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Messenger: Ten Sent: 9/7/2007 7:41:10 AM

Blessed Love
Jah Be With I n I as We Welcome another Sabbath
Empress Yaa, Jah guide you trip to the Motherland. Its difficult to explain to family why you don't eat meat - I've had my battles on that issue, but praises those days of faya are over. When I visit extended family when possible I offer to cook the vegetables and staple meal. And when they ask why I don't eat, I try and turn it into a joke and politely refuse - its hard for them to overs, but fortunately there are now four vegetarians in my immediate family. In cases where I cannot cook I tell people in advance I'm vegan and I'll always pack something just in case all they got on offer is coleslaw/potato salad with mayo and chicken gravy - to some people being vegetarian means the gravy but not the meat...Anyway I've found both at home and here its easier to prepare your own ital and then eat the other stuff on offer. It avoids being a burden on those you are visiting plus I can trust its ital not tainted at all.
Blessed Love

Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 9/7/2007 8:40:36 AM

Yes mi Sistrins!! One natural love in Omega Order...

Ye know. Both of those meds are VERY helpful.

Empress prophecy! Yes Auntie, that thing you said about going within to find that pace which composes the one-ness with self, heart, mind and spirit. You know that was my rems last night as I was in my priyers. I was isidering JahJah pace. What is the PACE of the Irator? Cos that would be the pace of Iration? And hence, InI pace.

So, it is a 1, 2, pace. No big mystery. Usually when the Phillistines approach and the Pharisees start to build their confusement, InI can feel the pace quicken within, I guess that's called "adrelin" or whatever. But I guess the most important thing is keeping pace with the heart... 1, 2. That's what occured to me past night, that this recent rems on the clouds is about maintaining the pace with nature and keeping ivels clear for clear direction.

Yes Empress Ten... give thanks! Yes beloved... you KNOW the deal with that eat the gravy-leave the meat theory. Hilarious. I'm cracking up, it's the same everywhere. Well, in my mind I have thought of the types of things my people can cook for me, and I can eat. So, I thought yeah... when I'm visiting people I'll let them know in advance that I don't eat meat... and if they're confused about what the cook, I know i can always have things like boiled yam, plantain and like palm oil with onions or something. It's stuff that I know they make anyway. So, it's like I am mentally picking out the ital foods they cook, that they don't know they cook.

Luckily I'll be in my Mother's house mostly, so she'll be on at me for a while about the meat thing, but I can do my own cooking. Actually my Mum is diabetic, so I'm gonna actually be encouraging her to eat ital with me for the period I'm there.

Does anyone have reasonings on diabetes and the benefits of an ital diet?

Give thanks Blessed Family.

Ras Tafari!

Messenger: Alexander Sent: 9/7/2007 8:49:05 AM

Ten, it's good and inspiring to hear how you stand up for yourself as I've also had many problems making my family overstand why I follow the ital way.

I've also found that whenever you're going to someone else's house it's best to bring your own food and offer to cook for yourself and for them too if they want it to avoid being a burden. And besides, you don't have much control over what gets put in your food if you don't cook it yourself. The same goes for when you're at home with your family too.

It's tough to follow the ital way in this time but I and I have to keep strong. I think that it's best to try to avoid getting too heated up when you get criticized for following the ital way as these discussions tend to easily lead into fights, which is bad. This is what I've experienced at least.

"A fool gives full vent to his anger, but a wise man keeps himself under control." - Proverbs 29:11

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 9/8/2007 12:36:45 AM

Yaa Asantewa, the I said,

So, I was like... boy... JAH know... I'm gonna have to really come closer to meditating how to access my own serenity. But I was like, how am I gonna do that? When something comes upon my tongue, it is like AGONY not to just say it, and then deal with whatever comes. This is how I've been since imes.

Here is a reasoning I made here some time ago that relates to that statement above.
I agree that we shouldn't wait a long time to tell the person that they are dealing with wrong. Sometimes it can be said right away, and the person will hear it. But other times it will go on deaf ears. I don't want to only speak the right, but I want the right to also be heard. If I tell someone that something they did was against Jah, I don't say it for my benefit or to embarrass them, and I don't say it so I can go to Jah and tell Jah that I did my part by telling them. I also don't say it to judge them, but I say it so they can correct theirself and save theirself from judgment.

So one situation I can use to explain what I am saying is that if you are with a group of people and one person speaks or does some wickedness. Sometimes it is necessary to immediately speak. But when it is not necessary to immediately speak, then it is better to take the person aside and tell them the problem, instead of saying it in front of everyone and embarrass the person. In some cases it might be necessary to embarrass the person so that they see it, but other times it will cause them to ignore it and only be vex.

Another situation is this. One time I was with a Bredren of mine. He brought I to his Queen's house and we were reasoning. He had brought I as a mediator between them because they were having a lot of problems. But he didn't tell I until afterwards that he brought I for this purpose. They were speaking and they started arguing, I can't remember exactly what they were arguing about. They then involved I by asking I questions about their argument. I could tell from the spirit of I bredren, that he was confident and thought that I would be on his side in the matter. And I could tell from the spirit of the woman, that she was very defensive, because she perceived that it was two against her.

Both were in the wrong, but I knew that if I spoke about the woman at that time, that she would not listen to a word and would only increase in vexation. So I first spoke about what the bredren dealt with. She started to feel less defensive as I was speaking, because I was speaking of his wrongs. After a little while her confidence rose up higher and I could tell that she was in a better mindset to hear I words. So I spoke about the things that she was dealing with, and she heard I words without any vexation at all.

Afterwards, I told her how I perceived her spirit in the beginning, and that I waited until I perceived that she was able to hear what I said. She looked so surprised and asked I how I knew. I told her that it was Jah.

These are the kind of situations that I am speaking about. I and I are not here to just tell people that they are wrong, Jah has already shown us that a long time ago. I and I are here to turn people away from wrong, unto the righteousness of Jah.

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 9/10/2007 8:05:06 AM

Yes Uncle! Blessed Love! Ras Tafari.

Give many thanks for that. I heard that. Nice & specific. I can really use that as advice. The I will receive blessings for that. Give thanks for the gift.

Selassie I first!

Messenger: prophecy Sent: 9/10/2007 11:18:05 AM

Empress Yaa I would like to link the I with a bobo empress to reason with if ok with the I. Before the I go to bobo hill, I want to show the I who some angels are on the camp. The I need to go to and then click on i think newsletter and u will see a link for boboshantydread@ hotmail..something like that.well if u click on that u will see he has pics. the one set of pics is 499 pics. So, I will go through them and tell the i the number and which priest that is and empress, unless the i know love

Yes empress, Ark I always says something wise, always a blessing to learn from the I(Ark I)

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Haile Selassie I