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rasta love

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Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 8/31/2007 11:26:49 AM

Yaa is retarded... as hell. Hm. Oh... but sorry? Alright cool. Either way... I'm not in the least bit surprised.

Now where's the hate speech? LOL. Directed at Yaa Asantewa... that's quite fitting overall.

But some of what the I said it quite true Dominic. I do talk over most of the people in here... not for attention (it is kinda a crazy thing to crave via the net, don't u think?)... but cos I am absolutely certain that even if people are gonna debate, that's fine... but I insist on injecting the PRINCIPLE of the matter in there, regardless of what you think.

You are also correct that I could run a service on how to piss people off. And you're also correct that unless I rate your meds... I don't have time for what you have to say... but further to that... what you could choose to understand is this... there is a communication that transcends opinion based dialogue...

When I am reasoning with friends on general stuff we can go on all day about our opinions, then we can get into respect for opinions, and all that kinda stuff. I agree with the fundamentals of the point you're making. But, when it comes to discussing the irits, things just ARE. There are no opinions when discussing iration, cos opinions don't count for jack. Same as salvation livity. The truth is...

Anyway, I thought you were white. So, apologies if they are required. But I'm afraid that until we start to create remedies for our illnesses, I am NOT giving anybody the fake sense of satisfaction that everything's all good just because I got a decongestant tab to help my broken arm. Did I say my arm wasn't broken? Nope. But Imma keep bawling about it until I can get some relevant attention. If you wanna be grateful about flu medecine, you do that.

I can't remember all the things you just listed about me above and I can't say I'm not any of those things, but I can say that you would actually never really know. I come on here to post up DIRECT and specific reasonings about RasTafari livity, so that the Still Lookings of this world don't carry the youth away. I don't mince my words and I'm not into this pandering thing. I don't know anyone on here and the way I see it the majority of people don't like to be disagreed with. But I'd like to see what statements I've made that are not in keeping with I Immanuel Ights... none. So, I'm here to talk about what Fari livity means to me, and that's what I'm doing. And yes, I don't like to hear people talk shit. So... sue me.

If people cannot see who and what Still Looking is, and what he represents in his relationship with the site... then, bwoy... I feel bad for what that means in your real life and who & what you accept into your ivels generally.

I'm cool with leaving the site, by the way, if there is a consensus... I know nuff of unuhs don't like what I say and there's a lot of upset. Still Looking's doesn't count, he's just vex cos I see him. Seen him before. Will see him again. See him everyday. He doesn't fool me.

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