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Question for Ras KebreAB

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Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 7/9/2007 7:48:51 PM

Greetings Ras,

I asked a question of the I a while back, but I think the I did miss it.
Anyways, I was very curious to know more about your own experience regarding priests of the Tewahedo Beta Christian and their use of herbs.
Give Thanks for any insight the I might have.


Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 7/11/2007 4:10:37 PM

Ises I Idren

Apologies i didnt sight the i question before
Well, for I personally, for a long time, i wouldnt touch any weed, there was a time when herb was nothing but another drug to i. All my friends started before i and would always push i to try but i wouldnt. That all changed when i visited Bahir Dar in Ithiopia. I went to visit some of the stone rock churches. In particular, there are three churches there, and each church sits on its own little island,each one further than the preceding one, and each getting harder and harder to trod, this is on Lake Tana, Rivers of Ghion.
On the last island church,( on the third and last island, no Women are allowed to come ashore and i had to leave my sister on the previous island. It is there that i first came into contact with herbs. I must admit it was a bit of a shock at first but later on as i travelled more and more in the interior of ithiopia and knew what to look for, i saw it really is everywhere .And in reasoning with them i came to learn of its meditational and medicinal purpose and its importance in the services.This is before i ever had a chance to sit and reason with any Ras. So i did sit with the monks and partake in the Isence for the first time ( they dont smoke but inhale it). I asked them what they called it and they said Itse Farse and i inquired why i had never come across it before. I wont go into a long detail of their answer but i will say this... It was only much later that i came to realize, that the main reason why InI as Rastafari speak about herbs and promote herbs so much is because we are fighting against the injustice of illegalising such a plant. But in the hills and highlands of Ithiopia, they dont need to think about it so much, herb is just that, just a herb among many many herbs. The i could go to ithiopia today but if you dont inquire about it or actively look for it, you might never even notice it. You might see a priest burning incence and think thats just frankincence or something but only he know what is in the mix lol... thats has been an inside joke to I for many years, because i used to see my mother and her friends go to church for service and be enveloped in all that smoke and when they get back home, they cant wait to gather around and drink their coffee and eat sweets and talk for hours. i used to laugh and say thats nothing but the munchies lol

If the I has any question dont hesitate to ask

But for furthur reading check out the post i made before entitled Itse Farse

Bro Dominiq, Blessed Ises I , I just noticed your question from before and to answer you, no i wasnt talking about Bahir Dar that time, I meant the Royal Palace right in the middle of Addis. The i will see

Blessed Love to All In HIM NAME
Rastafari Is

Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 7/11/2007 8:33:08 PM

Give Thanks,

I did read the I's post "Itse Farse" and found that very interesting. In the time I've spent in Ethiopia I have not heard of this and I'm excited to look into it further. I do sight how many Ethiopians whom I've spoke to about herb have an interesting indifference. As one Ethiopian Woman I know did say "oh, that ganja is just something the farmers smoke when they're working in the fields, it's not something they sit and smoke socially." I look forward to reasoning with my friends on these words Itse Farse, but I know most of my friends would have to ask their parents the meaning of the words as Ge'ez seems to be lost on the youth.

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