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can you take in alcohol

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Messenger: Ras I-Tom Sent: 11/19/2008 8:26:33 AM

Greetings Sistren Eleazar1234,
I and I sight Babylon as a contradiction.
Babylon government always talking about drugs and the war they fighting on drugs, yet they themselves are the biggest drug dealers of them all. The pharmaceutical companies are the biggest drug dealers in the world.
They tell I and I to take this, then they tell I and I of the hundreds of side affects that can occur? I and I say fire on this!

The way I and I sight it is that many people have to use these pharmaceuticals today because there is no other option. We have come to rely on them so much that we have turned from herbal medicines, the government make so much money on pharmaceuticals they don't even want to research natural and safe methods of treating ailments.

I and I know Jah put every herb on the earth for a reason, and I and I know that herbs have healing properties, this is medicine created by Jah. I and I also know that we underestimate the ability to heal ourselves. This is because of Babylon, they want to tell I and I that I cannot heal Iself, but instead have to take a destructive chemical? Once again I and I say fire on this!

If Christ tell I and I that I faith can move mountains , I and I know for certain it can move illness! Nothing is impossible for Jah, he is the creator, the alpha and the omega.

Blessings and guidance right through!
Itinual praises unto Jah RasTafarI Selassie I Niguse Negast!

Messenger: Eleazar1234 Sent: 11/19/2008 9:34:07 AM

Its bredren LOL. Eleazar is a male name. In the Bible Eleazar is the son of Aaron the priest. Eleazar is also in the Book of Maccabees.

Messenger: Ras I-Tom Sent: 11/19/2008 2:46:13 PM

Greetings Bredrin Eleazar1234,
Haile saulte!

Please do forgive I and I. I and I did not realize. I and I did not even recognize the name to be honest, and when the I state the son of Aaron I and I realize.
Was not intentional I, once again, my apologies!

Itinual praises unto Haile Selassie I Jah RasTafarI!
Iternal blessings and guidance!
Iternal love and flow of positive Irations into the hearts of I and I, RasTafarI!

Ras I-Tom

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 11/19/2008 10:55:07 PM

Here is a reasoning I made before.

When I first started my trod with RasTafarI, I didn't know why the grape was singled out as something I and I should stay away from. Even though I didn't know, I accepted it anyway and abstained from anything from the grape vine, and stayed away from all alcohol and flesh.

After a couple of years, I started asking Jah to show I why I shouldn't eat grapes. He finally gave I the answer one summer.

A few years ago (1998), I was visiting my parents in a small town where I used to live, in Canada. I went to a park there that I have been to often in the past, and sat down and had some Ganja.

As I was sitting an old Mexican man started walking in my direction. Birds followed him as he came towards I. The Mexican man looked like a homeless man, I never saw him before in my life and I never saw him again afterward. And it is strange for something like this to happen in that town, because their was only one lady that appears homeless in that city, and even she wasn't really a vagrant, because she owned property, but she was poor.

The man asked if he could sit down beside I, and I said "OK". He said to I, "The birds followed me here, I can talk to the birds, you know". He then started speaking in Spanish to the birds. I noticed one of the birds walking in a shy kind of manner and the man said to I, "that one is shy".

The town is off of the St.Lawrence River in Canada. He pointed across the river towards the U.S.A and said to I, "you want to fight them" and then he shook his head and said, "the fight is not there, it is here" while pointing to his head.

He then held up a paper bag that had a can of beer in it and said, "I sometimes drink beer, but I don't like to drink wine because it brings down my powers"

So this was the answer to I question. There must be some property in grape that hinders I and I spiritual powers. For a Nazarite, this is unacceptable, because I and I are to be separated unto Jah and be holy.

But the spirit is more powerful than any physical thing, so it is not necessary to stay away from certain foods, but I think it is helpfull for a spiritual movement.

Ark I

Itinual Praises unto Jah RasTafarI Haile Selassie I Menen I

Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 11/20/2008 8:33:57 AM

Yeah. I remember that. Nuff ilaful reasonings have passed through this taber...

Sweet yah?

yes I. Give thanks for remembrance... as of the Incient of Days.

Messenger: Ras Sistren Khamyl Sent: 11/25/2008 12:49:38 PM

To Ark I: I enjoyed reading your post and found it most interesting as in a video entitled "Chanting Down Babylon" I believe one of the elders to say avoid all vine vegetation including okra which has high iron content and is recommended for women of childbearing age. I have difficult with this because I have heard that the shape of vegetation will indicate which organs the fruit thereof affects. Grapes grow in bunches shaped much like the human heart and the French have little heart disease but partake of wine.

