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Ancient Egypt

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Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 12/9/2008 5:42:02 AM

can you make your point, or done with the lecture. relating to serpants, I would not look to the bible to give an interpretation. it is said in alternative interpretations that the symbol of the serpant is used to symbolise a people of everlasting life actually... referring to the snake's method of shedding skin but remaining in essence. This is the creature who brought knowledge of the tree of life to Eve... she is said to have eaten of the fruit, realized her and her Kingman's nakedness and hence were banished from the garden. The serpants depicted on the head gear and stuff of the pharaohs is said to denote their own self knowledge of being like the serpant, existing in everlasting life, able to shed their skin (or drop flesh or whatever).

snakes are not evil. they exist in JAH natural master plan so get over it. KMT is not devilish as a whole. it is an example of the growth of ego and the consequent fall of man. so dun the argument now man.

"Serpents everywhere, looks a lot like the devil to I"

Do you know what the devil looks like? About it looks a lot like the devil.

Messenger: Jah Bird Sent: 12/9/2008 9:02:39 AM

"Looks like the Egyptians were a very sexually open people also. Funny how the Bible seems to say the complete opposite of what these hieroglyphs are showing."
This i find to be totally inaccurate and full of assumption.

The reason that it is shown on the belly instaed of the groin is to show show Life line. The connection with the UMBILICAL CORD.

Man woman and child.
I'll try an post more deeper reason.

Yaa Asantewa jus nailed it about the shading of the skin.

Messenger: Eleazar1234 Sent: 12/9/2008 10:04:19 AM


Much has been publicized concerning the 1922 Tutankhamen discovery and the numerous and mysterious deaths that were more than mere coincidences. Atheistic scholars are at a loss to come to a realistic explanation, as they are concerning the construction and design of the Egyptian Pyramids.

When the tomb of Tutankhamen was opened in February of 1923, a clay tablet was discovered, written in hieroglyphics warning of the curse of a violent and untimely death, should one disturb the tomb. The archeologists ignored this warning and concealed it from the native Egyptian laborers. Strange and inexplicable occurrences soon followed.

Howard Carter, the leader of the expedition, had along his pet canary. A cobra swallowed the bird the day the tomb was opened. Lord Carnarvon, a wealthy English Earl and financier of the expedition, soon fell ill with a high fever and a mysterious "mosquito bite" on his cheek. Forty-seven days after the opening of the tomb, at 57 years of age, on the date of April 5, Carnarvon died.

Two days later, on April 7 (again, the number 7), the mummy was examined. A blemish was found on the mummy's left cheek (the same side and spot as Carnarvon's mosquito bite). At the time of Carnarvon's death, all of the lights mysteriously went out in Cairo, all in unison. At the same time, thousands of miles away in England, Carnarvon's pet dog stood up on its hind legs, howled, fell over, and died. The staff was disturbed and said the howling was strange and deathlike.

The famous American financier, Jay Gould, also visited the tomb. He awoke the next morning with a high fever, and was dead by nightfall. American archeologist, Arthur Mace, who assisted in opening the tomb and pulled out the last stone blocking the entrance to the main chamber, soon began to feel weak and exhausted. He fell into a coma and never recovered. Arthur Mace died at the same hotel as Lord Carnarvon.

Richard Bethell, Howard Carter's secretary on the expedition was found dead, four months after the discovery of the tomb, from heart failure. His father, Lord Westbury, distraught over the death of his son, leapt to his death from a seven-story window. He was over heard by several people before he took his life, saying to himself "the curse of the pharaohs" "I cannot stand the horror any longer." The hearse carrying Westbury's body to the cemetery ran over a small boy, killing him instantly.

Radiologist, Archibald Reid, thought to be the first person to cut the bindings on the mummy, (unraveling was necessary to x-ray the body), soon experienced the same exhaustion and fatigue and soon died. There were many more strange coincidences and related deaths.

Howard Carter, a staunch atheist and skeptic lived for close to seventeen years following the discovery and opening of the tomb. It is said that Carter was plagued by extreme depression and paranoia.

The Goetic/Gothic Demons- many are well known and popular Egyptian Gods. Many humans from Ancient Egypt, specially the Priesthood and the Pharaohs had immense spiritual knowledge and powers and did not approve of their tombs being dug up and exploited for money and fame in the hands of a "chosen" few. Many of the relics and ancient artifacts removed from the tombs were hoarded, placed in private collections and continue to bring their greedy owners misfortune.

