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Messenger: Young Lion Sent: 1/23/2007 11:15:48 PM

I-Fayah, amen, blessed words of light... YO MAN, i was once thinking like you, but when you read the bible, and relate it to H.I.M, it fits in everyway, and Rastafari doesnt take understanding, but Overstanding, Read what the prophet Isiah said in Isiah Chapter-9:1-7
Rastafari is not something everyone can get though, but if you already saw it when you say you was there, its only going to get stronger. JAH

Messenger: Bro Dominiq Yehyah Anbesa Sent: 1/24/2007 4:44:45 AM

Ises My Lord

Many are Called, few are Chosen.

Like Hon Ark said, what you is you is, you can never change, NOW Ras TafarI FOREVER RASTAFARI! You can never change, you thought yourself in a childish I wanna be thing. If you see JAH for real, how could you then turn away?

That is why, what I will say now, I will not do with the intention to convert you or things like that. Because scriptures say, you can never change those who once were close to seing it but then refused it and turned away. They are already dead.

But still I need to address the points you made.

1) Yeshuah and scriptures say he shall return as King according to the Flesh of David. The fullness of Melchezidek's example he showed to Abraham was that of the Priest-King. Now we know Yeshuah was Priest/Prophet, but never a worldly King! That is why he now has to come as worldly king. You say Haile I did no miracles? First of all such mircales are no where prophesied as far as Yeshuahs comeback is concerned. Second, WHAT DO YOU CALL MIRACLES? Yeshuah did heal sick and make blind see, yes but WHO CARES? 20? 30? Maybe hundred people? What did it change for them? Beside of being a cool trick? Haile Selassie I did miracles in the sense of changing the whole world! Every single act of the King was a mircle... his works for international peace and collective security saved the eyelight of uncountable people, saved masses from being cripples. I ask you where is the need for healing people when you save them from getting injured in the first place?

2) is an important passage. In fact there are two different passages concerning this. The first is where JAH warned of MEN saing that the Messia comes. But if you read on, you will realize that Christ said this to HIS OWN GENERATION ONLY. Read on and see. He said NOT ONE OF YOU SHALL SEE THE MESSIAH RETURNING. So this is why THEY shall not listen to any lies. He said that because in the liberation fights of 60-70 ad many were proclaimed the new messiah.
The other passage I mentioned concerns ALL GENERATION and here Yeshuah warns about those who proclaim THEMSELVES the Messiah.
Thats is why Selassie I never come to claim that. But he let it proclaim from the mouths of the babe and the suckling and the whole creation.
Be careful when reading... it seems your negativity only WANTS you find such things. But check what I said, and prove it wrong if you think it is not right what I said.

3) You say you know your bible? Didn't you read that first of all some one has to break the seals.... and only much later AFTER THE FALL OF BABYLON Christ shall come over again. But BEFORE THE FALL OF BABYLON he must break the seals in order to pave the way for Babylons downstruction.


Messenger: Padok Sent: 1/24/2007 4:20:40 PMHidden - Foolishness
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Messenger: Padok Sent: 1/24/2007 4:34:52 PM

Srry that was my friend who is a non beliver. Im srry if that offended anybody. I love Jah. No disrespevt. JAH-LOVE

Messenger: Dreadnut Sent: 1/24/2007 5:23:50 PM

Well I suggest to 'your friend' that first off, if he doesn't Hail His Majesty as the Most High, no one here was fighting that. I think that everyone on here, from Ark I, Bro Japhet, KebreAB... has shown great raspect for the religious diversity that takes place here. Second, if 'your friend' is the christian that he claims to be, how can he call Haile Selassie as jerk? More than contradictory??...

Remember, anyone who says they love Jah, but hates their brother is a liar, and does not love Jah. That is why Christ taught:

Matthew 18:35- "So also my heavenly Father will do to everyone of you, if you do not forgive your brother from your heart"

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 1/24/2007 6:51:20 PM

No disrespect
the disrespect is only to yourself as you claim to love JAH
none of my friends, believer or not, would disrespect me enough to say such nastiness

Messenger: Padok Sent: 1/25/2007 9:48:22 PM

Ark I, first off you didn't espond to my scripture references so you just avoided them."Selassie came in the old times with the name Jesus Christ to warn the people to trod in righteousness because the time will soon come."

