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What is trust?

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Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 4/25/2008 9:24:59 AM

Is trust like forgiveness? Something that a One gives in order to keep their own blessings? Or is trust a prize to be gained from someone, to ratify one's own value?

I would really love to know what Ones and Ones feel.

Messenger: ROOK FARI SELAH Sent: 4/25/2008 9:52:55 AM


Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 4/25/2008 1:43:16 PM

BlessedLove and Ises

whoo, so much can be said of trust

I guess without it no society can function properly, so i would say, YES definetely, by sharing (idk if giving is the right word) trust ini do keep ini own blessings
what else,
If the i them ever noticed, a lot of times when you sight a person who always tells the truth,he tends to be a bit gullible,in the sense that he will usually believe whatever is told him, and i think this stems from our natural unconscious expectation that others will be like us too,i.e,in this case he would expect everyone else to be truthful like him.
If you also noticed, people who are very good at a particular thing, for eg,like music, will get more quickly irritated with others who cannot keep up with their skill, again, those talented people unconsciously expect others to be like them,so when they meet someone of a lesser skill,they will be thinking like, why is this man not keeping up with me? you know what i mean?

So perhaps i feel trust might be kinda the same too,,well, i guess it is cuz you could just exchange the word "believe" for "trust" on the first paragraph and it would make the same sense.

But the point i am making is not that trustful people are gullible, lol, the point is that gullible people,people who trust easily,are usually trustworthy people , seeeeeen, so before you call him a fool,you might consider that

As for i self,
I try not to put i trust in no one else but I Father who alone is without fault
The thing to consider is that the less one expects from others,is the less need there is for trusting those said others,
so i as try not to trust much on people,i have to lessen my dependence on others at the same time.
On the other hand,at the same time, i have to make sure that i never let down those that trust i, and therein lies the true blessings,that is what i believe would please i Father


Messenger: Prince Hotep Sent: 4/25/2008 2:19:49 PM

I think that real trust is trust beyond a doubt...trusting ones life like InI do onto JAH. That is the only trust, because other times one trusts his things, even Idren, but how can they trust they Idren to people witch I'm sure they won't trust their life onto, aren't Idren their flesh and blood, if one doesn't trust his life onto other, this means that that person is making only a speculation of trust, that one is trusting his logic but not heart, he doesn't KNOW, he presumes, that is not trust in it's fullest sence, that is some degree of a trust, but if it's not 100% this means it's not full, if it's not full trust, than it can't be called TRUST.

At least I think so. And flesh tend to disappoint, but forgiveness comes allways, trust is not what might come back always and almost never as it was before, but one should for give everything that has been done. So trust is InI shield, trust is the cornerstone of the relationship, between JAH and man, and both between fellow brothers and sisters.
I wonder what InI Father say about trust.

Messenger: Prince Hotep Sent: 4/25/2008 2:30:21 PM

Ras Kebre, when I pushed reply there wasn't any of the I message...but yes I agree

"If you also noticed, people who are very good at a particular thing, for eg,like music, will get more quickly irritated with others who cannot keep up with their skill, again, those talented people unconsciously expect others to be like them,so when they meet someone of a lesser skill,they will be thinking like, why is this man not keeping up with me? you know what i mean?"

I think that is a bit X, I think it may be a reflection of pride and ego echoing. Because it has manifested differently than the described but with the same thinking and actions in some times and I don't like it. I try to burn it everytime it might rise in I. It brings division over things that are carnal. What does the I think about it?

My oppinion that is. NO OFFENCE, that is not even fyah, that is peacefull reasoning and question in order to rise for InI.
In the end I might have mis overstood something.


Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 4/25/2008 4:51:22 PM

Blessed Love Idren
well, i am not really sure what the i mean by "things that are carnal"
perhaps there is a misunderstanding

The i have to keep in mind that i said,that this is usually an unconscious thought, meaning that i didnt account for the mind,seen.
Ofcourse a man can use his mind and say, for eg in the case of music, he can say, "ah this man is not upto my level in skill,so kool", seen
or just like with the belief thing,again i was talking of the unconscious behaviour, so ofcoure a man can use his mind and say, "hey,just because i am honest,doesnt mean that other man is too"
seen?, but initially, usually,unconsciously,we all tend to think that others will be similiar to us,in the end, we all can look only thru we own eyes
lol, and THAT is why,brethren,when i see somethings that people write sometimes as Rastafari, u know i am like, what is going on in some people minds, the i overs what i try to say?
Or i can use i Sistren Empress Yaa as an example, lol, i have seen a few people totally misoverstand her, sometimes she will write something,and some will think she is mad as he##, when i know that noone can ever take this Sistrens joy. Why? the reason is on both sides, on one side the person reading will take what she is writing thru his own eyes, and the Empress when she writes she will natuarally expect others to read her words as she meant them
Thats why its usually hard for ones of different ites of consciousness to reason comfortably

or i can say to you, take a person who always keeps his house clean and neat,and take him into a messy unclean house,and see how uncofortable that person becomes

I think i can very safely assume that the i is a very honest person. When the i sight some people who lie all the time, dont you ever wonder,like, how in the world do they do it?

Messenger: Prince Hotep Sent: 4/26/2008 3:01:48 AM

blessed love Idren

well what I ment by carnal thinking is that one is thinking more about things that are of this world, I'm not saying that InI don't take care of our things and belongings, I'm just saying that if there is division let it it be only because of R and X division and things like music, like works should unite, only. If one is lesser in some skill this doesn't mean one is worse, aren't InI all have been Idren earlier, I remmember when it was hard for I to learn to tie a shoe or to read, but still. If I overstood the I well, these same situations happens when one is better in some skill and other counterpart is less, I think one should be honest always and say something but not in a manner that downplay the other, but in order to grow, like InI all are putting faith in InI Father and HE shows us the way to grow more and more into his image. But I think advice is like judgement if one can't put himself into other mans shoes then he should just shut up about it. And always be patient like InI Father is with us.

Yes I overstand what the I mean, by people looking thru their own overstandings and specticale, but for Iample as both I and Yaa tend to have similar Ippinions and thinking InI are Innected thru Emmanuel I, we live both in different cultures, we are from different cultures, man and a might seem that, InI should be different at least, but that is not in I Fathers house that division exist, One is One and will always be One as it always was, from the begining. The molecules always devides and makes twin molecules, but if the molecule is curupt it means it is corupted when deviding it self, it can grow into a cancer, but if the molecule is the same than it is healthy and can divide into more molecules that are iddentical to the first one, but still they are all one, they make one body...Either it's Earth either it's InI flesh, the dead molecules from our skin makes the dust in our house, but the live ones make the flesh, but still InI are always one, from Earth and from InI Father.
MY VIEW___________________

And this brings InI to lies, no I don't find it strange, because if ones consciousness is corrupt and not clear, this means the voice of JAH is distorted and then that person tries to justify all that him or her is doing and mind can find all the Xcuses one wants. All the sins comes from this confusion and division of caring for body, people don't realise that they don't have anything, their body is from earh, their soul belongs to JAH as everything belongs to JAH, so what do InI have, InI must love, because if one doesn't love others, one doesn't love himself, so if one lies, one kills that is the same things just might be commited on a different scale, if one lies he is just really lying to himself, that's what I think.
MY OPPINION_______________

Once again praises to InI Father and Teacher
Emmanuel I Selassie I JAH Ras Tafar I

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 4/26/2008 10:11:51 AM

Blessed Love i Idren
Give thanks for the reasoning

First off let i say, the i can stop repeating that this is just thy opinion, i for one have no disagreement with the i
it is strange because we are speaking of the same thing,but we are speaking of it in very different senses

the i is speaking in the sense that, for example,in the case of the unclean house, it is like if you live in a comfortable place and then you enter into a poor manīs house and you start to look down on him cuz his home is not as comfortable clean and neat as yours.
That is the sense that the i is speaking, unless i am mistaken, and yes that is straight FYAH. Ini Father sit with the highly and the lowly,there is no place for division.
But the sense in which i was speaking is....if you keep your house clean as you should,and another man has the same abilities that you have,and him a live in some nastiness, seen, i could never bring iself to live so, so no matter how much i try,i will never overs how they can live so. This is not about division, or if it is,it is like the i said,it is a division x and R
Upbringing has alot to do with it. Like me now, i love dogs, lol, sometimes i will wonder of how my dog back home is doing,and i miss him like a person. But here now, no matter how i try,no matter how i try to "put iself in anothers shoes", i will never overs how people can bring themselves to live in the same room with their dogs.

