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Antichrist people everywhere

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Messenger: Young Lion Sent: 4/26/2007 11:02:46 AM

In Christ blessed love

the antichrist is much more now as i see it. For the average person iyesus kristos teachings and divinity would seem to be respected around the world, this is not so. How many christ believers have been killed and persuceted in afrika and around the world from persecutions from muslims, look how they are mocking christ in europe, look at the mighty nation of amerika how they dont hold to his teachings. Anti-christ is more than just wearing a cross, wolves are hiding behind crosses around there neck. People got a stiff heart and the meekness and gentleness of Christ is something they dont want to take. and when christ come again they wanted him gone. as i see it, we are surrounded by antichrists.


Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 4/26/2007 10:43:58 PM

Blessed Love Lij Ambessa,

I do agree with much of the I's point, there are many people the world over that front themselves as Christians and demon strate the anti christ nature of their lower selves. I do have to say that Muslims have suffered much from Christian persecution as well, and it is the lower self of individuals from both camps that have perverted the true teachings, of Christ, Muhammad, or anyone else for that matter, including His Majesty SelassieI. As far as the antichrist goes, I feel that we all, as individuals, have the ability to sink as deep into the lower self(anti christ nature) and it is much easier to do so, than to rise into the higher self(Christ nature) which leads to what all people should be striving for, which is the ultimate enlightenment of the human being. All good or wickedness is for the individual to choose, and it is the own fault or favor of the said person, rather than the camp they belong to. It is very unfortunate how people tarnish the concept of Christly charachter, I appreciate the reasoning.


Messenger: JahWoek Sent: 4/27/2007 12:51:01 AM

Yes I..

see people seem to think that the anti-christ is one individual...but in actuality its this whole babylon system...where the absence of Christ, the absence of Love, the "antichrist" works his trickery....taking away peoples rights and freedom and tryin its hardest to play GOD...taking away everything from ya and sellin it back at a price...and it has masses brainwashed into depending on its whorish system... perversing the image of Christ with there yea, the antichrist exist....but dem cant stop JAH WORKS...cause H.I.M. cometh in a new name...and His name shall be dreadful amongst the heathen..JAH RASTAFARI HAILE SELASSIE I 1st..
Selassie I
all day,every day
~Jah Woek

Messenger: I'n'I mloyi Sent: 4/27/2007 7:35:15 AM

All a world is corrupted wid Anti-Christs. Dem are seh a of christ but dem are all anti-christ. Mind who is leading you to christ!
Most are using this great name for making money and others fools, slaves or poorer that what God had created them to be.

Messenger: still looking Sent: 4/27/2007 5:01:33 PM

"The only devils (read anti christ if I wish) we need to worry about are the ones running around in our own hearts"

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Haile Selassie I