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Tattoos in Ethiopia

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Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 6/28/2007 1:10:40 PM

Greetings Yaa,

I do hope that my own comments were not seen as trivializing the context of Her Majesty's or other tribal tattoos, for by no means was that my intention. I do feel the need to not judge the stance of others though, as theirs in no way affects mine.


Messenger: Ten Sent: 6/28/2007 5:04:21 PM

Greetings in JAH Name
I think that the comments made were of the general understanding that tattoos have different symbolic meaning - there was no comparison to the Her Majesty, The Royal Empress, my Sister Yaa. I am in no way under-valuing the Empresses tattoos nor am I saying they are the same as those for cultural or fashionable image.
For I, my comment was that there was a certain mysticism in the image posted as there is power in having the coptic cross 'pon one's forehead. I've not compared or made connections between images of the Grandmother and the Zion Empress. Other comments made by others were that if body art is accepted in traditional African culture for the same reasons of beauty, birth, death etc a person in a modern setting should also be free from criticism. I don't think when people have tattoos their reasons are as fickle as the I makes it seem, for some its a serious thing, for others it is art to have their child's name inscripted on their body. I'm not making a case for fashion tattoos, but all I'm saying is; judge lest you be judged. Fire must burn I, but sometimes the red hot flame must burn a slow heat as the blue flame to become a fire of wisdom and oversight. Blessed Love

Messenger: Elijah Sent: 6/28/2007 6:17:59 PM


I reasoning about the matter.

Old testament prohibition of tattoos was based on simple matter.
Israel (and many other nations) used to tattoo/mark the cattle, to distinguish the ownership.
It is a symbolic act. That what is marked (with particular symbol) belongs to the one who is the owner of the mark.

Anti-Christ marked (using tattoos) Israel's people in the concentration camps with numbers, that was act of humiliation, as he knew the meaning of the Law.

- By the way the numbering system was created on the base of calculating system, which was created by IBM corporation.-


The Deepest Bows to Empress Menen Queen Omega

Blessed Wisdom

Love Rastafari

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 6/29/2007 7:26:53 AM

I personal iditation on this

Exodus 20:25
And if thou wilt make me an altar of stone, thou shalt not build it of hewn stone: for if thou lift up thy tool upon it, thou hast polluted it.

So...If the altar of stone is polluted once tools, made by the hands of man, are used to carve and fashion the natural stone, made by the hands of Jah, how can i lift up man made tools upon i flesh, upon i temple??

JAH made i perfect, how shall i improve on that?


Messenger: Ten Sent: 6/29/2007 7:42:37 AM

Ises true JAH made I perfect but what if someone thinks of expressing love and honour of JAH through marking the body? Or giving thanks for one's youth through bodily inscription?
"I bear on my body the marks of Yesus," - St Paul's Letter in Galatians

Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 6/29/2007 8:05:16 AM

Blessed love all!!

Ises for the interesting reasonings on the matter. I appreciate them.

As far as judge lest I be judged. I love and welcome all judgement, most especially that of the most high. It is my love of the order & principles of righteousness that guides InI, and keeps the world in perfect turn. I've said on many occasions let fiyah blaze and catch me, I don't mind... even if it may smite I. Selah. It's the truth which I love, regardless of where I stand near to it. This knowledge makes we better, cos at the end of the day we strive. And the beauty is that through judgement Zion will reign again. I've even said before, if I'm in the number... great. If not, well it's the clean & pure in heart that make it through. That is the word. Selah.

Plus, I'm not judging anyone. This is a reasoning room. I can't see anyone, and none can see me. The purpose of reasoning is to elevate our overstanding of the order & principle of Rastafari. An elevated overstanding will promote fleshical manifestation in the aspiration to live up. People will do what they will do, quite simply. But RasTafari know what to promote and endorse as righteousness, different from an all encompassing compromising acceptance.

And I hate to break it to the I, Sistrin 10... but just about anything can be justified with Bible passages. Not to criticise the Bible itself... but this use of justifying every little thing in Bible passages is outmoded now... after all, shall we really start naming all the folly that has been justified by people who wish to use the Bible to justify anything? No, it's not necessary. But what I am saying is that the truth lies within. Paul did not leave that text specifically to justify getting tattoos in a new iwah. There was a point within his declaration, which was probably not much to do with body marking as a practice.

