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Messenger: Sis Irijah Sent: 2/4/2007 5:44:04 AM

Haile I
Selassie I

just wanted ones to know that the barrel project itinues.
from this sis part of the world, InI just want to take a moment and give thanks to all who contributed to the first strength of a barrel. InI did not have enough to do a barrel, but two large duffel bags were filled with provisions for the elders on shashamane and another large duffel was filled with provisions for the school. Ras C Liontree and Ras Aziz carried the things with them and they were successfully delivered when they reached the land. InI also give thanks for the generous works that sis willow and her family contribute to InI trod where supporting Shashamane and the elders are concerned....and Sis Kaley as well.....serious strength is needed on the west coast seen and they got it goin on. as well as many many others.
this sis would like to concentrate efforts on sending two large boxes to elders here in the US of Blah. InI would like to provide a box of provisions to Mama Farika. if ones have a suggestion as to who the other box should be sent to, please come forward with that information. this sis will provide a list at the bottom of this post with some of the things that Mama Farika will benefit from.
same as the last barrel vibe, if ones would like to contribute, please I mail this sis at or (Sis StefarI) to get the mailing info as to where to send the provisions. InI think it would be cheaper to ship boxes in the US of Blah by bus rather than ups or something of that nature, but if ones have an idea for cheap shipping other than hand delivering (which can be done in some instances, as InI know that InI Rastafar I are always in movement), please let this sis know.
just trying to keep all abreast of the status of the barrel project and to let ones know that it is still an ongoing works.
again InI Idren and Sistren.....give thanks
may HIM guide the I's coming in and going out in this time.
Selassie I
Sis Irijah

some things that would give mama Farika a strength:

Mother Farika is 69.
Mother Farika lives in an attic in Washington DC.
Mother Farika has also had to accept a teaching position at her age in order to continue supporting herself as all these years she has used her own money to help foward Rastafar I in this time.
Mother Farika informed this sis that although she was suffering with back problems, she has tended to them and now only suffers pain when it rains.
this sis spoke with her about what it is she NEEDS in order to make her life a bit more comfortable.
she said she suffers from the cold and damp in DC during this time of the year.
the list below reflects some of her needs.

warm socks....size large in womans

thick stretchy tights....extra large in queen size.

warm pajamas and a robe....size 3 x

warm clothes.....size 3x (mother Farika is in her own words, tall, pear shaped and a little hippy...she prefers straight non form fitting dresses, skirts and tops.)

warm shoes and boots...size 9

warm slippers.....size 9 1/2 to give room for socks

a warm coat.....needs to be straight fitting......size 3 x

crowns, scarves, gloves


vitamin C

vitamin A

vitamin E

natural multivitamins (liquid or powder preferred as when the I's get older they are easier to absorb, therefore being more effective and not sitting in belly)

Calcium (powder or liquid form preferred)

cranberry extract or PURE cranberry juice.


and i think a pillow or two would be nice so she can just climb in the bed all warm and cozy and prop up with a cup of tea and read and write to her hearts content.

and this sis is of the opinion that the elders are very humble and would never ask for money, but if ones wanted to send a small strength now and then they would never refuse it.

it is Mother Farika's wish that the elders not be forgotten, and although some things must be progressive, it is her wish and other elders wish that the structure, the groundation of Rastafar I, be preserved. that the struggle is never forgotten and that it is continued in this time. she asks that ones continue to step up to the plate in this time in assisting the elders as there are many in worse shape than she.

if ones are uncomfortable about sending things to InI for InI belov-ed elder, this sis can provide her mailing addie with discretion, if ones would like to send her things directly. please overstand why the addie must be given with discretion....give thanks.

Messenger: Empress bee Sent: 2/6/2007 10:38:08 AM

Bless I would like to get Into a barrel project as well. It sounds positive. here is my email address: please link the I.

Pease and love RastafarI

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Haile Selassie I