I hope this has little explained the different senses in which you and i are speaking

what the i said about Yaa, the i shouldnt say you should be different for the reasons that the i mentioned,cultures,countries,sex etc.....The i didnt mention the one thing i mentioned, different ites of consciousness, the i and Yaa have your consciousness frmly in Rastafari, so why would you be different,Rastafari break down all barries, True?

Last time there were a few xrated discussions on here,the i know.One man was asking what is the matter with masturbation.After i gave an ible quote which was not accepted,lol seems everyone had already decided what that line meant to them,the man kept asking why is it wrong as long as you are not hurting anyone? I was going to try to explain that it is hurting someone,ie,himself, but i could sight that no matter what i would say to him he wouldnt see it, he couldnt see it, because ,although i might hope to change his mind by reasoning with him, i had very little hope of changing his heart and consciousness. That is why i asked Rook, Dont you ever tire? in one of the related topics, but i dont think he recieved i full meaning.I was trying to tell him there is no need to tell anyone who has the Inborn concept of Rastafri that this things are wrong.They already know within themselves, and those people with the Inborn concept,people like ini, will always look at people who ask, why is masturbation wrong,why is porn wrong,why is homosexuality wrong with some sense of wonder, It is not that we dont overs,it is not that we dont know, it is just that those things are so alien to ini,so far removed from ini, Wont you agree Empress Yaa ? lol, the i started this reasoning

on the thing about lies now, again the i is using the i mind,and that already takes what i was saying in a totally different sense.
Brethren,i am not a fool,lol,ofcourse its not like i sit here and wonder all day,how do people lie? i know how and why they lie,and i know if you are not careful and diligent and always aware it is easy to fall in those snares and traps
What i was speaking of was not to be considered by the mind.
Perhaps i am speaking of iself, i pray none will think i am being arrogant or like im bigging up iself,but i can say, although i wont say that i have never since birth told a lie,i can honestly say that i dont tell lies.
,No arrogance, but RASTAFARI is INBORN in I, and i mke no apology for it,i only give thanks.
why am i saying this? because when i say i dont lie,i dont keep from liying because someone told i it is a sin,or this or that, i dont lie because i know,and have always known,within iself,that that is not the way to go. You know say,when people lie and things their greatest fear is that they get caught, i greatest fear is a guilty conscious, i cannot abide by that.
SO coming back, this is why, when i see people who lie so easily, although i mind can always overs it and explain it, deep within iself, there is always a sense of "how do they do it", this doesnt stop with lies,when i see all the things of this world, there is always a sense of "how has mankind sunk so low", within i.
hope i explained i feelings adequately.

lol, finally to the music
Well music IS carnal, in that sense. So there must be division
I am just talking reality,
The i said "If one is lesser in some skill this doesn't mean one is worse", actually brethren,i think that is exactly what it means
You cant tell i, whitny Houston and britney spears have the same skill in singing lol, whitney is better,britney is worse
you cant even tell i that Marley and Tosh had the same skill with the guitar, i wont say Bob is worse, but Peter is the MAN
Does that mean they cant work together? ofcourse not
but there is always division in skill and ability,in all walks of life,not just music. You might say that that is "of this world", and i say Yes they are, but we do live in this world

Now if ini had been speaking of Iyabhinghi chnating,word sound and power, instead of music, then yes, all division GONE AWAY
. That is why,even though i iself work in music, i have no problem when i hear the Bobo idren burn muisc out

Blessed Love
Heart of Sabaath

Messenger: Prince Hotep Sent: 4/26/2008 12:13:14 PM

blessed love
give thanks for the giving of thanks.
Blessed Sabbath

Yes I
I love dogs too. Actually nature, animals and small children put a smile on I face a lot of times, unlike their parents...but I'm like the I, I know that animals are unclean and to live in one room with them is not so good, they have their own smell etc. that is a fact, no need to put nothing into nothing...
But I guess that is personal hygene and the I know how that goes with some people

