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where is the world?

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Messenger: still looking Sent: 8/2/2007 7:00:06 AM

a few years ago on one day a tsunami killed 150,000 people and the world came alive to their call.

every month a 150,000 Africans die of disease, poverty and hunger yet the world sleeps.

is a day really that much different than a month that a continent weeps and disappears and very few care?

Where is the world for Mother Africa?

Messenger: Dominic Sent: 8/2/2007 1:31:31 PM

The world dont care about africa...they care about the diamonds and gold and land, and they care to fornicate with african woman but they dont wanna do nothin for know that though.

Messenger: Ten Sent: 8/3/2007 6:53:47 AM

Greetings I
You make a very good point - and its a very complicated situation because the workings of capitalist power are such that attention is given to that which has more appeal in the eyes of those who possess global power. As one I say, the loot and plunder from the Mother but when it comes to giving back, they play footsy and say Africans govts are corrupt so why give money? Or they disguise themselves as IMF and World Bank giving nations monetary policies that are not suited to the African context and they also come with strings attached. With regards to poverty, disease and famine, yes I people are dying but I'm also sick of the image of Africa as this desolate, hopeless Continent as though she were on death's door. Humanitarian ads are shown repeatedly on tv, 'give 3/month and save an African's life' - is my life worth that much? I really hate those images of starving babies, its an underhanded way of doing things. Assistance is needed yes, but not in a way that continues to exoticise Africans as an impoverished, diseased people from a 'dark continent'. And its as though we were the world's beggars yet the capitalist West mines diamonds and cobalt in the Congo, buys rights to huge tracts of mountains in SA to access herbal medicine but none of this goes back to the people. For every dollar Africa makes in trade with Amerikkka, the US makes $6. And more recently now that the UK realises how much they could gain if they farmed organic bananas here, they want to pull the plug on organic banana trades with Kenya - 150 000 people stand to lose their source of income. Tell me where is the justice/fair trade in that - whose really causing the starvation and poverty? And whose really funding the wars in Africa? Africa is not without internal political problems, but also, importantly Africa is not a charity case and we can't go on begging to the world - our leaders should also have the pride not to beg and they also make it worse by looting and robbing from their own people too (not all our leaders, but I speak in a general sense and its another complex subject on its own). Finally, although they might be on the right track, but I've not much love for Bob Geldof, Fair Trade and other over-publicised self-proclaimed 'saviors of Africa'.

Messenger: still looking Sent: 8/3/2007 3:02:12 PM

i have mixed feelings on those images of africa because they do represent a portion of the truth yet they don't let the viewers realize that the exploitation of africa has led to much of the luxury that the colonial worlds know and that that exploitation while helping some has hurt (and continues to hurt) africa greatly. The "on deaths door" statement is unfortunately partly true. in my wife's countrt the life expectancy is under 40 years of age. though i do not want africa (or the african) portrayed as helpless the situation is dire. just sending money will not help. i wish the commercials showing the poverty of africa would also go into the cause of what we now see. so many people think africa is in the shituation it is just because they are africans -- they have no clue as to how damaging the oppression and exploitation of a people can be ---especially an oppression that went on (and is still going on) for over 500 years.

as for the corrupt african governments --- is it really any surprise that mugabe acts as he does after what he grew up in a youth. i do not agree with what he is doing of late and he is hurting many of his own ---- however i can't say i would do any better if i had grown up under the oppression that he had. it is not easy for any human being to let go of past experiences as we try to move forward --and some experiences run deeper than others --- i imagine his run very deep. again i do not agree with his present ruling decisions, however it should not be surprising that he is suspicous of white run governments.

but the question is --- what can we do to help those that are struggling?


