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Messenger: Brethren Nicholas I Sent: 1/28/2007 5:44:55 PM

tis Babylon ways like that, that strengthen InI Inity as One.

InI give Thanks.

Blessed Love Itinually

Selassie I the First!

Messenger: conqering lion JAH Sent: 1/29/2007 9:41:43 PM

well padok first of all people dont just say "umm i guess thats jesus" almost everyone thinks haile salassie is jesus. there is just to much evidence thats like saying you dont belive in evoloution or magic. and matthew isn't a true book in the bible it's a book created by babylon. I think you just trying to put us down cause your simple minded and JAH can help you.

I like to see a decent response to that.

Messenger: conqering lion JAH Sent: 1/29/2007 9:45:32 PM

padok you are just feeble minded its not my fault you can't except JAH how can you say halie salassie isn't god he is the conqering lion of the tribe of judah you can't just give anyone that title just JAH

try to keep up with the knowlegde padok

Messenger: I - Fyah Sent: 1/30/2007 7:51:11 PM

Ises in His Holy Name HIM Haile Selassi-I, JAH Rastafari.

Could any that have knowledge help I to overstand why the book of Matthew is considered by ones and ones to be a fabrication of Babylon?

Admittedly, it is not a book that I have studied in great depth.

Blessed Love.

Messenger: Empress M Sent: 1/31/2007 10:22:45 AM

Wow! After all the reasonings posted to this topic makes me even more confused! We had brethrens and sistrens who weren't willing to feel other's opinions. Maybe one who was a little rude, but what we need to overstand that there are ones(like myself) who are trying to seek knowledge and wisdom of these matters. Whether it be about who really is Jesus Christ, about the bible, who really is Haile Selassie I, and many, many more. I am looking for these answers so I can trod the road of righteousness in rastafari. I have some knowledge of how a rasta empress is supposed to live, how and what to eat, even how I'm supposed to dress! But is this all I am to know of rastafari and it's teachings? I don't think so! It might be nice to reason on how one become strong in rastafari. Living in the Virgin Islands is paradise yes, and there are some strong rastafari believers, but finding the truth is a little hard when I see our rastafarians going back to their old sins, pretending to be righteous and they don't live that way etc., etc. I can go on and on. It's a privilege to know that I can go on a website with rastafarians from around the world expressing their views just sitting at my desk in St. Croix. So for the brethrens or sistrens that wishes to be negative to others, stay out! I need to read or hear the truth about these things and I sure as hell will not get it if everyone has these different and negative views about these issues. Blessed Love from the VI.

Messenger: Empress Nzingha Sent: 1/31/2007 12:34:27 PM

wait, wait, wait, an Empress from my island? Big ups sistren, always good to vibe with another Cruzian.

Rastafari is a personal trod to rightiousness. It is up to you to find the Truth. Many people have an opinion, what matters is your opinion. When something is truth it will ring true, when something is false it will feel wrong. You must take in as much information as possible. No man or woman can tell you how or what to be, that type of thing is pure folly. The Spirit is within each one of us, it is up to you to find it, nurture it and grow into it. You must read the words, not the concepts, not the interpretations, but the actual words. Each person has a lesson to learn in this life, no one can learn it for you, no one can teach it to you. That is why we have been given life, to find the answer to the question which drives us. The first step is to find the question that drives you, then simply ask the question and wait for the answer. Even a baby knows what works and what does not work, what is "right" and what is "wrong", you don't need the Idren for that, the Idren can help you find clarity, help you ask questions, give you perspective (a diffrent way to look at a sistuation), but they can not give you the answers.
Have faith in yourself.

Messenger: Young Lion Sent: 1/31/2007 2:12:23 PM

Empress Nzingha, i feel the need to apoligize for calling you a fool on your reasoning on christ. who am i to judge? for i myself once rejected christ, forgive my fault, amen
-let the blessings flow, the reason for life is love

Messenger: Sis Irijah Sent: 1/31/2007 3:35:33 PM

empress m said.....

"It's a privilege to know that I can go on a website with rastafarians from around the world expressing their views just sitting at my desk in St. Croix."

oh my
this sis cannot wait to go back to the place of I heart.....two more years of college and then finally back to cruz to prayerfully teach....InI cannot is what keeps InI going.....every step this sis takes with HIM at InI side whispering in I ear to keep on trodding thru school.....the I will soon be home......this sis cannot wait to breath the air again......

on to the question of the thread....

HIM is not in the not be a sky looker my idren and sistren...HIM is everything....seen......InI do not need any proof that HIM is the true and living InI RASTAFAR I know....seen.....
HIM is CHRIST in HIM kingly character....what else needs to be said?
it is a long time some trod to see HIM as is not something that happens truely see things as they are takes time, observation, and study...a one cannot just wake up one morning and say OH i am now a rasta....seen
the one most important thing this sis can say that may guide ones to see HIM as HIM TRUELY stands is to seek HIM in all see HIM in all read and read and read and study....come to the table clean seen? reason with ones...even a ras that may not live clean all the time but that has been in trod for long long time, can still be an abundance of teachment seen....who knows, maybe just reasoning with ones of that nature may just turn their life back on the right path...iron always sharpens iron...a one must purge many things to take a part in this trod......when InI say purge.....InI must rid InI self of all negative, dangerous, hurtful, vengeful, thoughts and actions, all privelege must be left in InI other life....for is also a trod that is oftentimes not easy, as Rastafar I is not always peace and love and honey this and honey that....InI are WARRIORS for truth and rights as well seen and not all are for it seen....InI must humble InI self before the MOST HIGH GOD HAILE I SELASSIE I and ask HIM to cleanse InI hearts and see, HIM will reveal HIMself to all who seek in earnestness and truth...and when HIM does you will know what it feels like to be RASTAFAR will know in every pore of ya body mind and irit.....but it takes time....nah rush.....when ones rush thing get all mash up seen......
and do not get all caught up in trying to live perfect seen....just try to live the best the I's can and do good in all things.....InI are Rasta yet human as well seen.....and InI will make mistakes....but InI just pick up dust off and make forward movements....and strive to learn and grow in HIM Emperor Haile Selassie I each and every day as Him would have us never stop learning.....
feel HIM
know HIM
and see HIM
this sis did
long time ago
at night
in cramer's park
standing in the fire
serious thing unno
at that moment i knew
and have never looked back

InI give thanks and praises to HIM for brath as it is HIM that create InI and not InI self.......

Selassie I love, guidance, and itection
Sis Irijah

Messenger: Empress M Sent: 2/1/2007 9:53:45 AM

Blessed morning Empress Nzingha, I really appreciate your reasoning on my feelings. I was inspired by every word you utterd. Oh! It is truly a blessing to know that you're from the VI. I'm actually from St. Thomas, but deh yah for 10yrs! LOL, member that accent? Anyways, you mentioned that I needed to trust and believe in myself and that's just what I'm gonna do. Troding on this journey sure is rough. My only problem is my faith keeps falling short. One time I'm ready and committed, and another time the other life keeps pulling me back. Jah know that I want to live my life righteously in rastafari! I'll continue to pray and Jah to give me the strength I need to fully committ I self. Blessings to you all the way Empress Nzingha.

Messenger: Padok Sent: 2/12/2007 9:04:09 PM

ARk I your are DEAD WRONG you dont know what your talking about. Your saying the only purpose jesus had was to teach us!!! Then what was the point of him dieing on the cross.! Thats the whole reason for jesus! Why dont you get off the internet and start reading your bible!!!!

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