The bottom line is that as RasTa we're not supposed to go in a tattoo shop and get a tattoo.

p.s. Just so you lot know, I don't sit here cussing into my pc screen. you guys always read more heat into what I'm saying, than the heat I put in. I'm quite a blunt person, that's all... I guess it must be the wordsound power! lol ;)

Messenger: Ten Sent: 6/29/2007 8:38:18 AM

Greetings Empress Yaa
I guess we take you too seriously huh? But as the I said "this use of justifying every little thing in Bible passages is outmoded now... " could the same not be said of the AntiChrist as the Catholic Church - it dates back from the Middle Ages n Reformation period of Western History and I feel its anachronistic - out of sync with the times. There are more evils in this iwa than the Pope taking up office as the Pontiff and declaring himself an emissary of God by calling himself 'His Holiness'...I'll develop my thoughts on that in the other post as you'd asked of I...Paul was referring to the marks on Christ's body after crucifiction and it can, in my humble opinion, be interpreted to mean body tattoos. And what would the I say to Jah Woek who said he's a tattoo artist but Rasta by heart - should faya burn the I because the Nazarite Law says not to mark the body? Can the law be negotiated to accomodate some of the grey areas (circumstances) of life?

Messenger: Bro Dominiq Yehyah Anbesa Sent: 6/29/2007 10:08:02 AM


Yes I feel the I Empress, always struggling to be taken seriously. Switching positions as far as possible, to be taken seriously. Going around burning out christian customs with your lukewarm fire and then hailing the Empress for her crosses on the arm. If you really want to be taken seriousl daughter, then take a position, and don't switch. Just a small advice, above all your sarcasm and arrogance, far above, so don't even try, it won't reach, coz it's said in love.

Of course I'm on thy side when it comes to all these tattoo hype. But will you judge what is special about one tattoo and what not about a next one? Will you be the judge to decide this christian tattoo is better than to have the name of your dead brother written on your arm? Is it better? deeper? What is ist? Take a position, come on. Long time I wait to see the Sis taking a position, not switching around just telling others what they want to hear to raise you high as such a serious person. Don't be a baby, come on take a position.

Why has a cross tattoo more meaning than a other meaningful tattoo?
And why is a tattoo of a native tribe which serves no other purpose but looking good better than a fashion tattoo made in the west? Come one, don't be hypocritical.

Burn out all tattoos, or just leave it if you don't have any clear Ightes to share. But what is this lukewarm switching about, honorable Empress? Know thyself, woman. Switching around is the snakebizness, not the one of a honorable Empress. Get yaself clean on that.


Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 6/29/2007 11:36:12 AM

Oh gosh, here we go again Bro. Anbesa... "struggling to be taken seriously". That was low and patronising, and undermining, and personal... again. But, I've sighted the I methods, and the I own insecurities.

Yeah, I do think that there are differences. I'm not like you trying to take one foolhardy stance, as if it's not about having the meds to see what is and what is not. If you believe the line between illusion and reality is linear and non-intricate... well, I dunno. That's you.

I know where I am differently from you, and other individuals on this website. That's not anything insulting, it's just fact. We're at different places. I don't see what being taking seriously by you guys would do for me in my real life, and in my real ights. But, if you want to undermine me from expressing my views on this "reasoning" (not pardoning) forum by saying whatever, then again... that's you.

The only person that needs to "take me seriously" is my Kinghead, and those that represent JAH around InI. And I have plenty of people around me, and plenty of community... unlike the vast vast vast majority of people the I them are encountering on this site, who live out their RasTa-ness completely online. But you guys gwarn confuse yourself with their alter-ego folly.


Messenger: Bro Dominiq Yehyah Anbesa Sent: 6/29/2007 12:46:05 PM

Ila Ises

It's ok Sis, just go on reasoning, you don't have to compare yourself with me or anybody else. Just take the words and go on, don't waste it.
If you would face me in reality, I would love to spend my time on that, but please overstand beloved, here it's just not worth. I don't need any people pretending or not, telling about people that exist or not exist just to show how serious they are. It's just ridiculous.
You say you don't mind being taken seriously or not, and still you try so desperately that it's just funny again. But you don't have to do that Empress. You don't have to mention ya King everytime you feel not taken seriously. I don't care if there is a King at all, all that counts here is what YOU are saying. So then take you position in that reasoning.

So what is the problem, beloved? Can't get over personal differences and go on reasoning? There were certain things I tried to tell you. And I said that you wouldn't even read it. I'm sorry that I was right.

Grow up Sis, get over that. Maybe one day you understand, that not everybody who is telling you something is your enemy.

Have a blessed day beloved.
And maybe Iditate one second about my words before typing.
In the congregation we take our mission, we don't stand up against eachother. Learn that when you are in the congregation, Empress.


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