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Messenger: Osiris Sent: 10/6/2006 12:36:01 PM

Tosh said, "Don't care where you come from, as long as you're a black man, you're an African."
He didn't say "No matter where you from, you an African."

Messenger: Dreadnut Sent: 10/6/2006 2:41:53 PM

"Until the color of a mans skin is of no more significance,..."

Significance of what? Many people misqoute this speech as well as others.

Seeing black and white skin is not a crime. I hear people everywhere saying things like, "I don't see color." Yet everyday they manage to read black ink on white paper. Lets face it folks, we see color. But that isn't a crime seeing color. The crime is commited when someone is judged for having that skin color.

His Majesty meant that color of skin is of no significance when we are examing the quality of the human. Which is true. But that doesn't mean that Black skin has no significance.

Being black or dark skinned, or seeing black or dark skin, is not the crime. The crime is condeming or even liking the person more BECAUSE OF COLOR. THIS IS WHY COLOR OF SKIN, IN TERMS OF OUR DESICION MAKING ON PEOPLE, CAN BE OF NO MORE "SIGNIFICANCE" THAN THE COLOR OF THEIR EYE.

Sight? I still see a black man, I just don't judge him for it.

One Black Love International

Messenger: Bro Dominiq Yehyah Anbesa Sent: 10/6/2006 3:51:19 PM


Osiris... yes I did not intend to misquote Tosh. I just thought everyone knows this quote anyway...


Messenger: Jason Sent: 10/7/2006 3:35:25 AM

Ask a white man what he sees when he looks in the mirror and he will answer "A man", ask a black man what he sees when he looks in the mirror and he will answer "A black man". That's the difference. To the black man the conception of skin color is of more significance because he is confronted, often negatively in the form of prejudice and discrimination, with his skin color. But the main factor underlying this divide is not the skin color itself but certain mechanism built in the human experience. What is called in the science as ingroup favouritism and outgroup derrogation. People tend to see their own group( based on skin color, nationality, city, religion and so on)as better and others as less. The "minimal group paradigm" showed that people who never met before and were divided in to two groups based on insignificant criteria (like the choice between two paintings), engaged in ingroup favouritism and outgroup derrogation. You're right when you say "But that doesn't mean that Black skin has no significance". Of course it has, but that significance is not intrinsically derrived of the skin color itself but from the meaning which is attributed to it by others and ourselves. And that is what His Majesty meant, I think, when he said those powerful words " Until The color of a man's skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes". We have to overcome that natural predisposition for ingroup favouritism and outgroup derrogation. Like he said " We must become members of a new RACE, overcoming petty prejudice, owing our ultimate allegiance not to nations but to our fellow men within the human community". The only way forward is through the teachings of His Majesty Haile Selassie I.
We Have to EDUCATE ourselves and others, That is the main tool suggested by His Majesty for the improvement of the human condition and experience, EDUCATION.


Messenger: Dreadnut Sent: 10/7/2006 2:00:21 PM

"The tide which is sweeping Africa today cannot be stayed. No power on
earth is great enough to halt or reverse the trend. Its march is as relentless
and inexorable as the passage of time. The day is long overdue for a
change of attitude on the part of those nations which have heretofore
sought to hinder or impede this movement or which have been content in
the past to remain passive in the face of the impassioned cries for
freedom, for justice, for the right to stand with their fellowmen as equals,
which have gone up from this Continent. It is time for them to enlist their
sympathetic efforts on behalf of the struggle of the African peoples go
gain the place in the world which is their God-given birthright. Those
who hail or refuse to do so, those who lack the vision and foresight to
realize that Africa is emerging into a new era, that Africans will no longer
be denied the rights which are inalienably theirs, will not alter or reverse
the course of history, but will not only suffer the inevitable consequences
of their refusal to accept reality."

InI Ivine Ijesty

Messenger: NineMile2004 Sent: 10/7/2006 9:01:16 PM

Greetings in the Name of One Love,

It is Jah who creates, it is Jah who wanted us to experience this world, HIM is over all things. It is all within HIM plan, the events that have unfolded and are unfolding, every little thing.
So it is in his plan that InI have different skin color and different problems and different everything, its a learning experience for our spirit and soul, to struggle and experience these huge differences and ultimately finding InI way to Oneness. By living and teaching one love, giving respect for InI and mother earth HIM Kingdom on earth will come.

Someone once said, Love must start from within, you cannot give away what you dont possess, unless you are a thief. ONE LOVE

Jah Bless


Messenger: Jason Sent: 10/8/2006 3:19:49 AM

Dreadnut, is that qoute from His Majesty?
It is very true. It is obvious to everyone who follows the teachings of his Majesty that until Africa comes to his own and "African peoples go gain the place in the world which is their God-given birthright" the "grand design which God has for all men in the world" will not be complete. THE STRUGGLE MUST GO ON. His Majesty said over and over again what we must do to achieve this aim: "Life is full of trials and tribulations, and man in his struggle to survive and guide his own destiny has to be prepared to meet its many challenges, particularly in our modern world. EDUCATION can harness man's immense potential and enable him to be better equipped in his lifelong pursuit so that he can utilize his strength and intellect to the highest use". If this is what His Majesty said than this is what we MUST do, EDUCATE ourselves and others. We have to GET INVOLVED. It might not happen during our lifetime but we can certainly contribute to the process that eventually will lead to the fullfillment of His Majesty' vision and dream.


Messenger: NineMile2004 Sent: 10/8/2006 10:21:33 AM


You mean this life time my friend ;) not our life time. Just me talking.

Those words of HIM are very true, birthright what I like to mention, refers to the fact that many africans have been exploited, neglected, etc etc by others in this world, in particular the white men, and therefore were/are not able to live life to the fullest as given to them by birth, as it is given to each and everyone one at birth. It is calling out for equal rights and justice for ALL.

Yes, Jason InI must do our part, by living life with love and respect for all and everything.


Messenger: Dreadnut Sent: 10/8/2006 8:49:09 PM

Yes that is HIM speech.

You should get to know it

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