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Things Fall Apart?

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Messenger: Ten Sent: 9/3/2007 12:58:26 PM

There's been alot of drama in this forum the last couple of weeks - a Sister is moved to tears by the hurtful words of another, a longstanding contributor considers leaving because of serious issues he was frustrated by and now a Rastafari Elder has had enough of the in-fighting and has departed. What is going on Loved Ones? Can we not reason without things becoming heated fights? Its nothing to do with the topics posted, its really an indication of the nature within us - that's where the problem lies. Being Ras is a glorified mark of difference and deference to the Most High. In all we do, Jah is first meditation but it seems that's a difficult principle to practice and when I n I communicate words are used to battle rather than reason. Is this Jah way? Will things always be so? I hope not.
Blessed Love

Messenger: Dominic Sent: 9/3/2007 1:07:58 PM

Yes I!

we need to hear this sista! Even I have gotten heated at yaa and felt sorry afterward, because it is a reflection of self. One minute one person starts being spiteful to the next and then all of the sudden those vibes carry to other people. INI should reason as ten said and leave all of the differences in opinion which start fights somewhere else.

Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 9/3/2007 1:20:30 PM

Yes My love... give thanks for the appeal. Also thanks for hailing InI recent. Everything bless!

But er... the thing is... you were endorsing sodomy the other day. So, with due respect, I question your intention and position in talking about standards of Fari reasoning. I mean, lets be real... that is kinda one of the things that is definite Fari NO NO.

Re: The Sistrin. She was not moved to tears by "hurtful" words... or maybe yeah, they were hurtful. Truth hurts innit.

And Baba Eye is NOT a RasTafari Elder. He might be Older... but an Elder is a different thing.

What is happening is a purging. That is what is happening in general in the world. The dividing lines are setting because the righteous are not to keep counsel, nor take any responsibility for the salvation of those who have proved themself wicked. That time is over. It's time to baton down now. September 11th is Ithiopian millenium, nuff things are changing, time is speeding up and we are to keep our ivels clear to really see and know wha really is gwarnin.

Anyone who knows something about RasTafari in these times should know that everything is not a debate, everything is not opinion. Open the mouths, I shall fill it with words. Forget individual ego and what YOU think is so important that YOU think. Seek to KNOW and remain passionately beside what the I iceives as truth from the sources of the Higher I; Haile I... learn to differentiate, that's what a Fari rems is about. THIS precisely is the blessing of RasTafari livity. It is a real & divine gift to know Guidance.

Once the heart & mind develops One accordance with the Irits of the most high, through HIM elements, with the Earth & Mother... you know where your feet fall, you know your balance (ying & yang, negative & positive are both forces of Iration... BOTH are vital for motion)... and that's where you know who to fling fiyah on without remorse, and who to exercise compassion with...

We see the wicked when they're coming, from afar. So we chant lightening & thunder!!! Shook them up and send them packing. ROFLMAO.

Messenger: Dominic Sent: 9/3/2007 2:05:05 PM

Its not actually bein cool with sodomy, Some ppl just take a stance to not go on either side you know?

Like I aint cool with it and I dont think Adoptings cool but why not let them do what they do?

Anyway I naw tryin to get into that, just wanted to say.

Messenger: Ten Sent: 9/3/2007 2:49:15 PM

My intention was not to speak of I position regarding homosexulaity. In Rastafari I know it is taboo to endorse the practice as you say, but I position is grounded in African cultural realities and how diverse sexualities operate in the metropolitan everyday. But this is not about how I feel. And if we speak of 'Fari standards' many a time Ites use profanities and in the order of Rastafari its something I n I must not do - if we are of the Holy Spirit we must do and speak of things of the Spirit as the Book of Cor. says. But I'm not talking of that per se, here I am speaking of human relations - how I n I speak. I've no hidden agendas, its simply to reason without fighting. You see this as a 'purging' Empress Yaa, but I don't if we chant a heartical vibe should we not retain that always - regardless of whether this is a 'purging' or reasoning. I believe false Dawtas and Sons will always be revealed without recourse to insults and wars of words. By fighting amongst ourselves how do we separate the good from the bad - are we then not all spoilt by reducing ourselves to endless squabbles. What's the difference then between the Godly and ungodly? What abt feelings that get hurt - examples are Empress Nzingha, Baba Eye and Ras KebereAB expressed their hurt feelings in some way. Its not irie when you can't reason but just vex all the time. And moreso as the I once said, this is a global platform many youths come here to read n learn of Rastafari and if these messages are what image of I movement are I n I projecting?
Jah Is.

