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Remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki on this day

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Messenger: Natty Kongo Sent: 8/5/2006 4:30:12 AM

Blessed love beloveds!

Let ones take a little time out n pulse. cos on dis day 1945 de first of de most destructive babylonian-made devise every known on earth, was unleshed on de poor people of Nippon (dat ones outside otherwise know as 'Japan'). Japan, de Land of de Rising Sun was engulfed wit mushroom atomic clouds of destruction, killin hunderds of thousands of ppl animals, plants, etc.. since then WWWII, every war dem ah fight involves de killin of more n more innocent civilians than da professional killers demselves. Oh babylon, when yuh guaan STOP destructin n terrorisin de earth n her little ones?
IanI watch n pray for de day of reckonin when de United Snakes of Amerikkka (otherwise known as USA, de top Dog of Babylon)wud finally be disarmed of its weapons of mass-destructions. cos if D-day dun come soon enuff, n dem repentancy dont come now now now in dis ya time, de next atomic bomb dat guaan go off on dis earth wud be in no other place but witin dem city. mark me down!
Afghansitan got dem 'liberation' Amerikkkan style, 3000+dead, still countin de bodies in da blazin fiyah. Iraq got dem 'liberation' United Snakes style 50000+dead, still countin de bodies in da balzin fiyah. Congo n Sudan havent got dem ones yet but over One Million plus bitten de dust but no one is botherin wit de body counts anymore....Afrikan! know thyself rite now! Jah idren! look to de East! for de sun is settin in de west in dis ya time, yuh no see?

Blessed Love to all de atomic survivals ppls of Japan! Blessed Love to all Afrikan holocaust survivals on de four corners of de globe! Blessed Love to all Rastafari who ah hail HIM Haile Sellasie I!

JAH! Rastafari! One Black Lion Heart everytime!

Messenger: prophecy Sent: 8/6/2006 6:21:12 PM

yes I, give thanx for letting I n I remember. I laff when I hear ppl. talk bout terrorism, but fail to point the finger at the true terrorist- USA. When the I mentioned Sudan, 400,000 have died so far. I have a dvd from, its sickening. Has the I seen the clips from Rwanda. I saw it on the website I think that is the site, but they showed clips of the president and UN walking over corpses and they lied so much. They couldn't even hide from them lies, and now look at Sudan, where is the intervention? What is even worse is that I only learned about Rwanda in 2006, talk bout feeling guilty for not knowing. Now Sudan, Uganda, Kongo. In Uganda, the rebel group(forget them name) is killing families and kidnapping children and forcing them into the rebel militia. Those protecting the children must wake the children at night and make them walk 5 hours everyday to escape the militia.

Give thanx for reminding I n I, and the I-story.

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Haile Selassie I