Messenger: Ten Sent: 8/3/2007 5:20:48 PM

There are alot of misconceptions about Africa, people just thinking of it as a basket case and as you say, remains so because the people can't sort out their own mess. But the truth they don't know is that slavery and oppression continue to this day, the West acts as Big Brother directing every move of govts and those they don't like they'll assassinate - Kabila, Lumumba and it wouldn't surprise me if Mugabe was the next target if they had a strong industrial base there, he'd be long gone. Hwever I don't really think its because of the oppression Mugabe suffered under British rule hence this is his retaliation. No, in the 1980s he ochestrated the mass killings of Ndebele people, 20 000 were slain by the Fifth Brigade. This was to restore peace the govt said and for years they denied it. It was only round abt 1996 the CCJP gave a report on the Gukurahundi - ethnic violence. They still denied it, Mugabe has done alot of things to his own people throughout such as repression of free speech, killings of his own cabinet ministers, siphoning of funds has been going on for years. This land thing is also corrupt because sitting between him and his closest allies are estates upon estates upon estates. The intention and principle I am full support of but the way in which this land grab exercise has been done along party lines and with so much untold violence is something I can't stand by. You can't blame that on British imperialism - we are all a product of our environment but we are also independent thinkers and doers. How can a man who liberated his people only yesterday be the same one who kills them today? Some political thinkers say its systematic among African heads of state who fought the revolution - Mobuto in Zaire, Moi in Kenya, Kaunda in Zambia, Rawlings in Ghana, Banda in Malawi - the list is endless of leaders who've clutched onto power and done the most heinous things to their own people and that's what's frustrating of Africa's situation - on the one hand there are internal political problems, poverty, illness and the on the other are external capitalist forces with and unquenchable greed for cheap labour and unending desire to conquer by divide n rule or donate n steal in the name of modernity and humanity....I don't know how to begin to solve the problems but the answers must come from within, no Bob Geldof or Madonna or Angelina Jolie will help us - we got to do for self. Some say internal trade is one way, but I think its no good trading if the looting and robbing continues by those inside and outside forces. We've got to take a stand to end the corruption and wars and organise ourselves. Blessed Love.

Messenger: Elijah Sent: 8/3/2007 8:01:59 PM


If there is a pain in the heart, then whole body is suffering.

I am no specialist in African Istory, only partial knowledge about Kemet and more deeper about Itiopia, as well bit of general history of colonialism. I do constantly extend my knowledge and all of I_s messages are very interesting to read. Really appreciate it. I giving thanks.

The thing I know for sure is that all that blood and suffering of thousand and millions will end up all of this babilon system, as nothing can last forever and the time will come.

How can I live truly happy life with the conscience that every second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year, so many brothers and sister suffer in a place, where is no better place for living and wellbeing of human on this planet.

The problem is, that babilon is aware of the Power of Africa, so it is main place in the world to be down pressed and hold in disaster. Independent and Free Africa is the biggest treat and enemy of babilon.

If there is idea in the world of today, which could give hope for just and peaceful world for everyone. I believe, it is the only one idea - Africa Must Be Free. It is Istory and destiny of the world, so it is happened, it must happened and it will happened, as it is the Will of Almighty, prophesied by so many for so many, our Lady Zion!!!

Let the Star of Zion Shine upon All

Blessed Love
Love RasTafari

Messenger: Selahssie i son Sent: 8/3/2007 9:01:01 PM

The real world dwell within you.The kingdom of jah dwell in you.JAH RASTAFARI!

Messenger: still looking Sent: 8/3/2007 9:18:10 PM

much respect on your thoughts.

i wish to address one of your thoughts on self determination. i have long thought of this philosophy and not just in reguards to what one might call the african issue. i see religions rally around this philosophy, political groups, gender groups, and even families at times, and i must say i feel it is a possible philosophy which may at times hinder the progress we wish to see. In the gandhi movie there is a scene in which gandhi is addressing the oppressors and he says something to the affect of "i can't think of a group of people that would not rather be govern poorly by one of their own as oppossed to being govern well by someone else." now a lot of people may agree -- but i know for me personally i will always take good treatment from one that looks nothing like me than poor treatment from one who looks like my twin. my fear with that philosophy is that one may miss out on an genuine opportunity being offered. it almost says that we cannot trust those that look nothing like us. bono, geldolph, and joline i do not think are working with some hidden agenda. yes, if i am dieng on the street i would not appreciate being offered help with a condition added on, but by thinking that one that looks like me will not take advantage of me would be naive. we hear it all the time that people have been swindle by those that they trusted who appeared to be like them. the other worry i have with that philosophy is that it instantly places our color,religion, culture, or gender ahead of our common bond as humans. for me it is that division that causes much suffering.

mugabe has not done his mismanagement alone--maybe he has made such poor decisions because he trusted those that he should not have because they looked like him and he has much resentment (understandably) towards whites. i am sure all of his experiences has clouded his judgement --- as an aside, it is one of the reasons that i have such great respect for Mandela.

as far as the misconceptions of africa go - that will not change until we educate people to the positive sides. right now most americans only see the death and destruction through the media and do not take the time or do not have the time to dig deeper. we need a major media outlet to go places that others will not go.

and for zimbabweans now i think much of this change may need to be organized from outside seeing as there are so many restrictions being placed on those in the country. it is a huge job, but i hope someone picks up the torch.


