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Right and wrong/Christ and antiChrist

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Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 7/12/2007 6:35:57 PM

"not all thefts, not all murders are sinful or criminal - some are in self-defence others acts of desperation etc. "

take a look at this for a sec. first off i wouldnt have used the word sinful here, i will explain shortly.

the i sight? if we take this as a matter of right and wrong, then all kinds of questions would have to ba asked....who killed who, why did X kill Y, is it self defence, what were the circumstances,who acted first, and so on...that i leave for the courts because questions of right and wrong will always be a matter for this world of men to deal with

If we would take this as a matter of Truth or False, i would only say this, If we are all one, who is there to kill?
And that truth will stand iternally, no matter who agrees or disagrees and the world of men cannot ever touch it. Siddharta,the Buddha overstood that centuries ago, and ini today overstand that.

Now perhaps the i see why i wouldnt have used the word sinful up there. The world criminal was perfect because it deals with matters of this world. But when you speak of sin, you are speaking in the sight of JAH, and taking a life will always be a sin in the sight of the Creator, no matter what the excuses. Blood on your hands is blood on your hands and each must explain themselves before the Almighty and find if they are worthy of HIS Mercy

Rastafari IS

Messenger: Ten Sent: 7/12/2007 6:37:19 PM

Ok but from the first post it seemed as though the Ite was saying there is an AntiChrist and Christ in all of us, as individuals and we are at zero balance. So if you take that rationale then Anti would be oppositional to Christ seen?
And if we speak of the AntiChrist as a force of mass destruction that has manifested itself in many ways throughout history what's difficult for me is to name it as that one thing. To me its hard to say an evil force is responsible for wars, slavery, colonialism, ethnic genocide. It seems a bit too incredible to believe, hence my opposition to the claim that the Vatican is the seat of the AntiChrist, but I won't go into that.
I name the oppressive force as that thing, whatever it is, it is that which is responsible and its a personal thing not to want to call something AntiChrist or say that's the beast or even to think of satan. Its too much time n energy devoted to figuring out who represents what, I'd rather not think about of 'Babylon' as representative of that.

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 7/12/2007 8:09:05 PM

"Its too much time n energy devoted to figuring out who represents what, I'd rather not think about of 'Babylon' as representative of that."

im glad the i sais that, cuz ive been wanting to say this.
this is the thing, we all have our interests and likes and dislikes and so on. InI all cannot concentrate on the same things. Rastafari needs to go everywhere, investigate everything, and all of ini has to have some thing that, shall we say, specialise in.
Now, you might have your own interests, things that you believe are more worthwile for you to spend your time on, and that is fine and as it should be
some of ini should be in music, some of ini should be concentrating on the spiritual side of things, some of ini should be in medicine and herbs and such , some of ini should be even in politics, trying to change things from inside and some of ini should be studying prophecy as it relates to ini

So, when an Idren, like RAs Power comes along who has, it seems, studyed these things for some time, listen to him, dont be so quick to say NO, i dont agree. Listen, then ask questions about this, about that, question him, challenge him, not to cut him down but to lift both of you higher still. And then a brethren like Power might answer you about what he has studyed, sometimes you might hit upon a question that Ras Power doesnt know the answer to, and the brethren might relpy, "i dont know that one" or he might say " i will have to study that point some more"
And so InI can all move higher


Rastafari Is

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 7/12/2007 8:14:45 PM

Apologies for the repeats

Ark I, i can only wish i could give the i a hand, i see the forum has been having a few problems
Give thanks again


Messenger: Ark I Sent: 7/12/2007 10:43:26 PM

I got rid of the repeats. The page links are working again.

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 7/12/2007 10:48:05 PM

Give Thanks, Big Thanks, for the insights, both of you are making wonderful points and articulating some of the thoughts I've been having very well.

In identifying what antichrist is, it is my aim to gain a better perspective into what makes people do bad things, and what is the source of evil. As I think Ten was putting it, we don't want to empower the notion of a source of evil being its own entity. This is also the reason why I'm insinuating that the source of evil is also the source of good. As humans with a consciousness of ourselves and our environment we have the choice to do good and the choice to do bad.

