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Who is a black person

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Messenger: still looking Sent: 9/2/2007 7:59:37 PM

you say about me that....

"You have this quite irritating quality that makes it so irresistable to go on arguing with you."

but then about yourself you say this to dominic...."You are also correct that I could run a service on how to piss people" you even admit on that post how you talk over people.

so i have an irritating quality , but you could run a service on how to piss people off.

honestly yaa i would rather we could agree to disagree agreeably, but it seems as if you are somewhat proud of how you can piss people off. the only think is though --you have not pissed me off --you have brought tears to ones eyes though and then after hearing it you basically kept on ---- maybe you could boast on another thread how you could run a service on how to make people cry....jah must be so proud.

Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 9/3/2007 7:56:31 AM

oh shush and stop moaning. I'm still waiting for someone to disagree with a point of mine based on actual reasoning... rather than petty moaning as if I'm picking on people.

You lot are just shook cos you convinced y'allselves that this liberalist all embracing bag-o-nonsense is the way to go, and every person would just nod away with you cos it sounds like everything is agreeable.

The naivety is insane on this site. And when you read it straight, you all just moan & cry about... Yaa is this, Yaa is that.

Put it this way... you're only deceiving yourselves.

Re: Your wife's black list... er... to be honest Still Searching, I have no idea what you're going on about with that one. I'm not surprised that you have a total complex about all this though, as I said, it's just the usual symptoms.
I knew you were one of those white people who would have one of those people see me as "black" stories..! I bet you've been DYING to bring that up. Is that fact, as well as the fact of your wife, the reason that validates your general behaviour... and your self-ordinance as the one to come to save we; the "ignorant", "irrationale" and non-"tolerant" RasTa?

It always makes me laugh that people like you feel that your contribution to the welfare of human society on this planet is to school the blacks on the more desirable methods for achieving social standards. I mean you stick on this site... for what? You think we haven't heard your perspective before? You really think you're bringing some new type of thinking to those in the dark?

Are you and Baba Eye gonna arm wrestle for the position as annoying wannabe guru-type?

Messenger: still looking Sent: 9/3/2007 8:43:52 AM

are you blind ---- many have disagreed with you ---but you probably shut your ears,eyes, and mind, the moment you see that one disagrees with you.

i asked for that list because you seem to know who is black and who is white or should i say ---what makes someone white or black ---you called empress n a white s.... but then you mistook dominic as white.....oh so maybe you do not know

i have told you a true story of students who know me well as seeing me as black and asked you if you could explain that ------- you continue to ignore it..............if i had wished to bring it up, i would have ---as it is, someone started a post on who is a black person.....not i and i have been here for months

but i think you have explained why you do not feel the need to address questions put to you talk over people on this board according to your own words............

Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 9/3/2007 12:04:12 PM

It's non-partiality my guy... I don't care how many people disagree with me. It's not people I speak for... it is InI!! So *raspberry.

Anyway, I'm not gonna give you a list for your wife. I called Empress N a white... what? A white supremecist...?

Can I ask what people are so upset about that for? For multi-cultural/integrated/tolerators... there's been a lot of fuss cos I called the sistrin there a white supremecist.

Lemme tell the I them a story... a couple of Sabbaths ago, I Kingman and the Bobo Idren them went out on road to trod pavement with some banners cos they felt the need to chant salvation outta-door that day. So, safe.

They were out on one road with Haile I flags, chanting Nyabinghi - wordsounds FIYAH on Rome... and as they were clapping reverence and flinging flames, this incient iawta stops to look on them. I-Kingman lifted up a wordsound... Emperor Haile I Selaaaassie I. JAH. Ras Tafari... up in Addis Ababa... give thanks fi FREE... etc etc.

The Iawta shouted to them: "NO! Nuh say THAT! Wi nuh free!!! Ah white supremacy! Ah white people place this!" etc etc.

I mean, the Idren them didn't bother with her... they just itinued to chant freedom and repartriation as per their ights that afternoon.

But, there you go... simple like that. White supremacy is a state of understanding the structure of the world. I have news for the I, Still Looking... the world is not just simply like this because it is.

Lemme ask you a question... what is the "pan-opticon"? It is a mental/physical structure that was engineered as the foundation to the penal system as we see it today. Now... the penal system as it exists today was ENGINEERED for the social purpose it serves. Each element of the incarceration process was engineered for a desired effect. Primarily a system had to be created where prisoners would imprison themselves, because there is no way a handful of personnel can keep control of prisoners, if the prisoners have none over each other... naturally.

So, stop this naive nonsense as if every structure we see in place today has not got some strategic engineering for a social purpose behind it. What you have to ask yourself is not what is the social structure, but what was the INTENTION behind it's engineering?

In relation to all your silly questions about blackness... those are the squabblings of a man looking for parameters to dwell within.

Funnily enough, I have the suspicion that it is people like me that you are most bothered about "winning" over. That either shows how desperately insecure you are... or you are a vampire.

Messenger: Dominic Sent: 9/3/2007 12:10:20 PM

No offense to anyone out there, but I do have to say "who feals it knows it"

You cant be a white man and identify with the struggles of the african race unless you directly face the same opression and judgements as a african or african american. In still lookin case I dont know the I so well. It could well be though that since your wife from africa, you have to deal with dating predjudice. But even if you are opressed because of your wifes color, it is still a inderect towards the I. Your wife is the one getting directly blasted and you deal MAYBE with the consequences of this.

What im saying is, its sometimes hard for white people to SEE what blacks endure,even if they are married to a black spouse.

THEN AGAIN there was white people during hurricane katrina who were walkin in the waters, like majority of africans. These people were flodded and sick and opressed just like the blacks, in significantly smaller numbers of course but still.

Im not sure if a white man can relate to race problems of whites...

Messenger: Dominic Sent: 9/3/2007 12:12:14 PM

I believe a black man is a man with african familiy lineage.
A black man has to be proud of himself as a african.
A black man even though in america should look at himself as ORGINAL MAN rather than ORGINAL SLAVE.


Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 9/3/2007 12:28:50 PM

Ises I Dominic.

Love that! I loved it.

I know you don't care that I loved it. I even love that too.

Messenger: still looking Sent: 9/3/2007 3:05:15 PM

"Funnily enough, I have the suspicion that it is people like me that you are most bothered about "winning" over."

trust me yaa --- i have absolutely no desire to win you over except in the bigoted view you hold towards homosexuals ------- the past injustices (and ones still going on today) are injustices ---you deal with it your way, ten deals her way, my wife deals her way, i deal my way and so on....... i believe who feels it knows it and they must work through things in their own manner (myself included)

you mention that i am looking for parameters yet you are the one on the board making judgements and assumptions about peoples color ---how do you come to those conclusions without parameter? without some guidelines that you seem to have?

all i can say is thay i am gald i am not you ---though i know the world has its problems and there are people that make things difficult for others ---i also know that there is much right with people--------------i don't think that EVERY structure in place has a social purpose and i don't think that THE JEWS want to control EVERYTHING. i know our past play a big part in shaping our views and i am sorry for the past that for you, seems to have created an all inclusive scary evil place.


Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 9/5/2007 1:17:08 PM

the world as it stands is not a scary and evil place? really? you think so?

Well, say no more!!

THERE YOU HAVE IT PEOPLE! If anyone wanted to see it any clearer.

There is his identification. He is definitely of this world.

Messenger: still looking Sent: 9/5/2007 2:01:06 PM

ever hear of the song "moonshadow" by cat stevens? listen to it

i'm an optimist

so there it is --- i believe in the good in people ----- you better watch out for people like me.

have a nice day

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