Messenger: Dominic Sent: 8/4/2007 1:35:33 AM

Why cant we just go there...Im goin in december...?

If there was african americans like lil wayne or famous rich africans worldwide,that gave back to africa instead of contributing partially to the problem that would be nice. I mean cats got big diamonds n gold chains, where that come from?The cost of one gold chain could finance water purification, medication and food for a large amount of people in africa.

You dont have to be rich to help the situation, It is inexpensive to go to africa and going there to gain knowledge alone is grand. Small amounts of money can do alot for someone suffering so if you got spare dollas for any reason this a good way to make sure ya money get to people you wanna help out.

You dont have to be rich to help the situation, a good ways to simply not support the wack exploited products.


Messenger: Ten Sent: 8/4/2007 3:52:50 AM

Sabbattical Greetings From I Heart Ites
When I spoke of doing for self Aya I the concept was not based on the simple fact that one only recieves help from Africans no I. A thief is a thief no matter what skin color or what Africanist rhetoric one drums up to rob them. What I am saying is that people need to learn to create their own help mechanisms rather than always been given handouts. If you have a culture of helping yourself like setting up co-operatives then you involve the people in need of help rather waiting on supplies of donor food. I've no problem with well-meaning donors but then that culture of dependency is inevitably created. There are people based projects in communities but exist under very difficult conditions - in wars, famine situations or with laws that make it hard to operate. We need a capitalist revolution in order to cope with the demands of this world - capitalism that does not translate to exploitation and socialist policies with a human agenda not a corrupt, dictatorial end. A small example is of how Indian families in Africa work - one has a sweet shop, the other has a bicycle shop - they employ each other and they make sure it stays in the family and they build each other up that way. I've not seen a poor Indian in Zim who lives in the ghetto - of course they had a better status in colonial times and still maintain that power - but point is they have a family network where they look after each other's interests. Seen? Production of capital wealth begins in small ways - look at Nigeria, Kenya or Zimbabwe much of the population depends on informal sectors and most of those people don't have bank accounts. Now if small co-operative banks were set up, with these people's interests in mind, imagine how much investment there'd be and what profit could be based on the principle of small profit quick return. I'm no economic expert but my view is we've not the funds to tackle big corps that own mines and industry but also doing for self is one big way to make changes. When I remember the name of the bank in SA that started this way I'll tell you.
Regarding celebs - I Li'L Wayne must make 'major moves' and go back to Georgia and see what he can do for his people there before he goes to clean up another's house. I'm not speaking out of disrespect for aid but there's work that needs to be done in those communities too - and if he wasn't rapping about shorties and his playa lifestyle he could be singing about real love and about the probs people face - Common, Lupe Fiasco have broken through into the commercial world but they maintain a conscious outlook. Oprah has set up a girls school in South Africa for under-privileged girls and has given them the chance to get a world-class education; educate one and you educate a nation. She's donated endlessly to funds for African American peoples too.
And my gripe with Bono/Geldof is that they didn't include African voices in what they did especially during G8 - there were so many shows of them going off into Africa and interacting with 'the natives' in a very top-down fashion like I've come to help you and this is how I see things. The Live Aid concerts did not include a single African person - only those of African heritage. It was only at the last minute - a week before that a Malian was asked to perform and rightly he said no, why didn't you ask me sooner. Where were Babamaal, Salif Keita, Oliver Mutukudzi in their lineup since this was about Africa? And Madonna goes and picks a healthy baby from Malawi just because she wants him - now she's scouting for a little girl? How do you choose like that - the one with the best eyes, cutest smile, what is is it? Is she following Jolie's United Nations idea? Please. And she's the same woman who used a sound bite for a track from a Congolese tribal song and didn't acknowledge the source or get the rights or pay royalties for using that piece.
And as for Zimbabwe - well that's complicated I don't knw if the shift will come frm outside or inside. Current opposition has lost its focus and factions have resulted, within ZANU Mugabe holds the unity but the day he steps down, things will fall apart - no secret there are internal divisions. But he's got the backing of the army and police who would crush a revolt in a minute - if there was dissension within the ranks this would be strong force, but then this has been rumuoured before and its failed miserably. I'm not in favor of military govts anyway, change will come in Zim for the better its a question of timing. Blessed Love

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