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any advice

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Messenger: penny Sent: 9/4/2006 9:57:23 AM

I want to be close with Jah. What should I do or not do. Help Me

Messenger: Brethren Nicholas I Sent: 9/7/2006 6:44:01 PM

greetings in JAH name RasTafarI Selassie I.

Iya, just live. Live is Love, Love Life. Feel JAH presence. I and I souls thousands of years old. Life is the process back to bein Irie. (and by Irie I mean On a Devine Path)Feel JAH. blessed Love.

Brethren Nicholas I

Selassie I.

Messenger: White dread Sent: 9/8/2006 11:43:56 AM

Be Good and do good. You won't know everything by tommorow. It might take some years to recognize JAH love. JAH love was, is and will always be here. You just need to open your eyes and see it's glory.
Read the bible, meditate, pray, live pure, spread love.

Yeshua Cristos
Haile Selassie I

Judgement time will come soon!

Messenger: Rasta J Sent: 9/18/2006 11:35:09 PM

Blessings penny. Greetings in the name of the Most I Jah.

The frame InI use to strengthen my knowledge of Jah is that Jah is Love and everything related to Love. babylon, or the devil however is hate and everything related to that.

Things that embody love whether they be people, actions ideas or your innermost thoughts should be drawn close, nurtured and strengthened. Things that embody hate should be repelled and weakened. Draw close to Love and Goodness, keep your distance from hate and wickedness and Jah Love will revolutionize your spirit.

"If you get down and you quarrel everyday your saying prayers to the devil I say.

Bob Marley

Jah Love,


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Haile Selassie I