Thats not the reason why Yeshua came. He came to sacrifice himself as a subsitute for our sins thus bringing people right with Elohim. "Behold, He is coming with clouds, and every eye will see Him, even they who pierced Him. And all the tribes of the earth will mourn because of Him. Even so, Amen." Revelation 1:7

Tell me did everybody notice haile selassie? Did everybody mourn because of him? NO. Instead the Country that "god" was ruling got invaded Italy? Would Elohim let that happen?

Messenger: R.E.P. Sent: 1/25/2007 10:28:52 PM

"He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still."

Nuff said.

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 1/25/2007 10:55:40 PM


Would Elohim let the Romans(the same Italy) rule in the times of Jesus Christ?

Padok, you said,
Ark I, first off you didn't espond to my scripture references so you just avoided them.

I really don't like wasting my time Padok. I will say as little as possible to people like you unless I have some kind of spark that makes I want to say more. It is such a waste of time to go through these debates because many others have come before you with the same foolishness and when you leave others will come with the same foolishness again, and the debate will start over again going through the same foolishness as before, with mostly the same points being brought up. I would rather spend my time rising up in the heights and coming closer to Jah RasTafarI Haile Selassie I to be One.

I saw RasTafarI with no debate or proof, because I am RasTafarI. As I trodded along I saw more and more proof confirming who RasTafarI is, but the proof didn't matter to I because I already saw from the first. And others who are RasTafarI see HIM also.

I am not trying to convert anyone to RasTafarI, and I am not trying to prove to anybody who RasTafarI is. Also, I am not trying to stop anybody from leaving RasTafarI, because all who leave are not RasTafarI, because there is no way RasTafarI people would leave Jah. I really don't care who accepts Haile Selassie I, because I know all RasTafarI people will accept Haile Selassie I.

I reason with RasTafarI people so that I and I can rise up higher in the heights, and I reason to people who are not RasTafarI so that I and I can rise up higher in the heights. That will actually accomplish something in Life. I used to waste way too much time with people like you and I finally realized it was just a distraction from what is important, which is becoming One with Jah.

And in regards to the sacrifice of Christ here is something I said before:

Yes I Nefertiti it is plain and clear, just as it is plain and clear that I and I are to be One with Jah and One with Christ, not separate. But people would prefer to listen to the preacherman or apostles, over the words of Christ. The sacrifice of Christ was that he taught I and I Jah way because he knew that he would have to sacrifice his body to teach I and I this because he knew that babylon would crucify him for teaching the truth to the people. But he still showed I and I the truth, he sacrificed himself for this. So when people forget his words and teachings it is a disrespect to the sacrifice Christ gave in order to show I and I these words.

Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.

This is not a request and Christ didn't say try to be so, but he said Be ye therefore perfect. And for people that think that the perfection is something less than this or that, Christ showed them, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect. Christ told I and I the standard of perfection, this kind of perfection is the highest form of perfection that is.

As Selassie I say,

When He sacrificed himself at Golgotha for the atonement of our sin, He prayed with His last breath for the forgiveness of those who had tortured Him saying, 'Father, forgive them for they know not what they do'.

Shame on those of us who are Christians and do not follow the way of the Savior of the World, whose life was filled with kindness, humility, and martyrdom! If we lived by the laws he gave us and were worthy of being called Christian, peace would have reigned on this earth.

Men were supposed to be the equals of the living angels who unceasingly sang praises before the eternal God. Had this been so, peoples of the world would not have been divided along lines of enmity.


Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: Padok Sent: 1/26/2007 2:05:26 PM

Ark I,
you still have yet to actually explain your reasoning for Haillie Sellassie I being the second coming of the Christ. maybe it's something I need to hear.
your wasting just as much time dancing around my question, saying-"I really don't like wasting my time Padok"- tell me. If you know so surley that HIM is Yehoshua, I would love to see proof. Please give me some proof. and I don't just want to hear " he is the conquering Lion of the tribe of Judah". Do you even know what that means?

I'll leave you with that. eventually I would like to come to terms with you but first I would apprieciate a solid response, one that is not ambiguous.
may YHWH bless you all, Amen.

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