim to be the TRUE LIGHT.
I shall wach closely and for I&I it has been Revealed Selassie I is the REALITY of MAN, CHRIST and JAH RASTAFARI the Most High "GOD HEAD" as they say. In simple but POWERFUL WORDs RASTAFARI. THE ONE and ONLY HEAD creator. I feel I am a Man who Seeks the TRUTH on I path and this Man may be a warrior but for I there is But ONE KING of KINGS and that has already been REVEALED. I&I do not expect or force I Knowing on any Man or Wombman it Is what it Is and I AM IS I AM. JAH RASTAFARI SELASSIE I. Again to All those who Pass through this sight "trying" to find disbelief or controversy in Selassie I that is thier eyes, not I. Wheather a man or wombman Sight RASTAFARI it does not make It any less than the TRUTH. In other Words the SUN and JAH MOON will RISE to the IGHTS weather I sight them or not. It is a LAW. RASTAFARI is the ALPHA and OMEGA of creation, weather your Right or X. YES I,
I&I shall be tolerant of everyone's religion or spiritual belief, this is what H.I.M. has taught I.
One last thing on this. It was SELASSIE I that showed I the Way of Christ and the Father no other. When I&I was at I lowest and no other was there with Iman to guide I. It was Selassie I who came forward. I&I RECOGNIZED it that way. No other way. So As RASTAFARI I Sight H.I.M. as the LIVING GOD not His Flesh or even the image but the I AM> the WAY, the TRUTH, THE LIGHT of THE WORLD, WORD made FLESH. SELAH JAH RASTAFARI
When I&I look at the photo of this Lahari I feel no spiritual conection. When Iman pass a photo in I&I house of H.I.M. I feel not just a conection but it goes further, I&I hear the Words of I FATHER everytime reminding I to "BE STILL and KNOW that I AM"
SELASSIE I LIVE THROUGH every Living thing

Messenger: liberated_Ras777 Sent: 12/19/2008 7:26:51 PM

Haile I our father His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I the first, Jah Rastafari! King of kings,lord of lords, Conquering lion of the tribe of judah, Elect of HIMself, Light of this world.

Bhakta im going to quote you partially

Indeed, the mysterious (concealed) one of which many call Christ Jesus, Shreeman Narayana (Vishnu) or Allah, and whom in the latter day is awaited under the respective names of Imam Medhi, or Kalki (Maitreya), or Christ (The Son Of Man, The Root & Offspring Of David, The Conquering Lion Of The Tribe Of Judah) The bearer of all these (descriptive) titles has already come in his original humble human form.

You have come to preach false doctrines on this board, your reasoning is baseless it cannot be proved!!!. I an I Rastafari know that on the twenty-third day of july in 1892 our JAH and King Emperor Haile Selassie I was born in ethiopia this fullfills Isaiah 9v6

" For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace"

Now you say that lahari krishna is god on earth. where did he hold a governmental position? was he ever functioning within the goverment of india? I bible says that the " government shall be upon his shoulder" I an I god and King is king of kings, lord of lords, CONQUERING LION OF JUDAH these titles where NOT GIVEN TO HIM, he is the owner and the rightful bearer of such titles.

you also state that lahiri krishna is " mysterious" " concealed" I an I burn concealment or mysterious I an I god and King is in no way " mysterious" or " concealed" sounds to I that the I is dealing ith some secret knowledge.. I an I burn SECRET IT IS REVELATION TIME..

mind your senseless request we wont bow or obey them

Do not be fooled by your senses, please study this message carefully and sincerely ask God (in spirit) to reveal himself to you and whether or not this message is true (be sure to check the word). God bless you.

You are certainly fooled by your senses you have the need to worship some mystery man as god without testing the spirit to see if its of JAH.. Jah Has Revealed HIMself already as the POWER OF THE HOLY TRINITY HAILE SELASSIE I.... your boy lahiri krishna name doesnt have any power in his name so why worship or bow to him

burn anyone who claims to be god... Haile Selassie I didnt claim anything or made up a lie for us to worship HIM I an I worship HIM in spirit and truth


Messenger: Bhakta Sent: 12/20/2008 4:13:25 AMHidden - Foolishness
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Messenger: Ten Sent: 12/22/2008 9:35:26 AM

Give thanks to the I them who took time and energy to burn faya 'pon this foolishness. Time and again I n I come across s/heathen with all kinds of theories seeking to defile the Name of I Father & it is the duty of every Child of Jah to mush this down.
Love everytime

