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Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 8/11/2007 8:54:42 AM

Ises Ites

words of encouragement
In the world of today, one of these words or phrases i seem to hear all the time is Follow your dreams, no matter what, dont mind what anyone may say.
And sure enough it is a truth and i suppose something we all need to hear from time to time, to encourage and strengthen us in our endeavours

But i have been thinking about this and especially how it affects the little youths in the world today. Basically the question in i mind has been, when do words of encouragement and support become a detriment to the well being and future of the one receiving these words
To give an example. i am sure all have seen all these shows on the tellievision, pop idol and such. I see so many youths who you know, as soon as they open their mouths, that they have no talent for music. And i see how they will be stubborn and refuse to even question that this might not be the path for them to follow in life. Instead you see their own parents enforcing a false belief within the childs mind, a belief that has no grounding in reality.
And then this is reinforced by the artists who have found success already. How many times have you seen an artists being interviewed and being asked, What would you say to the kids who want to be in music?
And usually the artist will say the same things, believe in yourself,never mind what anyone may say, follow your dream. And yet how maany of the millions of kids listening will really make it?
Yet have i to hear an artist say to the youths, dont follow me into music just because you see me with success. First find out what you are good at, find your talent, then if it happens to be music, then you follow it to the best of your ability.
Those that live in Amerikkka should understand what i am saying well.
How many young people go to places like hollywood in search of "dreams" every day. What percentage of them will be successful , and how many will be forced to live a life of disappointment and failure?

Ofcourse music is just an easy example, but i think this is true of evrything else as well
INI have to be mindful that words of truth can become lies if they are not based on reality., INI have to make sure that ini keep ini children grounded, show them not to "dream" but to have a definite purpose. INi need to help them, each and everyone of them, find what they are good at from early on, so they can develop it, so when they come of age they wont be following some unrealistic dream but will follow their path with the knowledge of exactly where they are going

I supposed thats it for now..
on a slightly related subject, i think it was the idren Bro Dominiq , apologies if i am mistaken, who was speaking of cliches and how some think that every Ras is somehow supposed to be in a reggae band. Just wanted to give thanks for that, needed to be said

would like to hear the i them views
Blessed LOve
Rastafari Is

Messenger: still looking Sent: 8/11/2007 9:15:45 AM

great post ras

as a teacher who will be starting back to school in a few weeks i hear these dreams all the time. i'm going to be a pro athlete i'm going to be a super model, i'm going to be the richest person in the world. i would agree that as big as the media is today it has a huge influence on the dreams kids have yet many times the kids do not really understand the work that is involved. i hear all the time "i'm going to play pro basketball" yet the kid doesn't even go out for the high school team.

i am all in favor of setting goals and having dreams, but you hit it right on the head when you say, they have to find what they are good at. but at the same time those ones that made it that we see on tv in some cases probably didn't listen to the people trying to discourage them ---- so what do you do?

i personally try to encourage the habits that they will need to be successful in whichever area they wish to go once they find it. and if a kid has a specific thing in mind already i discuss the habits with that in mind, because those are things that most successful people have in common.

hey -- marley was first at rehearsal and last to leave --- larry bird was first at practice and last to leave --bill gates first at the office, last to leave.

if they develop those work habits things should work out.


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