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homosexuality? is this what we are reasoning about?

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Messenger: still looking Sent: 8/31/2007 6:41:43 AM

could not post on the thread by ras power,

as you notice things of those that don't follow the bible ---- i notice something in those that think it is the only book they need---- they tend to be very inflexible and close minded ( a tree needs to be able to bend or it will break in the wind ). the ones i have met (and it has been many) they are much like computers ---- if you try to put more information into them it is like they are going to blow----- i met this women from kenya just last week at our river walk and she just wanted to talk about jesus and the bible -----honestly it was kind of sad ---- she was a sweet enough lady but it was if everything she said had been programmed into her ---- there was no flow to her ---- no independent thought.

as far as your last line in your post -- you said something about in reality it is a choice , like everything else.

i must ask ---- did a person choose to be male or female? did i choose to stand 5 foot six ?---- did i choose to have hazel eyes? --- did i choose to have to sleep? ----- and i could go on and on.....I didn't even choose to be heterosexual?

sorry i had to start new post, but as i said i could not reply on the thread.


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