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Messenger: Ten Sent: 8/28/2007 3:45:26 PM

Bless I n I You choose because you have the power to do so - whether its a spiritual power, a financial, racial or gendered power - its a power one has and that power doesn't come to everyone. Go tell masses of poor people in the ghetto who are stuck in the cycle of poverty n drugs that they chose to be so - go tell the crack babies and their crack mammmas and papas and crack grandmammas and papas they chose a family lineage of drugs. Go tell the Native Americans and Hawaiians and Aboriginie alcoholics on State Welfare they were the fools who chose to give up their native homes for the white man's liquor. Say it, go 'head but it ain't easy if its your reality. The weight of poverty can hold you down for so long you forget what its like to stand up straight and feel the sun shine on your face. It's hard, don't talk like its so easy to just turn your life around and suddenly be free of all addiction, its tough and its complicated.

Messenger: still looking Sent: 8/28/2007 5:00:55 PM

i say this in class all the time .....

we do not have choice as to what life may throw at us (mother is a drug addict ----father is in prison), but we do have a choices as to how we respond to those shituations. i had no choice in my parents getting divorced, my father not being in my life, ending up on welfare, having to move and go to 4 different high schools ----but i had a choice on how i would respond to it.

you can either say life is in charge of you or you are in charge of life ---i prefer the latter.

and everyone has the power to choose to be incharge of their life if they wish. and no it is not easy, but if you wish to chose to improve your life then the choice again is yours.

either way it is a choice

Messenger: still looking Sent: 8/28/2007 7:40:52 PM

most respect ten,

honestly ten --in person is much easier than on the net. i say this is class -- i say this to adiminstrators --- to other teachers. it is easier in person because they can see what you here can not. they can see my eyes, they can see my body language and facial expressions and they can hear i tone of voice. they know i care deeply for my students and people who are struggling and who are oppressed.

i was just having this discussion yesterday with a black teacher. we talked of choices, we talked of obstacles that are inner city kids face---- i said the same thing -----and she did not get upset ---she hears me, sees me, and knows me ---she knows how much i care. she evens says basically the same thing ----

i have tried to explain the difficulties of discussing over the net. i have revealed much of myself on the net to help one know me. not only do people hear what they want to hear, but many times we hear the way we want to hear as well.---like if that was me saying it i would say it like this.

i was telling a class once how angry and ticked off i was at their behavior. how disappointed i was. one student raises his hand and says "but mr. t you don't look or sound upset"

i care about people --and i am very concerned for young people. i have adopted 5 kids (5 kids that i wife and i will not allow to lay the path of their life on their environment). we have spent our own money to send books and soccer balls to schools in zimbabwe. i spent my own money when going to jamaica to bring books and things to a school. we don't have a lot of money --and most of it is my fault. in zimbabwe my wife had to carry the money because i kept giving it to the street kids. in jamaica i gave clothes away that i brought to wear.

when i hear bob say "that my life is for the people. if was just about me, myself --i wouldn't want it" those words ring so true to i.

life happens to us --there is no debating ---- but then it is our choice on how we will respond to what has happened.

if i may recommend a book on this subject it is called "seven habits of highly effective people"by steven covey you may find it interesting.


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