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Messenger: still looking Sent: 8/13/2007 9:07:07 AM

all this is only my perspective, judgement, or opinion of you based on how i have seen you reason on this board and in the big scheme of life means nothing because i am a nobody.

you said you were half my age. i vaguely remembering sharing that i was in my 40's so that puts you in your 20's somewhere --which would explain a lot.

it explains why you have so little discipline with your mouth. your ego is still to big and you place much of your self worth into things that really do not matter, like your clothes, hair style, and even your name -- you have a lot of insecurities --if you didn't, you wouldn't have felt the need to get so insulting or angry when i disagreed on the jesus issue. also if you were secure and disciplined you wouldn't feel that women need to dress a certain way in order to help you be righteous.

there were others that disagreed with me, but being a little more confident in themselves they could agree to disagree, agreeably.

but you are typical of the fundamentalist within religions. you are like the bible carriers who approach people in our town. they do not wish to talk WITH ME to hear what i have to say, they just want to talk TO ME. as soon as i bring up a view that is in contrast to what they say ---end of conversation. some even get insulting first. just like you.

being in your twenties you have not had a lot of time yet to examine the christian brainwashing that took place in your part of africa, but you are trying. that is why you have reworked it with some rasta. maybe if you don't stop and bury your head in the sand when people with different views share with you, you may continue to grow.

as of right now you are young and if you shut your mind off now to other ideas you will be twenty something forever.

good luck and now i am going to show you how to keep your word.

this is in regards to you saying that you did not wish to communicate with me anymore and then later you said you were "done" ----yet you keep writing and writing. it is like you can't control yourself -- like you have no discipline.

as far as this silly personal banter between us goes - i will stop from my end, so if you would like to have the last word ( i know you have been trying hard to attain that) go ahead.


Messenger: Ras Bredren Nicholas Sent: 8/13/2007 9:15:11 AM

WHOA WHOA WHOA.........this is not a website that cites BABYLONIANISMS. what the F*** are you tryin to do here......

I dont care about what point you tryin to make man.....HUMBLE UP! do you real-eyes how young and foolish you make yourself look? you talk about age as if its significant in this case.....well bro...its not.

the fact of the matter that you need not cunduct yourself in a manner other than what jah rastafarI suggests, as it is H.M. it is His Name InI chant......FIYAH PON YA!

IVE SAID IT BEFORE TO THE I......DONT BRING YOUR BABYLONIAN ANOMOSITY ROUND WE HERE.......for this is a place of peace....and prosperity..

no I wants ones childish remarks and arguments here....

i say this to prevent a huge you plan on bickering round Jah......bite your toung.....InI nah want no wickedness.


Messenger: Ras Bredren Nicholas Sent: 8/13/2007 9:19:52 AM



Messenger: still looking Sent: 8/13/2007 9:24:55 AM

you are on the internet ras bredren nicholas -- you are not hiding in the hills somewhere -- if you do not wish to hear other views then leave.

this in a way is one reason i like the internet -- in the real world those religious people that like to talk to you instead of with you run away.

here you can't -- and that there lies your frustration -- not mine

africa is first in my heart, i love selassie i, i love that rasta chants about equal rights and justice and wiping out oppression --- and if i hear something which is oppressive i will speak up --even if it is with rastafari ----nothing should stand above a persons rights.


Messenger: still looking Sent: 8/13/2007 9:36:02 AM

Ras n
if the i honestly does not want wickness -- then why all the yelling?

that does not get you heard any better


Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 8/13/2007 9:42:39 AM

Idren, are you surprised he is calling the I Ras N now?

he doent even have the common sense to write Emperor Selassie I Name with a capital letter in the beginning?
Forget the "respect" he professes to have..liar

but isnt a "teacher" supposed to know that a name, a proper noun, is supposed to start with a capital letter?

pity the youths

Messenger: Ras Bredren Nicholas Sent: 8/13/2007 10:34:20 AM

Blessed Love Itinually my Lord JAH RasTafarI HolI Immanuel Haile I Selassie I.

I tried to tell over now.

listen....well first off....since i name has been unformally changed by this I.....i shall call the I still looking Jack. short for jackass (i had to do ithaha)

anyways Jack you said....."you are on the internet ras bredren nicholas -- you are not hiding in the hills somewhere -- if you do not wish to hear other views then leave."

ok Jack you have done quite well for a middle aged man probably in his late forties that has 3 daughters. you sit at the computer all the day long just to get down "school" mugs online. why dont you take the time you spend at the computer with you kids....or your queen...(if she hasnt jumped ship yet)....ya know? or maybe you could meditate on Irie vibes. Oh! I know you could try to agree with someone by having an open mind and listening to those "other views" as One likes to call them. i have had to do this before.....all the message consisted of really was breaking down your parts of speech and giving you a message of humbleness over wickedness and arguments.

your not a very overstanding type cat.....i came at the I up untill now with a peaceful message of humbleness with humility. learn bredren. i honestly feel sorry for your students. i just feel downright terrible for them knowing that in a couple of weeks they have to sit in a classroon with you of all people and take that message i gave the I and apply into action in a way that is unfair...for them really. ya wanna know why? or how? well thats simple...lemme just use this thing Jah gave InI called a brain and i can sum it all up for you.

