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the war on terror started in 1492..

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Messenger: JahWoek Sent: 9/3/2006 8:26:14 PM


so i went campin this last weekend in the mountains around my area for the first time to clear InI head get back to nature and chill. As I entered this mountain range I was filled with this feeling..I saw life in its natural essences..could almost vision the livity of I ancestors.. see how beautiful this land was without the corruption of our colonial was happy but also sad..cause I got to really overstand that InI have been oppressed through trickery and misguiding propaganda..they took InI land by blood...then they set up this lifestyle foreign to InI and wonder why InI arnt sucessful in their terms...they invent there papergod and make InI fight one another to get it...when Jah provide everything InI need to survive...they take our land and enslave our brothers to build up this babylon and then enslave us in poverty.. scrambling our vision with their babylon trickery..sayin that we got to get rid of illegal immigrants when they are the illegal the hood they got billboard ads in spanish taking about fight for your country...they contradict demselves..anyways the local sheriff out there have the nerve telling me to respect the laws and that I need to pay for a permit to be it the woods or he be forced to drag us in to court with a summons and then the next day hike to our site to "check in on us"..Im tellin yall its bullshit.. laws and prohbitation....they invented these laws so that the could forget about God and rule over man...cause if everyone Raspect Gods law then they would be any use for additional Rules..
Truth must be told...

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Haile Selassie I