Messenger: wahdahdah Sent: 12/23/2008 8:51:56 AM

Yes to the Man or WOMBMAN called BHAKTA, why conceal the schoolin' the I Give to liberated_Ras777? JAH is no SECRET the Teachings of the CHRIST Selassie I are availab.e to those who have eyes to SEE.
You only come and strengthen I FAITH in knowing that Selassie I is CHRIST in HIS KINGLY CHARICTER. Every thing the BHAKTA quoted to I from Scripture Points to ONE direction. SELASSIE I, KING of KINGS LORD of LORDS CONQUERING LION of JUDAH.
As I read it apears to I that Bhakta is misinterpreting and taking what I&I say as LETTER of the LAW. As the I quoted from 1corinthians2:12-14 It is not the Spirit of the world but the Spirit of JAH HIM/Her SELF. ALPHA OMEGA. Your man GOD Lahari Krishna may very well have reached COSMIC CONCIOUSNESS (DIVINE REVELATION). THAT DOES not mean I must bow down to HIM. I&I BOW only to JAH RASTAFARI. the ELECT of JAH. RAS (head) TAFARI (creator). the Man Lahari said to worship him. He is a man. a Normal man. even Jesus was REALIZE it with SELASSIE I. Do not take this literal. I&I am sppeaking to the I's heart. Bhakta seems to be well versed in the bible and scriture so the I must recognize the Liniage of SELASSIE I and How and WHY he is the KING of KINGS. As RASTAFARI I&I am working towards Cosmic conciousness. I may atain that in this Life time it matters not. No man can know when this will happen. Only JAH (GOD). Study Work and be Watchful. DO not Miss it in these times. It is the DAWNING of a NEW DAY.
It is imposible and Futile to come into a HOUSE of RASTAFARI and "try " to convert I&I to see what the I see with his Lahari Krishna. I sugjest that thee dust the dirt from thy foot and move on to a sight more befitting for thee. I&I will only See the ALL encompassing JAH RASTAFARI as ONE GOD. RastafarI sits at the THRONE. It is written in the BOOK of LIFE. If the Man BHAKTA wishes to model himself after as his GURU I&I do not try to show differences. If it works for the I and can reach DIVINE REVELATION SO MOTE IT BE.
Does the I see I JAH RASTAFARI going around "trying" to convert. NO! I&I Realize not every man/wombman have eyes to See RASTAFARI in this time. Only TIME WILL TELL. In these times SELASSIE I is I Rightful ruler. SITTING upon the THRONE. RULING HEAVEN (Divine Revelation) and EARTH (Body& universe).
JESUS nor Selassie I never said to pray to them or worship them. It has always been the FATHER within. I&I Recognize the Father in Christ Conciousness wich embodied JESUS as well as SELASSIE I. It is Written and the Truth. I&I can not convert or condem thee for what thee worship. I can warn thee not to worship false Gods or another Man/wombman. But if thee wishes to find Jesus within LAhari perhaps thee must LOOK within and find the Truth. the Truth is within, not without. At this time I&I have spent time with thee on this matter and will now Dust I foot and move on from thee. But BHAKTA remember this: Thee have come to I&I House of RASTAFARI freely, respect I&I Knowledge, Wisdom and Overstanding of SELASSIE I and to this house.Is it any different from what the I is doing in this House as the Crusaders tried to do to the "NEW WORLD". DO not IMPOSE thee beliefs on a HOUSE built of JAH RASTAFARI. David Slew Goliath with a single stone, Samson slew the phylistines with a donkey jaw bone. I&I will Burn FYAH on any ONE who try to convert I&I to something other than the TRUTH. If thee I could stop for a moment trying to impose Lahari upon this House than thee could see the Light of JAH shining bright. I&I do not need to justify I Knowledge of JAH it just IS. RASTAFARI IS. I do not expect thee to See it, so Look within, Realize and Give praise to JAH RASTAFARI or go move thee from this HOUSE! The stone that the builder refused will be the HEAD CORNER STONE JAH RASTAFARI SELASSIE I WORDS made FLESH. I AM the LIGHT of the WORLD. I AM not from this WORLD, I AM of it. SELASSIE I. LET US BURN away with HOTTA FYAH and we shall SEE who is in the FYAH with Us. Everytime it HAS, IS and WILL BE JAH RASTAFARI. No "MAN/WOMBMAN" Alone can with stand the FYAH. BURN BURN BURN!!!
Again the is but ONE GOD. RASTAFARI
What a JOY it is to LIVE with the REALIZATION of the MOST HIGH. I&I have nothing to HIDE JAH GUIDE and Protect I&I. The Secter is OUT. JAH ISREAL SEE it LOVE it LIVE it. BE IT.

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