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where is the world?

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Messenger: still looking Sent: 8/4/2007 8:59:12 PM

sorry for the misunderstanding Ten--- i see where you are coming from. actually as i read dominics post i started thinking about the co-op bank loans. a couple of years ago i watched some documentary about people (not big corporations) that were providing micro loans in some poor country ( i can't remember which)to help them start businesses. the loans were generally very small by american standards, but to a person lookng to start up a small business in say zimbabwe it would surfice. one interesting aspect was that the loans were issued through the wives because they found them to be more responsible than the husbands. ( i would love to argue that point but i know if me and my wife are going for a loan to start a business they should go through my wife too. lol)

it is interesting how you bring up the issue of dependency. we adopted 3 children (neices and nephew) last year and the two youngest have this "you will just give us everything mentality". they have lived for the last five years with my wife's sister who has no problem asking for handouts. when i was there her older children (late teens to mid twenties) would think nothing of asking me for clothes that i was wearing. on the other hand two of our children which we adopted years ago (niece and nephew). never asked for anything. there mother was a getter and a giver. we even see the cases of dependency here in the states with some on welfare -- it has taken the drive to do for themselves out of them. so i agree completly that setting up a system which builds the value of self dependency is the way to go.

a couple of years ago i went and did some HIV workshops and my original plan was to present the lessons myself to the students, but that changed when the government said i could not, but i could do the lessons for the teachers. once i did that i realized that was better for the long run because there was now 30-40 teachers that could go and do the lesson. that would reach more students than i could by myself.

i won't argue with the adoptions by stars. that one child may benefit but how many more could they help if they did what oprah has done. (did you hear oprah say she would not help inner city american schools any more?)

as far as bono and geldolph goes, if they help stir the drink that gets the supper powers to wipe clear the debt of the poor -- i'm all for it. they may not be making the choices that someone else might make but at least they have made the choice to be involved and at least do something -- that is more than most people can say.

as far as zim -- i don't wish to see a violent approach and it does seem as if the people are starting to step up bit by bit.


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