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U believe or U know?

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Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 7/23/2007 9:40:40 AM

Ises I sitren

Blessed, i am glad the i took the time to investigate, but, ofcourse i opinion on the catholic church is not based just on the testimonies of people like Dr.Rivera, it is based on years of study into the religion itself, history and prophecy. It is important that the i mentions all these cults that seem to spring out of nowhere all the time, but i tell you sistren, if you keep investigating,if you keep digging, you will find that they do not indeed come out of nowhere, but are carefully orchastrated events, of which the real perpetraters are well hidden

The i sight, this is simple mathematics

for example, let us say there are ten people who come to this site, and let us say that i am trying to bring all ten people under my control and influence
first thing to do is to create a movement or an organisation with a set of beliefs, a set of rules and a set of goals to accomplish.
Now, if i do this, it would be unrealistic to expect that all ten people would agree with the aims and goals of the movement i have created. Perhaps, three out of the ten people might believe in me enough to bring themselves under my control. If this happens, the rest seven would be totally beyond my influence and control. So how do i change this?
Simple, i hide myslef in the shadows, and then, i create, not one, but several different movements, organisations, cults etc, each with its own, set of rules, beliefs and goals
what happens then, perhaps three people will be drawn to one organisation, then perhaps another three will say no this is not for me, and they will go join another one of these organisations, the rest four people might decide to join yet another organisation.
So now i have three groups of people, each believing that their organisation has the best set of beliefs and rules, each believing that their movement is uniquie and more importantly , each believing that their particular group was started by a different person.
But behind the scenes, i have brought all ten people under my control.

This is nothing new, this has been happening all the time
Even with Black Power movements, people like the Nation of Islam, i dont have enough proof to say anything about them, except to say, until i get further info, i do not trust them. People , black people, hear them say "the white man is the devil" and they think this group could never be actually working for the "white" establishment behind the scenes. I mean, Here is a black power organisation, recruiting young africans, most of them from prisons and such, and they train them in all kinds of weapons training (they call it self defense?)
and the Amerikkkan government does nothing?? when has anyone heard the Us govt, really do anything against the NOI. Remember what happened to the Black Panthers, if anyone thinks that black people can even think about orgainising and carrying arms and defending themselves in Amerikkka. In fact the only person i have seen the US really persecute from the NOI is the only person who tried to leave the NOI, brother Malik Shabazz Malcolm X, a man who was truly ready to take the fight to a higher level, a man who was getting ready to go before the UN and formally charge the US govt. for the crimes it has committed agains black people. Instead, people like Farrakhan, have remained there for all these years, and what have they done, million man march? thats it? and what did that accomplish? malcolm in the ground, while these people living in palaces

Anyway, i get off point, All i wanted to say was
it makes me glad to see that the I is a person who is not so quick to believe anything that they hear. It is enough for I that the I keeps such things in mind. Jah always puts before InI what Ini should see, if ini have eyes to see. And as long as you keep such info in mind, next time you get a little more info, it will be easier to remember and connect the dots, seen

Blessed Love
Holy I Jah Rastafari

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 7/23/2007 10:14:01 AM

One thing before i forget,

like "Revolutionary" was sayin about the "dark emperor Lucifer"
there is nothing dark about Lucifer , as according to those that follow him,
Lucifer is evil personified but in the form of Light, while, Satan, is evil personified in the form of Darkness. To know the devil, one must know both sides. So it is with the catholic church, what we see everyday is its "Light" side, while the "Dark" side is well hidden. so do not always look at the one wearing white (pope), but seek also the one wearing black (the other pope). That is is you are interested in knowing :-)

Alright now, let i shake the dust off i feet and go unto I Father

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Haile Selassie I