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remembering hiphop

Time Zone: EST (New York, Toronto)
Messenger: Bro Dominiq Yehyah Anbesa Sent: 8/27/2006 8:40:56 AM


All those who can remember the old days of spoken resistance in the streets will like that one. if you know about hiphop you will overstand the indirectnesses.

It is reflecting the history of hiphop up and down.

Public Enemy
a poem

Iím your public enemy
Coz you arrested my development!
And thatís why now you shall see
That we are Now With Attitude, man
For too long weíve Run, P.M. see!
Thatís why now Iím your public enemy

Iím in a good mood from ever since
When I started living like a Fresh Prince
But from time to time you need Attitude
And so you need a pack or better two.
In this struggle it needs more to be spent
Than something like just fifty cent

Can you remember when last time we stood up
Just for fun sarted quarrelling with a cop?
Itís long over since we marched the streets
Shouting our message over Jam Masterís beats
Somehow we got weak and lazy
With our Nelly, Fifty, Em, and JayZ
I remember seeing the Panthers in a video clip
I think it was a classic one by enemy of the public
Where hast this time gone?
When the police troubled us for a song?
Now we are poor and needy
While I see on MTV Snoop Dogg and P Diddy
In suits and bling blings
Throwing dollars while playback sings

Too long we didnít get up our ass
Itís time to make some trouble fast
Itís time to walk the streets with fotos
Of the Panthers and all those other heroes
let's publish some of the text
of the great Malcolm X

Iím your public enemy
Coz you arrested our development!
And thatís why all shall see
That we stand With Attitude, man
The government shall Run, P.M. see!
Coz we are your public enemy!


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