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From Emperor To Military Dictator

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Messenger: Ten Sent: 10/28/2007 3:25:23 PM

Greetings Loved Ones
I just went to see a photography exhibition of Ethiopia from the holy reign of His Imperial Majesty to the military regime of Haile Mengistu. Its called From Emperor to Military Dictator with I-mages by Shemelis Desta who one of His Majesty's official photographers in the 1960s. For those in London its on at the Photographer's Gallery in Leicester Square and its on till the 11th of November 2007.
I can't even describe I feeling, my mind is still processing the I-mages. Just to have seen His Majesty was a blessing, there were some I-mages I'd never seen before and I favorites were the one of His Majesty laughing with Julius Nyerere at his home in Tanzania and then another of His Majesty on a state visit to Kuwait saying hello to a little girl. Then there was this blessed I-mage of HIM kissing the Holy Bible held by the Bishop of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church - a sight to behold. And the one of the Ethiopian women war veterans from the war against Mussolini... There were many other I-mages and my mind's still racing right now, re-capturing everything but the things I found absent were I-mages of His Majesty with the Empress, His Majesty's visit to Jamaica and meeting with RasTafari. I don't know why they were omitted from the exhibition but it would have been nice to see those as well and I wished there had been more I-mages as Desta had over 7000 pictures, but its a small gallery so the space is limited.
For those in London Shamilles Desta will be interviewed on Tuesday the 6th of November, 2007 at the Photographer's Gallery, 7pm.
If any of the I them want to to see four images of Ethiopia from this exhibition check out this link:

Blessed Love
RasTafari Is

Messenger: Elijah Sent: 10/29/2007 4:08:51 PM

Greetings Ten

We have already seen the exhibition. Thats true, we wish to see more of HIM pictures in bigger gallery. Lots to write, but it is recommended to go and see, it is very impressive. There is few pictures which hold my attention and it was those, that the I have wrote about as well. The picture of Mangistu and Castro, Mangistu pose is full of vanity, he really looks like small man who tried to walk in boots to big for him. Apart from that, shocking pictures of people killed during communist revolt. The most moving picture for I was the one of HIM who make his way from car to the building of his arrest. HIM sight is straight in to camera lens, very touching sight.

Blessed Love
Love RasTafarI

Messenger: Ten Sent: 10/29/2007 6:29:07 PM

Blessed Love Elijah

Yes Aya the pictures of Mengistu really show him to be a dubious character, nothing but fake smiles while he is standing with Castro. Did the I see the picture of the murdered student? JAH! That was such a touching picture, it was very hard for I to look at those ones...Yes I the picture of His Majesty being led to the car just shows HIM to be a fearless lion, come what may, HIS look was one of blazing fire. But there was one that showed a hint of sadness for I, the one of His Majesty holding a the gift photo album from Desta (its a black and white one towards the end) and His Majesty is siting upon His throne on 23rd July and HE has this deep look. For I, I read it as sadness or HE was troubled because it was taken btwn '73 - '76, and I thought perhaps HE sensed traitors were hovering about. That was I feeling, but nonetheless the exhibition was a sight to behold.

Jah Bless

Messenger: Elijah Sent: 10/30/2007 10:25:16 AM

Bless Aya

Yes I, I wrote about the picture of killed people, I forgot who was it, they had civilian cloths, yes they where students, it was shocking.
All that collection has enormous value, especially those pictures in large format, full of details. Presents dignity, strength and determination. On so many pictures we could see the sight of HIM, pure meditation and conscious, HIM was fully aware of the future and the past, even on the pictures, which are just material document of the past we can see the True in HIS Eyes, the King of Kings, just there and here in future, in the past, right now!

Respect and thanks to the photographer and his great work, determination, dedication and great talent.

The exhibition is must be seen to all InI.
I hope there will be album of the exhibition, if not it would be worthy to pass the suggestion to the author. I hope to be at his meeting.

Blessed Love
Jah Rules and Guides

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