Any thought on this?


Messenger: FarI-Sight Sent: 11/25/2008 10:10:17 PM

The French also suffer from Cardiovascular diseases just as the rest of the Western world do ( its the number one cause of death in the West).

I am a Naturopath student and I know this to be a myth as the statistics tell otherwise. The French smoke a lot, which affects every body system ( by the way, so does alcohol, EVERY system is affected by it and if you want evidence we can provide it in due time)

The reason why the French don't get as much disease and heart problem as other Westerners is that the red wine that they drink daily contains a strong phytochemical/antioxidant called polyphenols. Antioxidant basically mop up free radicals (basically rust inside your body) that damages cells and tissue and is responsible for aging. Many natural benefical processes like exercise and digestion and smoking ganja creates free radicals, even when your liver detoxes your blood it produces these toxic chemicals.

The trick and the most fascinating thing about this is that Jah has created lots of stuff to prevent free radical damage, namely what they call ANTIOXIDANTS AND PHYTOCHEMICALS found in lots of fruits and veggies.

Yes Empress, vine fruits are abstained from by those who adhere to the Nazarite vow, and this is Bobo Shanty mostly, but some other Rastafari also keep this principle. There are other natural produce such as beetroot and herbs such as Nettle that are rich in Iron. Dandelion and yellow dock also.

Also what you are speaking of is called the Doctrine of Signatures, i.e. the fact that Jah has created vegetables, fruits and herbs in shape that resemble organs to show what they can be used for, like Skullcap is great for headaches and nervous system and its leaves are shaped like a head, oranges sliced look like mamary glands, gotu kola leaves are shaped like the brain, etc.etc.

See the thing is that the liver stores iron and females store 7 times more cos they menstruate ( Jah is intelligent) so if there are iron issues in females the first thing to do is cleanse and strengthen their liver.

PS: I would like to know how the I got access to the Chant Down Babylon movie

Love, Jah Rastafari

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 11/26/2008 12:11:47 AM

Here is something I reasoned before about the vine spoken of in the Nazarite vow
I think the vine is refering only to the grape vine, and have always thought this. If you look at the word vineyard, it is only (or at least almost only) used in reference to a grape vine yard. The bible we read was translated by Europeans, and many countries in Europe call wine vino or something similar. The word wine was derived from the Latin word vinum. And also if you look up the word vine in many dictionaries, you will find that one of the definitions is the grape plant.

I am not telling people who stay away from all vine plants to change what they are doing, I am just reasoning of I perspective on it.

Ark I

Itinual Praises unto Jah RasTafarI Haile Selassie I Menen I

Messenger: FarI-Sight Sent: 11/26/2008 6:37:16 AM

There is evidence that in Ancient Kemet (called Egypt by Greeks) and Ancient Ethiopia, there lived people who adhered to the same code of the Nazarite Order; i.e. the Dreadlocks Covenant, the abstaining from meat, alcohol, vinegar and vine plants.

So, as much of the livity, principles, culture and philosophy of Rastafari resurected in Jamaica in the early 1900s are very similar and identical to ancient spiritual practices of ancient Africans, the tradition is very much genetically encoded and passed on.

The re-birth of Rastafari was really just an awakening from the dormant/latent memories engraved within the consciousness of the I's.


Messenger: wahdahdah Sent: 11/26/2008 2:43:36 PM

Iman been keeping with this post quiet ly and reading and study it. checking how I man sight it. It remind I of the words of Christ" Lead us not into Temptation." This is one of I&I perception on this. that as Ark I say about loosing power or loosing strength. The Nazerite's perhaps saw what wine or them things of alcohal could do to the flesh to make it weak. there fore just obstain completely to avoid even the Ocassion of SIN. just a thought not the only thought just that ONE. I&I have also heard that the pickling process grapes make can cause fermentation in the stomach. creating an unstable feeling in the body. Not gas , but some folks actually have drunkeness feelings when they eat fermented foods. or other adverse reaction.
I&I am tolerant to whatever ONE must choose upon alcohol. The original post question, to I keeps reading as the though the writer of the question is asking for permission or confermation from someone else. What I am saying is only the asker of that question knows what that person "can" do. the Vow I make is with JAH no one else hear on this earth but JAH RASTAFARI> So i can not judge another person For I alcohol at a very young age created a discomfort in I body and Spirit that has kept alcohol consumtion to a minimum in I life. Repect.

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