Messenger: Eleazar1234 Sent: 12/9/2008 10:06:14 AM

Im not denying that the Egyptians practiced extremely powerful sorcery.

Maybe the serpent represents the fiery kundalini serpent and not the devil.

What about goats though?

Who was the goat of Mendes?

Why did Aleister Crowley first contact the spirit Aiwass in Egypt?


Aiwass, according to Aleister Crowley, is the being who dictated to him The Book of the Law between 12 noon and 1 PM on the days of 8, 9, and 10 of April 1904. Crowley described the being as appearing to be a tall, dark man in his thirties, well knit, active and strong, with the face of a savage king, and eyes veiled least their gaze should destroy what they viewed. His dress was more Assyrian or Persian than Arabian, which meant little to Crowley.

From afterthoughts Crowley's first impressions of Aiwass would slightly change but in the main he would remain angelic and astral. He had experienced for three consecutive days a vivid visualization in his own imagination of Aiwass after he came through a veil of gauze or a cloud on incense smoke. Such an encounter did not disturb Crowley who had experienced similar previously in his magical practice.

The voice of Aiwass seemed to vary with the mood and pace of his dictation. It possessed "deep, timbre, musical and impressive, its tones solemn, voluptuous, tender, fierce or aught else as suited the mood."

As described in The Book of the Law Aiwass was "the minister of Hoor-Paar-Kraat," or The Lord of Silence, another form of Horus. This is the equivalent of the Greek's Harpocrates. Crowley would later refer to Aiwass' dictation as "the Speech in the Silence." He felt himself merely the scribe, pushing hard to keep up with Aiwass who seemed under a time limit; in the end he had filled sixty-five handwritten pages. A.G.H.

Messenger: Eleazar1234 Sent: 12/11/2008 11:36:40 PM

Quote from FarI-Sight on 10/22/2006 12:09:12 AM

Rise instead of fall

Man must come to the knowledge of the Self and understand that the Fountain of Life is within I and I.

The essence of All Beings is the Earth, the Essence of the Earth is Water. The Essence of Water is Plants, the Essence of Plants is Man (human being=man+woman).
Within Man is contain all things, Earth, Fire, Air, Water.

Glorify the More Positive words from Hon Ras Ark I, it addresses very important things for ones who come here to consider. One's missing the point and fussing for no reason.

As i have said here before, many ones come to believe that RasTafari can be learnt through books, internet and years of literary studies.
Often ones ask if there is any book on the entire culture of Rastafari,and my answer is that this would merely fulfill Solomon's prophecy as there will never be an end to those books, they would be through volumes and volumes endlessly.
Also Ras dont see the need to do so as this is a Natural Livity that is known through doing the works and not just reading and speaking.
Through obedience to Righteousness one learns many as wisdom edify.
The Fear of Jah is the begining of wisdom.

What the bredren is argueing and fighting so much about will eventuate into a dead end as the man is not applying the Self to the Self, simply accepting what is coming from external sources. I say this because at the end of all this Kemet confusion will arise one thing: doubts of Rastafari being the Almighty God.

For example, the bredren have said that there never existed any wicked Pharaoh. Said who? u? were u there in Kemet at the time of Moses? Saying this is like saying that there are no wicked Dreadlocks, or no wicked Priests or no wicked rulers.
I have personally been in Egypt and seen many monuments and places.
The Kemetic writings originally had one God then the people started saying there are many manifestations of this God and we should worship them as separate entities, and thus came about IDOL WORSHIPPING. I have seen the statues that are made of stone, that have been there, i have visited most of their temples and it is full of them. I also know of the sorcery the priests studied and etc. Not from white scholars but from information gathered by black scholars.

Kemet's Pharaoahs and the people had the basis of Righteous Laws and Principles, yet there are lots to show that they went astray, just as the religions of the world and started praying to statues and all

As Hon Ark I said, Do you expect to find Truth within books? I say again ETHIOPIA ROYAL NATION WEALTH KINGDOM is the First Civilisation, yet if you search written history the earliest civilisation they say is Mesopotamia Babylon, the earliest form of medicine is in Kemet, yet Ethiopia exists thousands of years before Kemet,that is why when they founded Kemet they were already learned and educated of how to build a civilisation. But the records of the Ethiopian Empires are destroyed and merely exists in the minds and hearts of the people, as that is where tradition is recorded, not in books stored away never to be read.
Even the orginal bible in Geez have 81 books and the kingjames have 66, so ther is much more that is hidden in the vatican.
One have to be wise in this time and age.

