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Rasta/Dancehall Connection

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Messenger: zedikaya Sent: 8/11/2006 11:51:20 AM

I am a writer - born in Kingston, now based in Brooklyn, NY. I am working on an article that attempts to explain the reason behind the number of dancehall djs that convert to Rastafarianism.

What is the draw? Does Rasta practice recruitment? Is there a ‘greater’ calling? Is there a ‘cleansing’ rite of passage? Is anyone willing to go on a limb and predict the next dancehall dj that will convert?

Any responses would be gladly appreciated.

Messenger: Bro Dominiq Yehyah Anbesa Sent: 8/11/2006 2:33:21 PM


If you ask conscious Dancehall artists them will tell you themselves that Dancehall/Reggae is not Rastaman Music nor divine. All who know themself should know that! I've heard Sizzla saying that. Respect for that! InI use them things as vehicle, but never get caught up in it. It man-made, and thus not from creation. Only JAH Binghi Heart Beat is Ivine.


Messenger: FarI-Sight Sent: 8/12/2006 10:18:40 AM

Blessed Love My Lord

All of these dancehall artists who wrap up turban and call themself bobo and ting is not of the EABIC and not of the Rt Hon King Emmanuel Charles Edwards.
the True Rastaman and the True BoBo Shanty is One who is walking upon a law and principle livity, carrying through divine works, as Rastafari is a DIVINE Livity.
All of these artists, those who have been to the camp know the Culture but still dont want to give up their worldly ways so that they may walk in the Father way.
ALL Reggae artists get CAUGHT UP in the dancehall and ting. Dancehall and Reggae is a commercial bsuiness. The word they sing may be Right but the riddim is not the Rastaman riddim, it is BABYLON RIDDIM.NEBUCHADNEZAR RIDDIM.
They are just some dread that want to ride upon BoBo back and use Roots and Culture to make money and acquire fame and status quo.
All of them have fallen down and worshipped false idols and fire will burn up all of them like the sons of aaron if them dont change them crooked ways and repent.
They are giving us a hard time and confusin people with the wrong culture because they come to POLLUTE our culture.
As a Steadfast Angel I and I wish to declare that we of the EABIC stand with out worthy founder leader god and king King Emmanuel 7th Adonai God Jah Rastafari
THEM dont represent I AND I. I and I dont support gun and violence, songs about under woman and how much sex they have and graphical description of lewdness and lust, and curse words. NO
Sizzla n capleton and them are just a bunch of syndicate forming their own gang and trying to be higher than the King, the fire na go stop burn upon them because nuff iniquity them responsible for.

Iam Iam
Hon Prophet Pascal
Royal Ambassador EABIC

Messenger: zedikaya Sent: 8/14/2006 9:52:53 AM

Thank you both for the excellent responses. I will read and re-read in an attempt to extract the inner meaning.

Messenger: Osiris Sent: 8/15/2006 11:20:57 AM

Sizzla and Capleton and them?
Who else?
I think those particual artists would strongly disagree with Far-I-sight's analysis.
But they aren't here to defend themselves are they?

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Haile Selassie I