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Messenger: Elohimras Sent: 1/23/2012 10:34:56 PM

So Is di I sayings that there is God Then the devil And reggae Is in the middle
From what I read on di forum people are saying yes reggae Is good but yet it's bad
Is this not waivering
There are some good that come out of Babylon but most is wrong
That why I will never embrace any that come from here
And I know people will say that this way of life started in the island
King Immanuel Edward seh this came with I when I was stolen from our home
Rastafari Is from old not a new movement that started in Jamaica
I know that Jamaicans played a big part in spreading the faith
but I wont seh that it started there
Rastafari Is from Ethiopia our home
Every thing I seh I learn from the black christ in flesh and blood
Our god I 3 temple
Not to get of topic
I want to speak about the Italian invasion on Ethiopia
From what I overstand Is queen Elizabeth ll was over Jamaica at that time and didn't let the bredren leave to fight in this war
in America in new York Is where bredren sign up For the war to help the emperor
Most people that fought in this war came from America
The reason I bring this up because a lot of people dem wan come seh that black American never didn't do nothing for him which Is not true
Not taking away the work Jamaica did
But that never the problem
Just speaking words from The heart
Some may want to burn fyah For this
Maybe not no love lost
I n I must give thanks For that I have the chance to speak I mind
I don't people take my words as true but search it
This a topic that people don't of And that is Ethiopian in America who fough in the war
Give thanks for this Ethiopian African black international Congress true devine church of salvation seh di black christ holy Immanuel I king Selassie I jah rastafari

Messenger: jah_cedes Sent: 1/23/2012 11:29:00 PM

peace to all with good will! about America new york "Marcus Mosiah Garvey" of course, I also know of this I Watched it actually! Ethiopian and Italian 1936 war! that Italian man looked silly talking what ever it was with a face of ridiculous expressions in preparing King of Kings of Ethiopia then Ras Tafari Mekonnen Conquers in 1930 at time of that War and even afterwards H.I.M. keep conquering, I feel the same of that also Jamaica is a place of worship also I know that Ras nah stop I-n-I Ras "Keep Conquering"!

Messenger: Nazarite_I Sent: 1/24/2012 11:24:05 AM

Blessed Love Elohimras. Let I clarify what I was trying to Reason, because I think the I misoverstood I slightly. I was not saying that reggae music is good or bad, since I sight it just as a tool in this time. Like any tool, it can be used for good or bad. Put a righteous vocal over a track and there is a tool for upliftment. Put a slack vocal over it and right there is something wicked. Like I said, the I as a Bobo Shanti is right to burn out certain things in reggae, because too many people approach it as a straight up business and just use it to fill their own pockets by promoting slackness. At the same time as well, I and I must always remember that if I and I are living natural and Ital, then a soundsystem doesn't really factor in that.
Since plenty of I and I still live in babylon though, reggae is still a tool I and I have at I and I disposal and because of the culture around it, it is something I and I can enter with no restriction. Still though, it is something that has emerged and continues WITHIN babylon, so if Ones and Ones want to move out of babylon then it's not likely they can take all the records, speaker boxes, sound equipment, record presses, intruments and all those things then expect to set it up in mount Zion, if the I overs.

Blessed love

Messenger: Matthew Sent: 1/24/2012 12:12:22 PM

Blessed reasoning Nazarite I. Yes I Reggae is a tool and like every other tool at mans disposal it can be used for good or for evil, suppose then the issue isnt with reggae but with those that make it. Is it even reggae if its not for the upliftment of the irits? suppose its important to remember the ones who classify it as reggae are the same ones who real reggae fights against, its in there best interests to dilute the message and the over all integraty of the music. To I , InI elders are showing I that unlike reggae babylon has no say or control over Binghi music.

Blessed Love

Messenger: Nazarite_I Sent: 1/24/2012 1:42:30 PM

Yes I, that is true. No slackness can enter Nyahbinghi. And when babylon is fallen, mankind will still be chanting Nyahbinghi long after reggae breaths its last.

Blessed love

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Haile Selassie I