I absolutely agree that right and wrong are circumstantial things, and it is always important to keep that in mind. But, the point I was making about fundamental Truth, is exactly what Ras K was saying about Truth being the Truth, and while we all enter into the gray zone of right and wrong the truth always remains the same. We certainly all have certain perspectives and the veil of insanity can make the bad seem like the good and right thing to do. I feel that if in a circumstantial situation, such as killing in self defense, a good person is then obligated to investigate the truth of the situation and seek out ways in which to right future wrongs.

That point, however brings me to what Ten brought up, "karma". And this karma thing is something I've been struggling with. Karma would be an easy way to explain the source of evils, yet I'm just not buying it; for I am that I am, and I make my own choices, and I'm responsible for their repercussions. It seems totally irrational to me, to assume that bad things happen to good people because they were bad in a previous life. I say that, because karma goes hand in hand with reincarnation, another thing which I'm not currently buying into.

So, I do think that good and evil come from the same place. Ten, the I was saying that you weren't comfortable with saying Christ came from the same source as antichrist, because Christ was too good for that, yet if we acknowledge anitchrist as its own source we are then empowering it, no? I rather to empower I SELF and say I have the choice not to become evil, but instead be as good as I can. Thus the notion of balance. Ras K, the I was saying that all comes from the ONE and I totally agree, there is no way I can look at the universe and see more than one source, that just wouldn't make sense. We speak of GOD, as the ONE that created everything, and that means the good the bad and the ugly, it may be hard to digest, but it is reality.

As I was saying before, I feel that I have a common sense instilled in me, that allows me to remain in tune with what is the right thing to do, and I feel most people are in tune with that, save those with real brain function abnormalities. A while ago I vented a the I Still Looking and insulted him because I felt insulted, I knew this was the wrong thing to do, I thought about it, and I still did it. I blame myself for this, yet I do not know why I allowed myself to engage in such folly. It is the same reason why hitler convinced himself that genocide was a good idea. Why do we humans allow are selves to draw from the well of evil, when we know the water is poisoned?

Messenger: Ten Sent: 7/13/2007 4:45:24 AM

Give Thanks for the reasonings Ites and to Ark I for fixing the problem
Maybe when I used the word truth I was using it in the interpretive sense, in what one might take truth to mean and not in the sense of it as that which stands on its own. I fully agree with the Ites that truth stands in spite of how we might try and twist it so it suits our needs, it reamins what it is: the truth. My concern was with how people want to play around with the truth and have their own versions of what happened in order to benefit them.
And then when I spoke of sin, this word also operates on many levels - its derived from its religious meaning but are criminal acts not derived from the living immandments, hence sin operates as crime in a secular sense? Inasmuch as "right and wrong is a matter for man to deal with", its organic source is the Ible which distinguishes between righteous works and sinful works so as one who sees the world through a religious lens (and it sometimes has its pitfalls bec it can be subjective), I felt using the word sin was ok, but I over the distinction the I is getting at.
Finally the point about the AntiChrist I over what you are saying Ras K and I must apologise for being dismissive of the itations of others on the AntiChrist. I do appreciate that others have reasoned on this and probably know more on the subject that I do, hence I could learn. However I am still of a different opinion over notions that the Vatican is the seat of the AntiChrist and the other theories of Amerikkka the mark of the beast the UK Babylon's queendom etc as shall be seen as reasoning on this subject develops more. Blessed Love

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 7/13/2007 7:40:23 AM

Blessed Ises

Well it seems i have to keep saying this

I know people do wrong for a myriad number of reasons, ignorance,miseducation,poverty, greed, so on so on
When i speak of the antichrist, i dont mean none of those things

I know people who do wrong on purpose
Simply put...there are people to whom the Christ to InI is the Antichrist to them, just as their concept of christ is the antichrist to InI

We need to know just what kind of world we are living in

Rastafari IS

Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 7/14/2007 11:18:30 AM

Give Thanks Ten and Ras KebreAB

I was reasoning with a friend the other day, and I asked them why would the same God that created good also give us the option to do bad. They said it was like a competition and to go to heaven you have to win on the good side. I'm not really feeling the competition idea, seems pretty lame to me that a God would make us compete for heavenly rewards, life is not a game, so then why the option to do bad?

Will the righteous man and the wicked man end up in the same place?

And this brings me to a much larger question, perhaps better suited for its own thread. I'm conscious of my own SELF, but is there a power greater than my SELF that is conscious of I? This question would tie in with the am I God reasoning we were having a while ago.


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