I have heard many of them kemet scholars and many of them have wisdom and knowledge but what they lack is the Understanding. That is why they cannot see SelahSeeI Jah Rastafari as this is the Heights for the pure and the holy and so they cannot comprehend God in Flesh due to they being embedded in Spirit without flesh philosophy.
Iman have heard many Africans talk about Kemet this and that for ages and it never shook Iman foundation. For I and I have the Word of Selassie I Emmanuel I Marcus I within I heart and soul to guide I and I.

The whitemen have polluted the earth and rewritten history for their own glory, no where will you find the Truth but within yourself, even you can bring all sorts of archaeological facts and say this and that.
How can you expect Babylon to justify truth? If one is not alert one can be easily confounded and manipulated by all sorts of knowledge in this time. His Majesty said this.

Rastafari revealed HimSelf to I through Prophecy, not any one else. Holy King Emmanuel I revealed Him Self to I through the Prophecy and John Marcus I did the same.
It is given to us as a compass in this last judgment so that we may have the experience and wisdom of others who walk the same Way in anciency and this inspires us to have a firm and steadfast spritual and mental meditation.
This is the only Truth within this time, that Stand. All else fail.Where do you stand? With Haile I King Selassie I or with Imhotep and pharaoh and his inferior devices, the beetle gods and cat gods and Amun?

I burn out all Ras who put kemet before Rastafari for they are unconscious of their Self.

King Emmanuel Have taken the Book of out His Majesty's hands and the seals have been lifted so that each and everyone may have the sense of Truth and perception if they are willing, but one must stop wandering in Outer Space and start exploring the INNERSpace.

Those who have ears to hear will hear. Know your Self and where you stand, there are no two way, it is either wrong or right. Take the Right n leave out the wrong.


Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 12/12/2008 12:06:47 PM

"I burn out all Ras who put kemet before Rastafari for they are unconscious of their Self."

This being the operative point.

So, I don't see why the Ras is posting post after post after post on what? It doesn't make sense to go on about KMT other than to refer to it in the overstanding of InI story. To glory it, or even to make serious effort to discredit it is just vain effort.

As I was asking... does the Ras know what the devil looks like? Is it not more functional to our reasoning in this dread iwah to discuss the dispensation and character of the devil in this time... wherever InI Israel go, the philistines must follow... yu dun know. So is someone interested in sharing a reasoning on that? Who are they today? What do they look like today? What is their function? What are their methods? How are we finding that they effect InI quality of life? Is there anyone willing to share tips on how to keep balance in these rocky times? And I'm not talking about blazing George Dubya, that's easy. I mean the ones in InI surrounds, who affect and infect InI today!!

I know I am willing to share and support... but hardly none of y'all seem to wanna really share the reasoning with InI on this tip. Nuff of unuh seem on a bit of a standstill to tell the truth... I'm not talking about the newbies. They must touch ground previously trod... but many of the rest of thee I them seem to be on some alter ego vibes wanting to gain some ego from intellectual wranglings over some old school argument.

If it is that many of thee I are in the far flung regions, isolated Israel and in exile and all that... why aren't more of thee I them humbling themselves to come forward for some fiyah and some guidance? When Honourable Elder Ark I and these man here give just the tiniest bit of direction, even just on the superficial intellectual journies, nuff of unuh wanna jump up like REH! I hate to see what would happen if thee I them showed some face, and some humility and said... RasTa God... I have difficulty disciplining Iself in this area of livity, or that area of upfulness, what do thee I say...? And Ark I came forward and was like, here is some advice and what not...?

But NO. That's too much like reality for this web sittin. Unuh can't stand the glory and jump up going... OH! You think you're a better rasta than me... and this kinda bull.

I find what AntonyHumbolt said on the rootz posting relating to white and black rasta very interesting in this sense.

It makes me laugh. I would love to see thee I them upon Bobo Hill. Nuff of thee I them would be scraping the floor by the time the Hill vibes was done with you. Nobody wants to chat about no KMT there. Is this what thee I them think is discussed in Zion. Please! Done with the negating of Babylon constructions... it is a wide sweeping NO for Babylon feeding of any form. Put Zion ights into wordsound and communicate what is like in the Heaven Temple... make people wanna get to it.

Sorry to sound all highly and them sittin. But yu dun know... I'm well strong within and know this for certain. Every day is more growth... Emmanuel I put me on a path and I'm well into my stride now...


Messenger: Black Christ Salvation Sent: 6/15/2024 12:58:33 PM

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