the way theses Idren that are gwan be in Ones classroom are gonna have times or moments of contradictory thought processes where they actually leave your fairy tale and think for themselves whereby them a disaggree with theI. now instead of having an open mind and takin in peoples thoughts and actions for what they truly are which is Jah manifestation speaking to the I Irectly....One takes it as criticism or attack if you will......which is a big mistake and not to mention a huge waste of energy. I have no idea where you been in Life or what credentials your Babylonian governement may have "granted" the I with...but i know not troddin forward sprintin away from Zion as we speak waitin for the next chance you could have at tellin somebody whats what or tryin to school or whatever bullshit motive the I got goin here. Have some respect. real respect. Humble up bredren in the name of the Most High Jah RasTafarI.

the fact of the matter is bredren, not that i do not want to hear other people views or thoughts......the fact is your puttin words in I mouth and thoughts on the board that i never manifested I self.....if the I ever again puts falsities around I, I bredren here on the forum, or any I's name......I will personally manifest a huge blaze of judgement fire right on your ass. and trust we....the I nah want that. you would feel quite terrible....and personnaly i dont want to have to do that....BUT...if I am put in the position to lick FIYAH the I best watch the I actions and word useage and attitude.

theI then foolishly said..."this in a way is one reason i like the internet -- in the real world those religious people that like to talk to you instead of with you run away."

the reason you like the internet so much is because you dont have to face reality and the reality of a true im not dwon troddin on the net and what Ones got goin on here.....but lets face it bredren....the internet is weak compared reality. but that just suits you now doesnt it....not living in the reality of things......believing that your 'o so wise and smart and wonderful................yea that shit. was this comment here.."those religious people that like to talk to you instead of with you run away."...suggesting that i am a coward? if thats so my bredren then dont a scared One and say it outright and upfront and ill show you humbleness and strength and humility and pride and love and judgement all in one fair breath. YOU DONT KNOW I THE WAY YA WANT TO. so dont your falsities around I like I said. and If the I truly want to know you should come to i gates and see a real order of could see the way true royalty acts and see love and righteousness first see what being real truly is.

..."instead of run away"...HA! ya Blood Clot!

"here you can't -- and that there lies your frustration -- not mine"

...tell I teacher man....does it look like im tryin to run away.....or does it seem like i have embraced what was wrong and needed correcting. tell i frustrated?.....come on Jack....tell me....

the fact just dont know....anything really....when it comes down to it....what do you know about the spirit or spirituality at that. can you tell me what 2 spirits do when they are next to each other? no you cant unfortunatly....but what you can tell me is how well and wonderful your fake ass material world is cant you Jack? you could tell me the best channels to watch on could tell which microwaavable dinner actually tastes like real food.....jolly good show Jack. you have accomplished eveything you will every need in your sad little material world.....a "good" job...clothes.....nice new remote control for the bigscreen Jack your completly set. well done.

Im not afraid of any discussion, imnot afraid of any sword, im not afraid of any human being, i do not live a life a worry and fear like you. I live according to Jah. dont bring your punk babylonian shit up in my face....unless you want fire-works.

theidema say.."and if i hear something which is oppressive i will speak up --even if it is with rastafari ----nothing should stand above a persons rights.


you must not know how Jah rasta work Iyah......rasta no deal with oppression....meaning InI have None to give understand? you dont know the beginning of what makes a man a rasta......cause you havent been just dont dont act like you do.....InI see right through you.

and this is all that you have said that is "right" or accurate which is "nothing should stand above a persons rights." so what im gonna give you the right to do is shut the f*** up....unless you may possibly have something constructive to say....untill then.....just shut your mouth and know when to speak or when to disagree...use that round thing that sits on top of your shoulders and neck....

haha this is funny then you said.......respect.....haha like you even overstand the meaning of the word itself.....give yourself some respect and humble up next time.....

Jah Love ForIva! RasTafarI!!!

Messenger: Ras Bredren Nicholas Sent: 8/13/2007 11:07:28 AM
Reply what InI got to give. take it or leave it. the choice is yours. what i wrote to the Love.....believe it or not....Love.

this has been a public service announcement brought to you by the Most High God Jah RasTafarI Haile I Selassie I.

Peace Love and Prosperity. RasTafarI.

Messenger: Bro Dominiq Yehyah Anbesa Sent: 8/14/2007 6:32:53 AM

Blessed Love

Regardless what this man is representing in other threads, make sure my brethren you won't be the one who looks foolish in the end.

As far as I see, the man still looking is the one in this thread who talked respectfully. It is others who denounce there foolishness right now. And this I feel is just a pitty.

Long time ago I stopped to follow all arguing in the different threads as I feel it is just a waste of time. So people who come here and read ONLY this thread here (like I did) will automatically see that the man still looking is the one who says something that makes sense.

I just wanna remind the I them not to get trapped, don't be the one who looks like a clown at the end. In I view, the responses to the first post were inapropriate and sounded childish.

Keep ya Royality.

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 8/15/2007 11:28:41 PM

Bro Dominiq Yehyah Anbesa,

What you saw in this post was exactly what still looking was hoping you and others would see, and was what he manufactured it to be.

At the end of the post, still looking said,
as far as this silly personal banter between us goes - i will stop from my end, so if you would like to have the last word ( i know you have been trying hard to attain that) go ahead.

If still looking was sincere, all he would have said was that he would stop his part of the conflict. Then it might have been likely that it would have stopped here.

But instead he dedicates almost the whole post saying things that are very likely to get a reaction. and even in the quote I showed above, their was the final taunt, "so if you would like to have the last word ( i know you have been trying hard to attain that) go ahead."

You are right Yehyah that Idrens should control themselves. still looking has a talent for appearances and pushing people's buttons to get them to display the appearance that he wants, among other manipulations he has a talent for. Idrens and Sistrens shouldn't let people like still looking direct the flow. Anytime this is allowed it will only be to still looking's advantage.

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

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