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maybe this talk should include....

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Messenger: Baba Eye Sent: 8/28/2007 6:52:45 PM

this will really piss them off. not that its my aim.


we all come from Mother. the ancients know this. god is goddess;goddess is god. a perfect ma-rriage.

my penis, but an extended clitoris.

my testes, but fallen ovaries.

I have breast, yet no milk.

for the first nine weeks of the nine moons/months of pregnancy we are female, or at least asexual.

watch her in the form of Ganjah!

if yu remove all the males, she gets more wet and sticky(bud) hoping that if she gets bigger and more sticky, the pollen will come....
and, if that doesnt work--SHE TURNS HER SELF INTO A HERMAPHRODITE.

way too much for those embedded with masochistic egoistic chauvinistic residue of religion stuck in dem head...

just be sure of yur SELF. let others find them SELF as they may.

again I say. its the least of yur worries. what someone does in the bedroom.

may we reason in Peace. I sword is sharp and well ready, yet I choose Love instead.


1 - 1011

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Haile Selassie I