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Messenger: Ras I-Tom Sent: 12/7/2008 9:25:44 AM

Greetings in the name of H.I.M Haile I Selassie I Jah RasTafarI!

I and I do not deal with doctors and their medications that are supposed to give a solution, but end up creating more problems...

I and I ear is paining I and I when I and I eat, just below I ear. I did some quick research and some people said this happened to some after the dentist getting a filling, it has to do with the bite being off. It is either that or ear ache.

I and I did go to the dentist not to long ago ( I and I raging, as i go for a solution, and find out this solution they give I and I create more problems, Fyah!)
I and I tooth had a cavity and was eaten away because of the citrus fruits I and I eat everyday, the acid eat away I tooth. Even though I clean I teeth and nah eat processed sugars.

However I and I feel that there is wax in I and I ear, I can feel it. I and I do not want to get ear drops, as to be honest I and I ain't keen about pouring chemicals in I ear...

Do the I's know of any natural ways to clean the ear of wax, to prevent it from turning into a dread ear ache?

If this does not help I and I will overstand that it is definitely to do with I bite being off. If so I and I nah know what to do, for I and I do not want to go back to that dentist.

I and I sight western medicine as a cycle of draining money from I and I and I pockets. Prevent you with a solution that has side effects and creates other problems, so that one has to get a solution to that problem created after seeking a solution to the previous problem, and it goes on as this, cycle of the system. I and I nah sight this as help but as greed.

Anyway, any help will be greatly appreciloved!

Blessings and guidance through Jah RasTafarI right through to I and I bredrin and sistrin!
Itinual Ises unto Jah!

Ras I-Tom

Messenger: Arkon I Sent: 12/7/2008 10:37:42 AM

Not every ear drops are based on chemical indegrients. Even if dem ah mixed, extracted from their natural sources (like Salvinorum A from Salvia - in I country there is some medicine based on this indegrient). Try to find something natural (even in pharmacy shop).

Don't pour anything there if you don't really know what is it. Talk to doctor and axe him, because (even if he is fan of western medicine) - he was studying medicine and he know more about health than you (unless you aren't doctor, or sth like dat)


Messenger: Ras power Sent: 12/7/2008 3:07:55 PM

first thing never dionose your self, ini don't deal with doctors nither, haven't been to one in ten years + praise to jahand although 30 people tell me i look 19-20,

but when or if ever i have an issue i go to a docter or herbilist to find out the matter and then u know how to deal with it.

Messenger: Ras I-Tom Sent: 12/7/2008 3:49:49 PM

Respect! Many thanks Idren!
The pain is no longer when I eat, Praises to Jah whom is I and I docter! Igziabhier Yimesgen!
I and I also managed to find a natural olive oil ear drops for cleaning I ears.
I and I only need to trust in I Holy Father! JAH!

Itinual Ises unto Selassie I Jah RasTafarI!

Ras I-Tom

Messenger: Ras Sistren Khamyl Sent: 12/8/2008 2:28:08 PM

Ear aches that may be due to infection? Sweet Oil (heat it in the bottle by sitting it in a bowl of warm water, put it on cotton and place at the entrance to the ear canal)


Messenger: Ras Sistren Khamyl Sent: 12/8/2008 2:30:16 PM

Avoid mucous forming foods as well for they initiate the accumulation of white blood cells in the process the body uses to fight infecton.



Messenger: Ras I-Tom Sent: 12/8/2008 3:58:55 PM

Greetings in the name of H.I.M Haile I Selassie I Jah RasTafarI!

Raspect for the advice RSK! Many thanks!

I and I got natural olive oil ear drops, as I just wanted something to clean my ears to prevent an infection just incase that was what the pain was; the oncoming of an infection.

However Jah has healed I and I. The best physician of all is the one who create I and I! Who knows I and I body better!

As for mucous forming foods; the only ones I and I know of is dairy, and I need not worry about that as I and I am a vegan.

Blessed love!
Itinual Ises unto Jah RasTafarI!

Ras I-Tom

Messenger: TheEagleofZion Sent: 12/8/2008 8:56:06 PM

Suger, flour, (gluten),milk (lactose)

All are no good! As I get older, even sweet fruit causes problems.

Strawberries and other berries are very low in suger, but one should suck fruit in the tongue and keep it away from the teeth.

Gluten is in flour (wheat), oats, barley, and many other foods.

The only dairy products I eat, are: plain yoghurt and a small amount of butter and smal amounts of cream.

Also white rice is vitamin B deficient, so brown or wild rice is much much better.

Ear-ache sounds to me like a lactose problem.

Eat fish, potatoes, and corn. Popcorn is a miracle snack, and it lifts the spirits just hearing it pop.

Gargling with salt water, is a good cure-all for any nasal or ear problems, and if you gagel with salt water when your throat first scratches you will never get a cold.


Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 12/9/2008 5:47:00 AM

try and find out about hopi ear candle therapy. it is all natural. I had it once, it was great... especially if one suffers sinus or those type of things... in fact, out here in the west there is a lot of virus circulating the respiratory system (ear, nose and throat). apparently the therapy was formulated by hindus or something... to keep the sinus, ears and related passages in the head space clear for energies and stuff. You know, like physical / mental / spiritual health link up.

very good. especially if thee I smoke herbs.

Messenger: Ras I-Tom Sent: 12/9/2008 7:11:28 AM

Yes I bredrin and I sistrin1
Raspect for the replies! Many thanks!

My problem was the pain below my ear when I ate, I didn't know what the problem was and I felt as though I had wax in I ear so I and I thought it could have been ear ache. However it was not. I don't know what it was, but I and I asked Jah to heal I.

However now I and I know of remedies for if I or any of I family or friends get ear ache I and I can let them know of a natural remedy. Many thanks!

Yes I, since I and I moved up to the UK to do I studies I and I notice many people becoming sick and nuff virus in the respiratory system as you said Yaa. If I and I did not eat correct and have a regular intake of antibodies I and I sure I would have become sick. I and I get the scratchy feeling in I throat (the usual tell tale sign of becoming sick) however it just stays as that it never gets worse, as I eat correct and nah let Iself become sick.

The candle therapy sounds interesting I! Where is it one finds someone who does this?

As for I and I smoking herbs, no. I and I use herbs, including cannabis, but in tea and cooking.

Anyway Idren and I sistrin. Have a wonderful day filled with blessings and guidance!
Itinual Ises unto Selassie I Jah RasTafarI!!!

Ras I-Tom

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Haile Selassie I