Yes I that is PURE truth. HIM brake all the barriers created and actually those barriers that I mentioned are just Babylon barriers I know that Yaa is my sister the I is my brother as any other man or a woman always trying to live up to HIM Ispectations.
Cain and Abel both REAL brothers and look what happened.
InI are family

About the lies
Yes I see what the I means.
The I is not biging ras self no way.
On I part I can say, that I didn't tell lies too, from childhood, I was always honest, I did lie, but so rare and those lies where half truths, to not get into trouble with parents etc. And people ussualy could see that I was lying, because I was always stressed somehow, I guess the fyah was always there, even when saying little lies, to this day, I never learned to lie...but I can say I did folly in my day, so I can say how can they lie(not mentally, but spiritually) they don't feel anything. It's like asking what an atheist feels when he says that "there is no God"
And it's funny to me when people tend to say that they believe that "there is some higher spiritual power" and they live their whole lives thinking like that. What good does it do? It is as much as the same as to be an atheist, but one just makes "an insurance" just in case there is God so that he would get onto those clouds up in the sky.

"how has mankind sunk so low" "how do they do it"
Well they just do it and it has been low, since someone did the first divide and conquer operation.
By the way a lot of people believe in Darvins theories, so they think they are animals, so if one thinks he or she is an animal, one is gonna act like one, but the irony of all this when man acts like an animal, he becomes something far worse...

Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 4/26/2008 5:59:02 PM

Blessed Love young Kings!! RasTafari & Menen I blessings.

I'm really glad thee I them have engaged with me on this, and really overstood the question... but wait... do people sometimes think I'm mad as he**? :o teehee.

I am enjoying the fact that the reasoning has broadened into us asking ourselves about the impulses and reflexes, the day to day instinct to act or react, that is an interesting part of human behaviour to explore... because, for real, an overstanding of basic reflexive thinking and action brings us closer to overstanding the fall to sin, acting on the lower mentalities which lead to deception, betrayal, and like thee I them were saying, failing ourselves and our Father by failing those who trust in InI.

I would like us to reason more about that as we've thought about how people who lie so often and so seamlessly... how do they do it? How do they take the stress. I'm just the same as thee I them, I can't lie for nothing. Seriously... I am more likely to be blatant and just be wrong and strong than bare faced lie. I'm one of those people who will just shrug, tell the truth and at worst, be like, what???? That can infuriate people, and I see my honesty as a selfish thing... I can't take the feeling of upholding lies, so it's almost like I'd rather offload the truth and let the consequences peel out than hold all the guilt myself. That has extended as I've grown up, as essentially I never do anything I have to then lie about. And that is the truth. So, in that... yes I sight that we do live in expectation based on what we know we can offer the world. So, yes trust is subjective in that sense. If a One is trustworthy, their instinct is to trust... and One has to learn through experience that trust is something like a gift that we share (I liked that point)... and people should be chosen for that.

Both of thee I have made the very good points, that one must be sparing about trust, because the only one to trust is the Most High, the most perfect. But then, I ask, who is to be trusted around InI? Should trust then be something we adopt, despite the lack of certainty in flesh? Because to live without trust creates some anxiety in me, for definite. So, do we need trust, like we need forgiveness? Where trust is the prevention, forgiveness is the cure? As in, prevention to the pain of knowing that all around there are sooo few to be trusted in the real sense? That real sense which prince Hotep was talking of, that 100% trust.

So, do we trust... and if others let us down, see it as their issue with the Father. Should our ability to trust be affected by the untrustworthiness of flesh? Of most people?

Or does trust have levels of application? No, I don't think it does. I agree with Hotep, if it's not 100% trust... then it's only a speculation to trust. In that case, is it possible to actually trust somebody who is subject to the struggles of their own flesh? If not... does that mean that true trust is not possible? Or is not a good idea? And if we are not able to actually trust, then how are people ever going to be able to live up to the expectation that trust places... as I further agree with Ras KebreAb when he suggests that expectations have a lot to do with achievement.

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