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On i am God( can't use reply so sorry)

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Messenger: Ras power Sent: 6/9/2007 10:58:16 PM

His imperial majesty said to speak out on major issue boldly on wright and wrong. I thought everyone went mad saying they are God where do they get that from? Oh! Must be from the garden gen3v3 i belive where the devil said we shall be as Gods read also isaiah14v17 i belive. We only know what our limited experience have tought us or have learned. The reason why the animals don't change their identy is because they obay the commandment of the creator. Man attempt was always remove their creator from their way, which is always vanity. Rastafari is created by the word and fulfilment of his work. By his hand now those days i even read some people say his majesty didn't create Rasta. Be careful of falst prophet wolf in sheep clothing who some and look good, when we don't spend time in the word and move according to our feelings we are lost. Cause in us is always some sinful desire which satan can use to cause up to sin. It starts in the mind and then action but christ overcome cause when he was tempted before the thought arise he used the word(it is written) his majesty used the word (with patients i wait on the lord for justice. Now we are God since you exist sister john1 said as many as belive he have them power to be sons of God rev5 said the lion of judah make us kings and prist to our God only satan and his seed want to be God cause they don't trust him. We all need a savour the promise was made to abraham and his seed not seeds as many but as of one, who is christ and by trusting his work we are counted as the seed. Which his majesty showed ini. So likewise we trust in his majesty work being obedient to his word. On amount of works can't save ini, our is proof that we are saved not to be saved. No man can add or remove to creation or salvation

Messenger: JosephPratt Sent: 10/24/2019 1:59:40 PM

The message is asked from the biggest intellectual of the world. the answer to the question and pro papers reviews is introduced for people. The range is bifurcated for all individuals. The method of the message is hidden from the teachers of that man in the universities.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 10/25/2019 2:35:02 PM

It really just depends on your understanding of the word God/god.

and if I'm wrong then what do you do with this verse?

Psalm 82:6
I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.

John 10:34
Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?

there is no way to explain this if you force the speaker into whatever context you believe to be going against the commandment.

This is the first step. Once you can take that step and admit that this word was used in reference to powerful humans then you can take another step in your understanding to see how other people may be using this word.


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