Messenger: still looking Sent: 9/3/2007 9:22:31 PM

ten -- i hear your pain and discomfort, but the reality is ; that in order for people (not just on this board) to reason/talk without getting emotional or hurt it would more than likely require that we do not talk of certain subjects. my favorite and least favorite subject to teach in school is the discrimination unit --- i love it because from the beginning to the end you see kids grow ---- i don't like it because i see the same kids (who i care about greatly) get very uncomfortable. it is the nature of these topics and it will be until the discussions become a little more common place.

this weekend i and the family went camping ---- one night at the fire we had these discussions with our children --- we asked questions, they asked questions and we challenged them to explain any statement they may have made. at one point our oldest (17yrs) said "auntie, you believe in god" my wife asked "how do you know?" she said "because you went to church when you were little". i told her i went to church and was even an alterboy ( i had to explain that to her) but i don't believe in a god. so my wife challenged her to come up with another reason --------she couldn't. but what was interesting on this night was the fact that even with family one got upset ----and that was the oldest girl --------but that is because she was the one who had more of the churches and family teachings in zimbabwe.

i would love if people could discuss these issues without name calling and the insults -------but if we could do that it would probably mean we don't need to have them. the internet is also provides something that my students don't have ---------safety. people can sit on their computers and say whatever they want and not have to face the people that they insult -----in my classes very rarely does a kid say a prejudicial statement out loud, but in their anonymous essays they will share them -----what i do then is share those letters with the classes to get the discussions going. those letters are an eyeopener because many kids come into the unit thinking everything is ok between people --and then they hear some of the hateful comments of their classmates and realize that they need to start to speak up when they hear or see discrimination happening (not every kid obviously).

most kids think that if they are not being discriminated against all is great ---- well these posts on homosexuality tell me that there is work to be done.

i know this is not comfortable, and i know you would feel better if it went away ---that is the way i feel in class sometimes ----but i know that in many cases the discomfort is a sign that the mind is growing. and you know what ten--- those that have these hurtful views and words for homosexuals may not grow at all ---the growth may just take place in those trying to make this a better planet for EVERYBODY that lives on it.

again -- sorry for your discomfort

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 9/3/2007 11:41:01 PM

Yaa Asantewa, you said,
What is happening is a purging. That is what is happening in general in the world. The dividing lines are setting because the righteous are not to keep counsel, nor take any responsibility for the salvation of those who have proved themself wicked. That time is over. It's time to baton down now. September 11th is Ithiopian millenium, nuff things are changing, time is speeding up and we are to keep our ivels clear to really see and know wha really is gwarnin.

Blessed Love Empress. You know the time.

I posted this on the forum before.

In these times, Revelation says "let the filthy be filthy still". So my concern is more with RasTafarI people and Jah's other children. Too much time might be wasted if concentration is put towards the filthy because if the filthy will be filthy still, then they won't see Jah, and it will be in vain. There was plenty of time for that in the past two milleniums, but now is the time to let the filthy be filthy still. This will give I and I more time to help I and I brothers and sisters who still have some filth, but are not completely filthy and are chosen to move away from the filth.

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 9/5/2007 12:55:46 PM

Yes I. I feel that, for real.

That's why all these evacuations aren't bothering InI. I would love that as time draws in, we move towards having these sites and forums as practical information exchanges. For example, the other day an Empress came on here to inform InI that the hurricane Dean had damaged the food hall on Bobo Hill. I was able to inform my Kingman, who told others... ye know, those who don't bother with internet. So, as we are moving forward in a little time, we can gather supplies and stuff to reach Zion Hill.

So, it's that kind of thing that InI need these forms of communication for as well. People that think there are no rules to salvation can step off now. Those who would like to gain an ights for the road to real salvation can take heed. We're not on here to score points, right? Obviously not, I would LOW on points if that was my aim. ROFLMAO.

Blessed Love Honourable! RasTa Government!

Selassie I first!

p.s. Yes Sistah Ten. I overs what the I is saying to me. My advice to you is to be careful and draw your lines more clearly... just in case you start to blur them with your feet.

p.p.s. I am finding it strange, and even actually quite flattering, that so many of the I them read my posts as if I'm vex and shouting. And this is in all honesty... I'm usually finding it all quite funny. Not that I'm joking with ones and ones, but I am hardly irate when writing a post. So, I feel quite certain that my words have a lot of strength and pour onto ears something like thunder. Yeah yeah!


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