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katrina post i put in myspace

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Messenger: prophecy Sent: 9/3/2006 2:43:13 PM

I come to speak about Katrina. Spike Lee's, "When the Levees Break..." and "Discovery times" are the 2 shows that I watched.
Rumors spread of gangs, rape and violence, but moslty that was media's lies. While they spent their time writing rumors, they could have helped those who were in need.
A tourist couple watched from their hotel room as ppl. were being evacuated by boats. The couple felt racism occured cause white ppl. were being evacuated on boats, while a nearby mother and child was walking in the water. Then as they were evacuated from the hotel, on a bus, the driver was stopped. The cop or guard asked the bus driver, "what do u have on the bus?" The bus driver told them that ppl. were on the bus. The bus driver was black. The cop or guard asked again "agressively" to the driver, "who is on the bus?" The same tourist put her hand out the window. When they saw a white hand he told the driver, "don't go that way, u go this way" When will they free themselves from mental slavery?
A row of food was locked up in the Convention Center where they did not give to the ppl. One doctor went there to help- he was the only doctor for 20,000 ppl. A bridge next to the convention center brought u to the next town, Getna. But, they blocked the road cause they didn't want the ppl. to go there. Where was the nation, a place that we call "the land of the free", to help? We have never been free.
We can send troops to fight a war, but can't save New Orleans! Bush pushed for war after he knocked down the towers, why couldn't he get these ppl. out? Getna claimed it wasn't "prejudice", but that they didn't have no food.
73% of people in New Orleans are Black. How long would the ppl. wait to be evacuated if the statistics were different?
HOw can Bush sleep at night? What is next? HOw long will we sit and watch? And ppl. say slavery ended, what a joke. But, how long do we allow it to happen? Why didn't they evacuate the ppl.?
Babywrong is gonna fall and burn! Inity is a must!

One Love
One Aim
One Destiny

Messenger: I'n'I mloyi Sent: 9/5/2006 10:12:14 AM

I Wonder how come after one year there are still sufferings from Katrina for a country so rich, to spend 10 years budget of afrikan countries for a war, being the first to arrive when there are troubles in Afrika, who are giving hard time Cubans for their right to choose how should they be, who are promising millions of dollars as aid package to afrikans countries failling to recover from a huriccane for such a long time.

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